Team Holmes
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated Nome-y my Homey
Place 14th
Friends Jo
Enemies Staci, B, Sam, Dakota, Dawn, Scott, Anne Maria

Courtney, described as The A-Type Overachiever, is a contestant on Last Stop on the Total Drama Train.


Before Chris was able to leave for the season, Courtney forced her way back into the game, saying that from her past lawsuit says that she has a free ticket to the game whenever she feels like it. However, Chris got back at her, placing her on a team with Staci, Team Holmes.

In episode two, Courtney refused to compete in the challenge, causing Jo to carry her across the tightrope if she liked it or not. After, she told Jo to compete in the challenge, but she doesn't win nor lose, saving them from elimination.

In episode three, Courtney and Jo weren't able to compete in the eating challenge, but they soon find out that Staci lost their chances for them, causing them to vote her off.

In episode four, she wasn't shown that much, but she was the fourth/fifth/sixth contestant taken in the horror challenge. However, in the elimination ceremony, she voted off Jo, since she didn't like her attitude towards the team.

In episode five, Courtney tries to make an alliance with Anne Maria, Dakota and Dawn, since there was not a lot of girls left on the show. They agreed to the alliance, exciting Courtney. However, when she finds out that the winning team receive a new member (if they lost a challenge), she ignores the fact that she was in an alliance. However, her team lost the challenge, sending them to the elimination ceremony once again. However, Courtney convinces Sam to vote off B, since she felt that he was a threat to the game. Chris tells her and Sam that if they win the next challenge, they'll be separated onto different teams.

In episode six, Courtney was determined to win the dog-sleigh challenge, but she got off track and attacked Scott during the challenge, abandoning her and Scott in the middle of nowhere. However, everyone but her crossed the finish line, causing her to be automatically eliminated from the game. At the elimination ceremony, she was pushed off the train, since she refused to leave. Afterwards, she gotten frost-bite and was taken to a nearby hospital.

Team Holmes

B | Courtney | Jo | Sam | Staci

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