Image Name Label Team
Anne Maria
The Jersey Shore Wannabe Team Collectors
Anne Maria was born and raised in New Jersey, off the coast from the shore. She comes from a rich family that have high expectations for her. She becomes obsess with her beauty and her make-up, almost spraying her hair whenever there's time.
The Strong Silent Genius Team Holmes
Team Stowaways
Beverly, AKA "Silent B", has never spoken since the day he was born... but if he's mad, he'll unleash his madness in words. B is the biggest genius around, inventing robots, including a robot brother that communicates for him.
The Cadet Team Stowaways
Team Collectors
Sargent Brick McAurther was placed into military academy the day he was born. His father is in charge of a military academy off the coast of Nova Scotia while his mother is just a stay at home mother. While Brick is away at the academy, he always wrote to her, winning the "letters home to mom" badge.
The Bubble Boy Team Stowaways
Team Collectors
Cameron never experience what a real childhood was. His mother was high protective of his, which Cameron has never done anything in his life. His only friend (that isn't his mother) is this girl at his school named "Jinx", who hates life and every person that lives. Cameron wishes he could make friends while he's on the show.
The A-Type Overachiever Team Holmes
Everyone knows Courtney. This young-future lawyer doesn't know the words "No". Since her boyfriend broke-up with her, she went on an anger spree, trying countless times to get back on the show... which she successfully did.
The Famemonster Team Stowaways
Dakota Milton grew up with almost all the money in the world. Her father is one of the most riches people in North America. She always grew up with a camera watching her, becoming a camera hog by the time she was one month old.
The Moonchild Team Stowaways
Dawn grew up in a family of hippies with no money, but she was different from them as she actually had supernatural powers. At school, she is known as "Fortune Teller Dawn", actually getting their futures and auras right. Dawn's true love is nature, spending every night outside even if it's cold out.
The Jockette Team Holmes
Jo never takes no for an answer. She is the most toughest person at her school, beating up every single football player on the team, which caused her to be team captain. Jo's dream is to be known in the world as the toughest person in the world.
The Athletic Overachiver Team Stowaways
Team Collectors
As much as Lightning and his family are rich, Lightning doesn't feel happy enough after he became star football player. His father is a coach of a huge professional football team, but never pays attention to Lightning and his mother. While Lightning's father doesn't talk to him, Lightning tries to impress him by any means necessary, which caused him to audition for Total Drama.
The Schizophrenic Love-Sick Puppy Team Collectors
Team Stowaways
Mike had medical problems since he had his head injury when he was seven. Since then, he had multiple personalities, causing his friends at school to think he was crazy. His parents try to help him with his problem, but nothing can help him as his parents goes bankrupt, until he meets the love of his life, Zoey.
The Nice-Guy Gamer Team Holmes
Team Collectors
Once a hardcore gamer, always a hardcore gamer. Sam spends every single day in his basement room playing video games. When he's outside, he plays on his DS. But, when he doesn't have his games with him, he sees pixels. Sam has only met one girl he ever liked, a hardcore female gamer that he let her beat him.
The Devious One Team Collectors
Growing up in poverty with his father, Scott always dreamed of him and his family being rich "like the Miltons" one day. Scott will do anything to become rich, even if he has to get rid of people in his way. Without a female influence in his life, he never liked girls at his school.
The Psycho Liar Team Holmes
Staci never had friends when growing up as her family had a lot of money and rubbed it in people's faces. But, when people asked how she got her money, she lies and said that a past ancestor invited something, even though it's not true. Living in these lies, she had believed these lies and started to live with them, thinking they are real.
The Indie Chick Team Collectors
Growing up in a small town with extremely dangerous people, Zoey goes to school everyday in fear, causing her to make no friends at all. She hopes one day to make at least one friend so she can be happy with her life. But, whenever she has the chance, she doesn't succeed and ends up making enemies. However, she is able to make one friend in her life... her future love, Mike.
The Sista With the 'Tude Team Stowaways
THAT'S RIGHT! The sista is back for another season. This time, she isn't attracted to the players, she is determined to win the show for good. As she doesn't start out in the beginning, she starts to focus on the money this time.
The Cool Guy with a Secret What Team? He's too cool for a team.
Last Minute contestant, Trent is given another chance to compete in the show after his horrible performance in Total Drama Action. But, when he comes back, he starts some major problems with a female that eliminated him in the past and the gal that reminded him of his ex-girlfriend.

Trademark Breakingmikey.

NOTE: This idea is brought upon Breakingmikey, since Breakingmikey is awesome and know's how to move like Jagger... ;)

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