One: All Aboard the Drama Train

Chris: (at a train station) Hey there! Chris McLean here introducing another season of Total Drama. This season, I'm taking thirteen different contestants around North America to compete in series of challenges, where in the end, twelve will lose... badly!... but one will go home victoriously with one million dollars. This season, they have to go through... train tracks, horrible train food (Chef Hatchet spits on the soup, then the soup turns into flames), drama, mystery, celebrities, love, betrayal and even... murder? Welcome to the Last Stop on the Total Drama TRAIN!!!! (to the producer and cameraman) Was that good?... IT WAS?!... SWEET!!!!!... What do you mean we're still rolling? (Chris awkwardly turns to the camera)... let's start the show with our contestants, shall we?
Anne Maria: Hey Chris McLean, my name is...
Chris:...Anne Maria, I know. Welcome to Total Drama.
Anne Maria: (angry at Chris) First off, don't ever ever EVVA interrupt me while I'm talking or I'll unleash the Jersey Shore on your-(censored with Chris saying "This is a bad sentence")-Got that?!
Chris: (scared) Okay, just tell us something about yourself.
Anne Maria: Well, I auditioned for Jersey Shore but they declined my application because I was fifteen at the time, but my damn cousin got the role.
Chris: And your cousin is Snookie?
Anne Maria: Nope, it's Sammi.
Chris: But you look like...
Anne Maria: I get that all the time.
Chris: Ah. So, tell us about yourself, Anne Maria?
Anne Maria: Well, first off I love my hair. (rocks on her hair) Hard as a rock!
Chris: Well, I hate to be the sucker that gets hit with it. Onto our next contestant... B! (B walks past Chris)... Okay... Cameron!
Cameron: Hey Chris, how are you? Did you get my memo?
Chris: Yes we did, your mother made sure of that.
(scene cuts to Chef throwing Cameron's memo in the train's engine)
Chef: Alright, we're good for the next seventeen days.
(Back to Chris and Cameron')
Chris: Yeah, we're set. So tell us about yourself.
Cameron: Well, I don't do anything unless my mother tells me to do something.
Chris: (awkwardly) Okay... Dakota!
Cameron: Wait... (Chris shoves Cameron on the train)
Dakota: Hey Chris, I'm Dakota.
Chris: Alright, so-(Dakota moves the camera on her)
Dakota: I'M ON TV, DADDY!
(Chris jumps in front of Dakota and moves the camera back to him)
Chris: Alright, I can tell you're an attention hogger so I'm going to skip you.
Dakota: Everyone! Text me at-
Chris: (shoving Dakota in the train) Okay! Dawn, where are you?
Dawn: Look on top of the train, Chris.
Chris: Why are you up there.
Dawn: Because an owl and a hawk gave me a ride here.
Chris: (confused) Wait but how...
Dawn: I'm totally in touch with nature and I can speak to animals.
Chris: Really? That's awesome.
Dawn: Yep... can someone help me down?
Jo: I will! (Jo jumps on the train, grabs Dawn and jumps down) There we go.
Dawn: Thanks.
Chris: Everyone, this is our new jockette, Jo.
Jo: Hey everyone, I like to workout and win everything!
Chris: Good for you.
Jo: HEY! I beat everyone that comes into my path!
Lightning: Lightning here ready to win!
Jo: NO! I'm gonna win!
Lightning: Lightning arm wrestles you.
Jo: BRING IT ON! (Arm wrestles Jo, but Chef throws the both of them in the train)
Chris: Okay, here's Mike everyone.
Mike: Hey Chr-(Zoey runs up to Mike)
Zoey: (excited) Do you have a girlfriend?
Mike: (enchanted by Zoey's looks) No, but I'll go out with you.
Chris: Get on the train lover-birds. And here comes our next contestant... Sam!
Sam: (walks by Chris while playing a Nintendo DS) What? (walks onto the train)
Staci: I knew one day I'll be on a show! My great-great-great-great...
Chris: (shoves Staci on the train) UGH! Scott, can you be a little interesting?
Scott: I like to cause drama and destroy people's lives.
Chris: Oh, that's awesome! Now, cause some freaking drama on this show.
Scott: Alright.
Chris: Alright, now lets abroad the drama train...
Courtney: Hold on a minute, Chris McLean!
Chris: What are you doing here, Courtney?
Courtney: Don't you dare think that you're going to start this show without me. Remember our deal from my lawsuit?
Chris: Yeah but...
Courtney: It states "Courtney could re-enter the game whenever she feel likes it". And since the game is still going on, I'm going to re-enter if you like it or not. And if you don't like it, my lawyers will argue.
Chris: (to himself) Don't want to get into another lawsuit... (to Courtney) You're in, since we "like" you. (in confessional) "Like" her? In the production room, whenever we play darts, we use a picture of Courtney instead of the regular target thing... yeah we hate her. (in front of the train) Alright, you've just met our 14 contestants and it's time to start the show on the Drama Train. NOW BOARDING!
Brick: (running) WAIT! YOU FORGOT ME!
Chris: Oh, then run and get on here!
(Brick jumps on the train)
Brick: (panting) Thanks.

(inside the train)
Anne Maria: This train isn't as pretty as I thought it is.
Cameron: I think this train was stolen.
Brick: How can you tell?
Courtney: I think this logo can tell if this is stolen.
(everyone looks)
Dawn: This is the train that was stolen not that long ago from that airport that was suspiciously blown up by someone that was dress like a chef.
(Chris and Chef enter)
Chris: Hey everyone, what's up?
Chris: (awkwardly) Okay... you guys are going to start your first challenge... right now!
Courtney: Not really surprising, what's our challenge?
Chris: Well, lets go to the storage room and you'll see.
(in the storage room)
Chris: Alright, there are fourteen of you guys, so I'm dividing the teams up into three team. The challenge: There are 10 blue tickets. The first five to find them will be placed on a team, but the first one to find a ticket names their team. Then, the remaining nine will have to fight to find the other five, when that happens, the five of you will agree on a team name. The four competitors will not only have a numbers disadvantage against the other two teams... I'm gonna name them!
Staci: Uh Chris, I have a question?
Chris: What is it, Staci?
Staci: Is this the blue ticket you're talking about?
Everyone: OH COME ON!
Chris: Yep! Staci, you kinda won the challenge.
Staci: Yay!
Courtney: I have a feeling they're going to be placi-(Chris throws a blue ticket at Courtney)-Nevermind.
Staci: Awww! You're part of Team Staci too?!
Courtney: I guess- TEAM STACI?!?!
Staci: Yep... or Team Holmes... Team Holmes.
Courtney: (to Chris) Can I quit?
Chris: Nope.
(as the contestants look around; Jo, Silent B and Sam found tickets)
Chris: Alright, Team Holmes is done with Staci, Courtney, Jo, Silent B and Sam!
Courtney and Jo: Ugh!
Chris: Okay, there are five tickets left. FIND THEM NOW!
Zoey: So Mike, now that we're boyfriend-girlfriend, what to talk about marriage?
Mike: Uhh...(in confessional) I like Zoey, A LOT! But I just met her like 5 minutes ago... but she is cute. (in the train) Uh... (Mike is hit in the head with a lamp)
Anne Maria: (throwing objects away from her) Ugh, where's this ticket?
Zoey: (looking inside the lamp) Oh my god! I found two tickets! Mike, we're on the same team!
Mike: (old man persona) What? I can't hear you!
Zoey: Okay.
Anne Maria: WHAT?!
Scott: I found a ticket, too!
Cameron: SO DID I!
Dakota: I fo- (Anne Maria punches Dakota and take her ticket)
Anne Maria: FOUND ONE!
Chris: Zoey, Mike, Scott, Cameron, Anne Maria, decide on a team name! Dakota, Dawn, Lightning and Brick, you guys are now the STOWAWAYS!
Lightning: Stowaways?
Brick: I can't be a "Stowaway", it's not me!
Chris: I don't care!
Zoey: We came up with a team name... The Collectors!
Chris: Okay, we have our teams: Courtney, Jo, Sam, Silent B and Staci make Team Holmes... Zoey, Mike, Anne Maria, Scott and Cameron make Team Collectors... and Dawn, Dakota, Lightning and Brick make Team Stowaways. Now, now, find out what our teams have to do on our NEXT STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN!

Two: Brawling in the Falls

Chris: On the LAST STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN: We introduced to you thirteen brand new contestants competing in this season... but Courtney came back and just went along. The passengers had to look blue tickets to determine the teams. Staci found the first ticket and Courtney, Jo, Silent B and Sam were placed on her team. Meanwhile, Anne Maria stole Dakota's ticket so she can be with Zoey, Mike, Scott and Cameron. But, our future losers Dakota, Dawn, Lightning and Brick were just made into a team. We have three teams ready for our first team challenge and someone is getting the boot on the NEXT STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN!

(on the train)
Staci: (with her team; talking very quickly) So, I was thinking maybe we can try to win every challenge so we can be the final five.
Courtney: Uh, why did you name us "Team Holmes"?
Staci: Because my great-great-great-great-aunt's ex-boyfriend was Sherlock Holmes!
Jo: Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character.
Staci: NO HE ISN'T! (starts crying and runs to the bathroom)
Sam: That girl has some problems.
Courtney and Jo: Agreed.
(scene switches over to Team Collectors)
Scott: Alright, we have to talk about strategy and-
Zoey: So Mike, what's you favourite colour?
Mike: Mine's blue, yours?
Zoey: Mine's red.
Mike: Mix those together, it makes a beautiful colour.
Scott: Uh, guys, we're having a team meeting here. If you want to mate, go somewhere else.
Zoey: Fine! Lets to on the coals and talk about movies.
Mike: OKAY! (leaves)
Anne Maria: About time.
Scott: Ughh. (confessional) Zoey and Mike aren't paying attention to our teamwork. We're trying to survive the merge not be eliminated.
(scene switches over to Team Stowaways)
Dakota: So... uh...
Lightning: Lightning thinks we're just going to lose every challenge.
Brick: Lets just not talk and compete.
Dakota: Yeah... where's Dawn?
Lightning: Right above you.
Dakota: (freaked out) AH! Dawn, stay in one place!
Dawn: Sorry, I need to stay calm.
(Chris walks in)
Chris: Alright passengers, it's time for our first stop... NIAGARA FALLS!
Everyone: YES!
(in confessional)
Dakota: I lost my diamond necklace at Niagara Falls when I was ten, I'm able to find it now! (poses in front of the confessional camera) So, my number is 555-4...(Chef comes in takes her out of the confessional)

(near the Falls)
Niagara Falls

Chris takes the contestants to Niagara Falls for a challenge.

Chris: Okay, you'll see three tightropes. The teams will cross the falls on these ropes and make it to the other side. The first team to cross wins, while the other team teams will compete in a elimination challenge. On your mark, get set... GO!
Dakota: GUY! There's only four of us! I think we have this challenge all set.
Brick: I'm going! (walks on the rope with Lightning while Dawn is on his shoulders)
Dakota: Be right there... (poses for the camera man)
(scene cuts to Team Holmes)
Jo: (starting to walk on the tightrope) Come on guys, what are you waiting for?
Staci: I'm too scared to walk.
Courtney: I'm not walking on that tightrope.
Sam: (playing his DS) What?
Jo: What about you, B? (B hold up a piece of paper saying "I'm too big")
Jo:...know what?! I'm crossing! (lifts up Courtney, throws Staci and Sam into B's arm and lifts up B and starts crossing the rope)
(scene goes to Team Collectors)
Anne Maria: (looking at Jo) Damn, she's strong.
Cameron: Mhm, so when are we going?
Scott: I don't know.
Chris: (shouting) Hey, you guys are slow! Team Holmes and Team Stowaway already passed at the same time! They won! YOU LOST!
Scott: Damnit!... where's Zoey and Mike?
(Anne Maria, Cameron and Scott look at Mike and Zoey making out on the other side)
Scott: Nevermind... wait how did they get over there?
Anne Maria: I have no ide-
Chris: OKAY! Challenge time! So, you eleven will compete in the immunity challenge.
Mike and Zoey: So what's our challenge? (gasp) We talked at the same time! (gasp and make out)
Courtney: Chris, just tell us our challenge!
Chris: Fine. Nothing like a good 'ol fashion Niagara Brawls battle.
Staci: Niagara Brawls battle?
Jo: Are we throwing people in the falls? (throws Mike into the falls)
Mike: (screams)
Chris: No Jo, and Zoey, you're competing for your team now.
Zoey: Aw.
Chris: Stowaways, Collectors, you will choose someone from your team to compete in the challenge.
Staci, Courtney, B and Sam: Jo!
Jo: Hey!
Dakota: How about Brick?
Brick: Nah, plus there's girl competing and it w-
Dawn: Keep talking and your butt will be going down the falls.
Brick: Okay... I nominate Dawn!
Lightning: So does Lightning!
Dakota: Eh, why not?
Dawn: (sarcasm) Thanks guys. (in confession) Those little-(long beep is heard and Dawn punches the confessional cam)
Chris: Okay, I want to see Zoey, Jo and Dawn... right now.

(Zoey, Jo and Dawn on the their team's tightropes while the others are watching)
Cameron: (to Lightning) So uh... do you want to switch teams?
Lightning: Lightning don't care.
Chris: (in distance) HEY! IT'S MY TIME... and team switching is official.
Dawn: (on tightrope, meditating) This is simple.
Zoey: (struggling) I can't keep on anymor... (falls off the tightrope and lands in the water)
Chris: Okay... Team Collectors lost.
Lightning, Anne Maria, Scott and Mike: AWWWWW!!!
Lightning: Can Lightning switch back to my old team?
Chris: Nope, now can we start the challenge?
Jo and Dawn: Sure.
Chris: Kay! You two will be given stones to throw at each other. The last one standing on the rope not only wins the challenge, but is given an immunity ticket for a future elimination.
Dawn: (takes off her shoe and throws it at Jo and she falls off) YES!
Chris: The Stowaways win!
Dakota, Cameron and Brick: YES!!!!!
Dawn: That was easy.
Chris: Team Holmes, you can in second, Team Collectors, I'll see you in the train.

(elimination ceremony)
Chris: Alright Collectors, it's time for the elimination ceremony. If I give you a ticket, you're safe. If you don't, you are given this giant pillow (Chef holds up a 6-foot-high blue pillow) and are thrown off the train for good.
Anne Maria, Mike, Lightning, Scott and Zoey: (gasps)
Chris: Alright, lets start this... Scott, you're safe.
Scott: YES!
Chris: ...Lightning... congratulations.
Chris: Mike, you're in.
Mike: Yeah!
Chris: (looks at Anne Maria and Zoey) Ladies, one of you is going to be safe and one of you is going to be thrown off the train. But, the lucky lady that's safe tonight is...
...Anne Maria! Zoey, you're out.
Zoey: What? You guys? Mike?
Mike: NO!!! I'll miss you Zoey!
Zoey: I'll miss you too! (Chef give her the pillow and is thrown off the train, but leaves her follow behind)
Mike: Awww. (puts on the flower and impersonates Zoey) Why did you guys vote me off?
Anne Maria: What the f- (scene cuts to Chris with the Stowaways)
Chris: Zoey's out! Stowaways are awesome!
Stowaways: YES!
Chris: Find out when we visit our NEXT STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN!!!!

(outside the train)

Zoey: (landing) Ow! That really hurts! At least I had the pillow, that really broke my fall. Hehe! (sighs) I hate being the first eliminated. I mean, it was all good until I fell off. I mean, we had the chance of winning, but now, we're not even going to win. Aw, I had a connection with the others, including Mike. Oh, I like him so much, I hope he wins for the both of us. That would be so great of him. I really hope he doesn't get eliminated, that'll suck, but at least I'll be with him after he's eliminated and with me. This message is to Mike... WIN FOR ME! (sees a train and jumps in the lake, waits for the train to leave and gets out of the water) Man, that was a close one!

Three: Fun in Newfoundland

Chris: LAST STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN... our three teams competed in a challenge the was suppose to be an awesome challenge... but everyone suck! Except Dawn, you know... because she didn't fall like Zoey and Jo. Well, sucks for Zoey since she's eliminated... or is she? Well, Mike does have mild schizophrenia, but I didn't know he's totally insane! I mean, she's gone from the game, but Mike impersonating her ain't good. Well, our next stop is Newfoundland. Yep... will the Collectors be collecting more loses... will the Stowaways runaway with another win... and will the Holmes team win something for once... find out when we visit our NEXT STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN!

(train lobby with Team Homes and Team Collectors)
Anne Maria: Okay, so we lost the first challenge, at least we lost the weakest link.
Lightning: Lightning agrees.
Scott: Agreed. But what about Mike? He's clearly insane.
Anne Maria: What are you talking about?
Scott: Look at him! (Scott points to Mike, who's dress up as Zoey)
Mike: (to mirror) Ah! But I must. (as Zoey) But you are so sweet, you should win! (as himself) I will! (makes out with the mirror)
Anne Maria: But at least he's strong.
Lightning: Lightning stronger!
(cuts to Team Holmes)
Courtney: Now, where' the dominate team.
Sam: Why do you say that?
Jo: It's fairly obvious... the other two teams have four members... there's five of us.
Staci: So... we're gonna win?
Courtney: That's if we stay neutral. We can't win every challenge. If we stay second place for every challenge, the other two teams will lose members like that! Now, there's four of them on each team.
Sam: But, The Stowaways have Dawn and the Collectors has Lightning and Scott.
Courtney: That's why we have to get rid of them. They're threats and if we get rid of the threats, those teams are going down, we win and there, we're the final five!
Sam: I like that plan.
B: ...(nods yes)
Jo: I agree.
Staci: Awww, I like this plan. My great-great-great-aunt Elvira was a psychic and she predicted that someone in my family would be rich... it's gonna be true!!!
Courtney: Okay... so, staying neutral is our plan... now lets do this!
Sam, Jo and B: YEAH!
Staci: Wa-hoo!
(scene cuts to the first class section)
Dakota: (sitting in a massage chair) Now this is what I call first class... KEEP THE CAMERA ON ME!!!
(scene goes to slit screen, one side with Dakota posing, the other side is Dawn, Cameron and Brick relaxing)
Chris: (watching) Now... this... is... BORING! We need to do "explode" these people to Newfoundland. (presses a button and hears screaming) We just "ejected" these guys out of the train... yeah!

(on the shore, the 13 contestants land on the sand)
Dakota: What the heck was that for?
Chris: (on a jet-pack) Well, you guys were boring me... so I decided to pull a surprise challenge... right now!
Courtney: Well, this is gonna be good.
Chris: (landing on the ground) It is. Your challenge for today: Sail to Newfoundland! Then, the first two teams to get there will compete in a challenge for the immunity ticket. You dig?
Everyone: YES!
Chris: Alright. Challenge begins... right now!
(everyone runs to their boats)
Courtney: Uh, Chris, where's our oars?
Anne Maria: Where's our boat, we just see oars?
Dakota: (in a motorboat, far distance) We're almost half-way there b-
Chris: Yeah, you guys didn't win, so we made it tougher for you guys. Haha! Now, what are you gonna do?
Courtney: Share a boat?
Anne Maria: I see no problem in that.
Sam, Staci, Jo, Scott, Lightning, Mike: AGREED!
(they all go into the boat and paddle together quickly)
Dawn: (seeing the others are catching up) UH, GUYS! They're catching up to us.
Dakota: What are you talking about?
Cameron: Nevermind, they're passing us.
Staci: Haha! (singing) We're beating you, you're losing while we're winning! (notices the boat is splitting in half)
Anne Maria: OH NO!
(Anne Maria, Jo, Courtney, Mike and Lightning go on one side while B, Sam, Scott and Staci go on the other. The side with the five beat off and leaves them in the water while the other side goes pass the finish line)
Staci: What the?
Dakota: (passing the others) Who's winning now? (everyone in the water frowns while the Stowaways cross the finish line)
Chris: And that's it. You five (pointing at Anne Maria, Courtney, Jo, Mike and Lightning)... are out of the challenge.
Anne Maria, Courtney, Jo, Mike and Lightning: Awww.
Chris: Team Stowaways, Team Holmes' Staci, B and Sam and The Collectors' Scott, you'll be competing in the elimination part of the challenge. Follow me inside the cabin.

(inside the cabin)
Chris: Okay, so you guys will be participating in an Eating-A-Thon!!! Since Scott's a team of one, the others will choose one person of their team to compete.
Dakota, Dawn and Cameron: Brick!
Brick: YES!
Staci: I'll go! I won 55 eating challenges in my hometown!
(in confessional) Dakota: Wouldn't surprise me. (back to challenge)
Chris: Okay Scott, Staci and Brick. You're challenge is to chug a whole thing of 100 year old apple cyder, then you must eat raw-fish soup... that was suppose to be the prize but we though it would be better if it's a challenge.
Brick: Please, this is what I always eat when I'm at Military School.
Dakota and Dawn: Then win!
(Brick, Scott and Staci are seated)
Chris: On your mark, get set... begin!
Scott: Ew! This stuff is horrible!
Staci: Agreed!
Brick: (chugging the cyder down and finishes) This stuff is delicious!
Scott and Staci: HOW?
Chris: Come on you two, finish the food!
Scott: Fine. (starts to hold his nose and drinks the cyder)
Staci: Uh... (eats the soup and barfs in Scott's face for 10 seconds) Oops, sorry.
Chris: Staci, barf again and you're out.
Staci: Okay. (sniffs the food and passes out)
Brick: DONE!
Anne Maria: I have an idea... (breaks the window) Ahh! This isn't part of the plan anymore... there's glass in my hand.
Chris: Be right there.
(Chef and Chris goes to Anne Maria)
Scott: I have to get rid of this... I got it! (pours the soup and cyder into Staci's bowl)... DONE!
Chris: Really? Okay, Stowaways win! Brick, you got yourself an immunity ticket. The Collectors come in second while Team Holmes are sending someone home.
Courtney: (angry) NICE JOB, STACI!

(first class on the train)
Cameron: Nice job Brick.
Dawn: Way to go!
Dakota: Nice! We're the most powerful team here!
Brick: Yeah! Anything for my team! (all high-five each other)

(elimination ceremony)
Courtney: (to Jo) So, you know who you're voting for?
Jo: Yes I am. Hahaha.
Chris: So, this is the first time Team Holmes is going to vote someone off. Lets see here... Courtney and Jo... you guys got yourself a green ticket! You're safe from elimination.
Courtney and Jo: YES! (grabs their ticket at the same time)
Chris: But, I'm not shocked with the bottom three... B... you never talk or do anything... Sam... you're just lazy... and Staci... you're just annoying... but, with two votes against this person, the next contestant going home is...
...Staci! Time to go!
Staci: But... why?!
Courtney: Because you're annoying.
Jo: Lost the challenge for us.
Sam: Named us "Team Holmes".
Staci: But it's a cool name.
Chris: Chef!
Chef: I'm on it! (throws Staci the pillow and throws her off the train)
Chris: Now we have three even teams. Which team will feel the pressure of the next challenge. Will the Stowaways keep winning? Will Team Holmes and Team Collectors win a challenge for once... find out when we hit our NEXT STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN!

(outside, next to the lake)

Staci: (lands on the pillow) Aw! I can't believe I'm out. I was doing so good. But, at least I was on television like my grandma told me. Did you know that my great-great-great-great-great grandfather John created the televion? Yah, before him, people just stared at snails eating rocks. Yah, so sad.

Four: The Underground Passage to the Yukon

Chris: Last Stop on the Total Drama Train, the teams competed in good old fashion eating challenge. Staci represented Team Holmes, Scott represented Team Collectors and Brick represented Team Stowaways. However, we weren't expecting Brick to like the food, yep he chugged EVERYTHING down in seconds. Staci kept on barfing, which lead to her elimination. Will Team Stowaways keep winning? (Stowaways cheer), will the other two teams will something? (Team Holmes and Collectors sigh). Find out when we hit out Next Stop on the Total Drama Train!

(train lobby)
Courtney: Damnit Staci! She ruined our plans.
Jo: Take it easy, we still have the strength advantage.
Courtney: How?
Jo: You still have me, the toughest girl here, you have a strong silent genius (B waves), a nerd that knows what he's doing (Sam doesn't realize their conversation) and you Courtney, a team leader.
Courtney: Maybe you're right.
Sam: But aren't we going to try to stay neutral?
Courtney: Well, we had the chances to win if B was in the challenge, but Staci took his offer. This time, we're going to win this!
Jo: So, what happened to "don't try to lose but don't try to win"?
Courtney: I changed my mind.
(in confessional) Jo: We're so dead. (back to the train lobby, Team Collectors)
Scott: Alright, we know have an upper-hand in a challenge now!
Lightning: Lightning no understand.
Anne Maria: Me either.
Mike: I don't. (as Zoey) I don't know as well.
Scott: You guys don't know? (in confessional) I'm on a team filled with losers, the Stowaways are winning, but Team Holmes seem to be struggling now that their caption Staci is gone... maybe I have a plan. (train lobby)
Scott: (walking over to Jo) So, what's a fine pretty lady doing on a team of losers?
Courtney: We're not loser!
Scott: You lost the last challenge.
Courtney: But you lost the first challenge.
Scott: Touché. (confessional) I know my next victim. (lobby)
Jo: (to Scott) What do you want?
Scott: Ah nothing, but to help a fine woman like yourself.
Jo: (blushing) I'm strong and tough!
Scott: And pretty.
Jo: You're the first guy to ever compliment me... (confessional) He likes me?
(first class)
Brick: Brick is proud to be a winner!
Cameron: I know! We just keep winning!
Dawn: I know, lets just keep doing what we're doing and we'll make it far!
Dakota: Yeah. (confessional) I'm starting to like my chances in this game, I mean, two in a row? It's just fact that we're going to win and that's it.
(Engine room)
Chef: Uh, Chris.
Chris: Uh, what? (Chef points to the tunnel the train is going through)
Chef: Says here we have another 50 miles to the Yukon.
Chris: That's good for a challenge... and elimination! (both start to evil laugh)

(everyone in the lobby, which is dark)
Sam: Where did all the lights go?
Courtney: I don't know!
Scott: JO?!
Jo: Here!
Scott: Hold me!
Dawn: Guys, calm down. I have some fireflies. (the fireflies light up the lobby) There we go.
Chris: (clapping to Dawn) Congrats Dawn, now you ruined my challenge idea!
Dawn: Awww.
Chris: Okay, there's a murderer on the loose. For your challenge... find the killer before the killer gets to you.
Scott: Simple.
Chris: And the challenge begins... now. (the flies go out)
Anne Maria: Does anyone have a lighter?
Scott, Dawn, Lightning: I do!
Anne Maria: Well... light them up. (lighters go on) Where's Chris and Chef?
Mike: I don't know... (as old man) When I was a lad, we used to hunt down the ducks one by one.
Dakota: That's a good idea. If we're able to catch the killer, we're good.
Anne Maria: Alright... who's the killer?
Everyone else: Not me.
Sam: Hey, why are you asking us if we're the killer, and you can't be the killer?
Courtney: Maybe she's the killer!
Brick: True... where's Lightning, B and Cameron?
Scott: Oh my god! There's footprints here, and they look like there footprints!
Jo: Well, lets follow them and see where they are.
Courtney: I'm not going.
Dakota: Same here.
Mike: Count me out.
Anne Maria: Alright, you chickens stay here... Brick, Scott, Sam, Dawn, Jo... you in?
Brick and Dawn: Sure.
Jo: I love mysteries!
Scott: I'm going with.
Sam: I want to survive.
Anne Maria: Alright, lets go. (follows the footprints and leave)
Courtney: (to Dakota and Mike) So, how's you day going? (the lights go out and they scream)

(Anne Maria, Brick, Dawn, Jo, Sam and Scott follow the footprints to the storage room)
Anne Maria: This is it? The storage room?
Dawn: Where are they?
Brick: (find a red hat) Hey, B's hat!
Scott: I found Cameron's glasses.
Jo: Hey, there's Lightning's necklace.
Sam: I'll get the others and tell them about this place. (leaves to the lobby)
Jo: Come right back... (Sam screams) Nevermind.
Dawn: There goes Sam.
Anne Maria: Wait, I know there's five of us here right now... but one of us is the killer!
Jo: Well, it's not me. I've been with you guys for the whole time.
Brick: Can't be me, I can't kill anyone.
Dawn: I'm not, I can't never do something like that.
Scott: Can't be me.
(Scott, Dawn, Brick and Jo stare at Anne Maria)
Anne Maria: What? It can't be me, I'm...
Jo: We know all about your plans. Plus, I know like ten people here you want to kill.
Anne Maria: I'm not the killer!
Dawn: Okay... but what that red dot on your shirt?
Anne Maria: What, but...
Brick and Scott: GET HER!
(Jo, Brick and Scott tie Anne Maria up and throw her in the lobby)
Dawn: There we go, now we're safe and sound.
Brick: Yep. Now, all we have to do is find Chris and... (lights go out, Scott pushes Jo in the lobby, but Dawn and Brick didn't see it)... where's Jo?!
Scott: I don't know.
Dawn: Wait, I see hair on your hands... you're the killer!
Brick: I knew something was up with you... you're the killer!
Dawn: Lets get him!
Scott: Ah please, you didn't caught me so I'm good for my team. (runs towards the lobby but Brick and Dawn jumps on him)
Brick: Got him!
(Chris and Chef enters the storage room)
Chris: Brick and Dawn, you guys just keep winning. I swear, that's why the Stowaways win... again!
Brick and Dawn: YES!
Chris: Since Scott, The Killer, was caught by two members of the Stowaways, you're immune from elimination.
Scott: (beaten) Yes!
Chris: (to the others) Sadly, as for the rest of you, this is the first time we're doing this... but two teams will vote together and see who's going home.
Jo: UGH! (to B, Courtney and Sam) You guys suck!
Anne Maria: (to Lightning and Mike) Told you I wasn't the killer.

(first class)
Dakota: (to Cameron, Brick and Dawn) They're better off renaming this cabin to "Stowaway's Funhouse".
Cameron: Agreed.
(Scott enters)
Brick: What are you doing here?
Scott: Chris says I could be here... so I'm here!
Dawn: Aww, there goes our fun.
Dakota: At least he didn't find our cookies.
Scott: (found the cookies) Oh, are these chocolate chip? (eats them all)
Dakota: Nevermind. (they sigh while Scott eats)

(elimination ceremony)
Chris: You seven didn't finish the challenge. But, we know who you guys voted for. When I call your name, you're safe from elimination, meaning that you're going on to the next challenge. Now, lets start with the people that didn't receive a vote... B, Sam and Mike... you're safe.
B, Sam and Mike: Yay!!!
Chris: Jo, Courtney, Anne Maria, Lightning... you all have votes against yourselves... but not as much as Jo and Anne Maria received... Lightning and Courtney, your also safe.
Courtney and Lightning: Yes!
Chris: Jo, your attitude towards your team after they lost isn't good and Anne Maria, you just stink... that's why with four votes against her...
...Jo is the one leaving.
Jo: WHAT?! How dare you guys eliminate me! I'm the toughest person here! You can all be eliminated by yourselves, but I have Scott to be here with me.
Chris: And it's time for Jo to leave. (throws her off the train, but holds on) Later Jo!
Jo: I'm not leaving... (sees Scott behind the totem statue) Oh Scott, help me get out of here... (Scott blows a kiss to Jo) What are you doing?! Noo!!!..(Scott trips Jo off the train)
(in confessional) Scott: Well, you thought I liked her? I don't. She was an easy target, so I eliminated her just like that... now that Courtney messed with me, she's the next to go. (Chris invades Scott's confessional)
Chris: Now that Team Holmes is down a member, Scott is crazy and the Stowaways are still winning, what can you guys guess what happens here on the Next Stop on the Total Drama Train! (Scott glares at Chris) What?

(Jo lands on the pillow)

Jo: (getting up) How dare they eliminate me! No... Scott should be hanged for eliminating me! I have never met anyone so cruel! This stinks I'm third person eliminated! I mean come on! I muscles didn't even make an appearance yet and now I'm gone. This is just so great! I can't wait to see what happens to Scott, that way I can get my revenge on him... and when I say "revenge"... I'm going to kill him. (hears a noise) What was that? (sees a panda bear ready to attack her, but the scene ends)

Five: My Big Fat Silent Yukon Wedding

Chris: On our LAST STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN... we went underground for our mystery challenge. The teams however were hunted down one by one until they were all gone. Dawn and Brick discovered that Scott was the "killer" and won the challenge. In the end, Scott made Jo hate her team and they, along with Anne Maria, voted her off. Three girls down, four girls and seven guys left, what's going to happen when we hit the Yukon, here on the Next Stop on the Total Drama Train!

Courtney: (walking with her team, noticing she's the last girl left and sees Anne Maria being the last girl on her team) (in confessional) Oh my god, there are 7 guys and only 4 of us... there needs to be a girls alliance... I think I can do something about that.
Anne Maria: Guys, I have to go to the bathro-(Courtney takes Anne Maria)
(in first class, Dakota, Dawn, Brick and Cameron are scene relaxing, but Courtney takes Dakota and Dawn, without Cameron and Brick noticing)
(in the storage room)
Dakota: What are we doing here?
Anne Maria: Courtney, what's wrong?
Courtney: I've noticed something... we're the last girls left on the show.
Anne Maria: Wait, just from that... I've noticed.
Dakota: Oh my god, we're really out numbered.
Dawn: 4:7, that's not good.
Courtney: Ladies, calm down. We're forced to make a girls alliance, I mean, we can't have an all guys show. That'll be boring. The show would be about farts!
Dakota: Ew!
Courtney: But, the guy I see as a threat is B. I mean, he's soo quiet, I say we lose him.
Dawn: Well, that's your job since he's on your team.
Courtney:...Then I'll lose!
Anne Maria: But they'll vote you off.
Courtney: Not if I get Sam to turn on B... then I'm good.
Dakota: So, you're going to lose, say it's B's fault, turn Sam against B and eliminate B? You're a.... a... genius! (confessional) She's so gonna be eliminated. (back to the girls)
Courtney: So, you guys in the alliance or what?
Anne Maria: Sure, I'm in.
Dawn: Why not. (confessional) If I want to win, I need to be in an alliance.
Dakota: Sure, but if we lose, then we're toast.

(Chris and Chef in the engine room)
Chef: Uh, Chris?
Chris: Yes Chef?
Chef: Why are we heading towards an iceberg?
Chris: I don't kn- You say ICEBERG?!
Chef: Yep... (both scream and stop the train, causing all the 11 contestants to fly out)

(everyone, freezing in front of Chris, waiting for the challenge while Chris is wearing arctic clothing)
Chris: Welcome to the Yukon!
Courtney: (shivering)We're our coats?
Chris: Hold on... (give a coat to everyone) Everyone feel better?
Everyone: Yes!
Chris: Good, today's challenge is going to be a deadly challenge... and when I mean deadly, I mean injury causing deadly.
Everyone: What's our challenge... JINX!
Chris: Your challenge for today is to ice-climb the mountain behind me. Once you reach the top, you'll see three sleds, each sled belongs to each team. You have to go down the hill with all of your teammates. If you don't, you and your team will be disqualified. Once you guys race down the hills, you have to cross the finish line, there, you'll be rewarded immunity... and a special prize.
Scott: What's the prize?
Chris: Well, if you win this challenge, but lose a future challenge, you'll be given a brand new member to your team... and she's ready.
Sam: Brand...
B: (snaps his finger)
Courtney: That'll be useful to my team!
Dakota: That'll help us win again.
Dawn: We'll dominate this game with that new gal.
Cameron: Since it's a girl, I hope she's hot.
Anne Maria: New member, OMG! We need to win this challenge!
Mike: Maybe if we win but lose in the future, Zoey will come back! Yes! Zoey, I hope you come back! (as Zoey) I'm always here for you, babe.
Scott: Another victim, eh? I'll just watch this special lady like a hawk.
(back to challenge)
Chris: So, is everyone ready?
Everyone: Yes!... JINX!!!
Chris: Yes, jinx on you... and begin!
(the teams run to the ice mountain)
(Team Holmes)
Courtney: (climbing) Lets go guys, we need that new member!
Sam: I'm hurrying! (B nods with Sam)
Courtney: Good! (confessional) We're totally losing right now, but we need this member so we have a numbers advantage again! (climbing) Ugh, anything for this girl!
(Team Collectors)
Scott: (carving the ice into pins) This'll help me go up the mountain.
Anne Maria: (using her hairspray, as she sprays a tunnel) Or we can do this.
Lightning: But Chris said that Lightning's team should go to the top and sled down.
Anne Maria: Your team?!
Lightning: Yeah! Lightning's Team!
Scott: Uh, guys... we need to climb the mountain... and Mike's halfway there!
Mike: (halfway there) I'm going to win for you, Zoey!
(Team Stowaways)
Dakota: (climbing with Cameron and Brick) Ugh, we are so getting that girl!
Cameron: But, if we keep winning, we'll never get her.
Dakota: But, that's why we're going to win this challenge, lose the next one and get the girl!
Brick: But we'll vote you off...
Dakota: Nope, we're voting off Dawn!
Cameron: Speaking of Dawn, where is she?
(top of the mountain)
Chris: (to Chef) Yeah, where is she?
Dawn: Right behind you.
Chris: AH!!! How did you get here so quickly?
Dawn: I held on to your helicopter while no one was looking, lost my coat on the way.
Chris: That is genius! Now we have to wait until everyone else gets here... (awkwardly waits with Chef and Dawn) So... did anyone watch any awesome movies lately?
Chef: I was working.
Dawn: I liked that movie about that bear.
Chef: I saw that one! I was crying in the theater.
Dawn: That was you?
Chris: Babies.

(cut to Team Holmes and Team Stowaways climbing towards the top of the mountain)
Dakota: We're almost there!
Cameron: We're soo close!
Brick: Yes!
Courtney and Sam: New member here we come!... JINX!... AWW! (B watches)
(scene cuts to Team Collectors, still on the ground while Mike is staying in the same spot)
Anne Maria: I'm not climbing, I paid $700 dollars for my nails. (shows nails to Lightning)
Lightning: (hypnotized by nails) Those are pretty.
Scott: Goodbye new member.
Mike: I need to think of a plan... (as Jersey boy) Hey hot babe Anne Maria, there's a free supply of hairspray on the mountain.
Anne Maria: Free... hair...SPRAY?!?!?!?!?!! (grabs Lightning and Scott and runs up the mountain, grabbing Mike on her way. She passes the others and reaches the top, dropping her teammates in the process) WHERE'S MY HAIRSPRAY!!!
Chris: (give her an empty hairspray can) There you go. (Anne Maria glares at him) Alright, so everyone is here! Congrats to Dawn for reaching the mountain first.
Dakota: How did she even get here?
Chris: She held on to my helicopter... I know, genius. Okay, next challenge. You see those three sleds... race them to the bottom of the mountain!
(the contestants get on there sleds)
Chris: On your mark... get set... Go!
Anne Maria: Chris... is that your helicopter?
Chris: But my helicopter is right... (looks at his helicopter, which is missing) Okay... where's... (notices the Stowaways are missing)....DAWN!!!!!!!
Dawn: (in the helicopter with her team, driving) They should know to bring their keys with them so this wouldn't happen.
Dakota: Just don't kill us.
Brick: Yeah!
Dawn: Hey, we're winning, right?
Cameron: True.
Dawn: See?... Does anyone know how to land a plane?
Dakota:...goodbye new member.

(back to the top of the mountain) guys still realize that a challenge is still.. (everyone rides down the mountain)...nevermind.
Chef: So, how are we going to get down from here?
Chris: I don't know... hey... how did the camera crew get up here? (cameraman starts to shake)
Camera Man: We have our own helicopters, sir.
(scene cuts to Holmes racing against the Collectors)
Courtney: (to the Collectors) I hope you guys know that I'm going to have a new teammate soon.
Anne Maria: HA! We're going to win because we're not losers.
Sam: We're not losers!
Scott: Says the team that lost two members. (Team Holmes bow their heads in shame)
B: (taps on Courtney's shoulder)
Courtney: What is it?! (B points to the hill) OMG! We're going off a hill! (goes off the hill, into the air, losing their sled in the process)
Anne Maria: Uh guys, there's a hill coming up. (Scott, Mike and Lightning try to look, but Anne Maria's hair is blocking the way)
Lightning: Lightning and pals can't see because of your hair.
Anne Maria: I see a hi- (team goes off the hill, losing their sled in the process)

(bottom of the hill)
Chris: This is great!
Chef: Why you say that?
Chris: I'm saying... we got here right before the Stowaways did!
Chef: Huh... we did- (helicopter crashes past the finish line)
Dakota: (dizzy, coming out of the helicopter, dragging Brick, Cameron and Dawn in the process) We... did... it... (passes out)
Chris: Ugh! You guys win... again. Now lets see who the lucky losers are this time. (sees Anne Maria falling with Scott, Lightning and Mike clinging on to her hair and they land on Chef) Second place goes to Team Collectors... now where's Team Holmes? (sees Courtney and Sam clinging on to B, who lands on Chris)
Camera Man: Should we bring them on the train?

(on the train, elimination ceremony)
Chris: (to Team Holmes) Alright, now that we all got massages from the camera crew...
Camera Man: You're welcome.'s time for that time again... the elimination ceremony!
Courtney: Ugh, can you just give me my ticket?
Chris: Courtney... you're ruining this moment for me!
Courtney: I don't care... I know Sam voted for B and I did too, so just give the tickets to us!
Chris: Fine! Sorry B, but with two votes against you, you're out. At least you don't have to listen to that girl.
Courtney: HEY!
B: Let me just say something...
B: I might be silent, I might be a genius, I might be strong, I might be big, but I'm not a loser. So help me Chris McLean, I'll be back for more and I'll get my revenge on Courtney!
Courtney: Try it.
B: I will right no- (Chef grabs his arm and throws him off the train)
Courtney: See? He's also a wimp.
Chris: Ooooh, that's low, Courtney.
Courtney: I don't care. My team sucks! We lost three members and it's not cool.
Chris: Fine, you want a deal?
Sam and Courtney: YES!
Chris: Fine, if you guys win the next challenge, we'll slit you two up on the different teams. So like, Courtney goes on one team and Sam goes on the other.
Sam and Courtney: DEAL!... JINX!
Chris: Yes, jinx on the two of you. Will Team Holmes win the challenge or lose it? Will we catch Dawn with our helicopter? Will Anne Maria's hair be bigger? Find out when we hit our next stop on the Total Drama Train!

(outside the train, landing in the snow)
B: (does sign language, writes on a piece of paper and shows the cameraman the writing, which says "Yep, I'm out, but at least Courtney's losing"; drops the paper and walks off)

Six: Nome-y my Homey

Chris: LAST STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN... the remaining four females decided to create an all girls alliance to eliminate the guys. But, when they received notice of a returning female contestant, they break their plans and go for the win. Dawn stole my helicopter and won for her team. The Collectors' only chance of winning is Anne Maria and Team Holmes loses another member. So long B. But, I made a deal with them, if they win their next challenge, I'll slit them. Will Team Holmes win this challenge and go to different team? Will we catch Dawn trying to steal another helicopter from us? And will Anne Maria compete in a challenge? (Anne Maria is heard saying "Hey!" in the background) Find out when we hit our Next Stop on the Total Drama Train!

(train lobby)
Courtney: Well Sam, it's just the two of us. But, we don't have to worry about that soon.
Sam: What do you mean?
Courtney: I'm saying that if we win this challenge, we're separated for onto different teams. No more worrying about winning.
Sam: I know. I'll just miss working with you.
Courtney: Aw, so sweet... you're not my type.
Sam: I don't really like you in that way, I meant that you're tough.
Courtney: Aww.
Sam: Yep. (confessional) While we were having our massages and right before B left, all the guys were together talking about which girl here is hot or not hot. Lightning and Scott thinks Dakota's cute. (Dakota is the far distance screams and kissing noises is heard) Cameron has this crush on Dawn. (Cameron screams in pain) We all know that Mike likes Zoey, then he changed and said he liked Anne Maria.
Anne Maria: (outside the confessional) He does?!
Sam: Wait, is everyone outside the confessional?
Everyone: Yes.
Sam: Awwww.
Scott: It's also the only bathroom on this train.

(train lobby)
Lightning: (to Brick) Lightning and his team need some help with winning.
Brick: But, I like to win.
Lightning: Lightning and pals need to win. We're buddies, remember?
Brick: True.
Lightning: Lightning says you should switch teams.
Brick: I can't leave Dawn and Dakota.
Lightning: Yes, team switching. Lightning said team switching.
Mike: I'll switch teams!...with who?
Lightning: Brick.
Mike: Brick, can we switch teams?
Brick: Lets ask Chris. (sees Chris walking past them) Hey Chris, can me and Mike sw-
Chris: Sure, don't care.
Mike and Brick: YES!
Lightning: Lightning and pals likes you now, Brick.
Mike: (sees Dakota, Dawn and Cameron walking out of first class) TEAMMIES! (runs up to them and bearhugs the three of them) I LOVE YOU GUYS!
Dakota: (out of breathe) I can't breath.
Dawn: (out of breathe) I can't feel my back.
Cameron: (out of breathe) I- (passes out)
Mike: You guys are awesome. (confessional) I'm only switching because they won that new member, so if I lose on purpose, Zoey's coming back... but I'll lose one of them.
(train lobby)
Chris: Alright guys, time to put on your winter coats, we're going to Nome for our arctic challenge.
Courtney: We just left the Yukon!
Chris: Yeah... but I had this cool dog-sled race and I wanted to do this. So... you have 10 seconds to put on you co-(everyone but Dawn puts their coats on)-ats on. Okay... Chef!
Dawn: Uh, Chris...
(Chef presses a button, springing the contestants outside of the train)

(in Nome)
Chris: Welcome to Nome, Alaska! For today's ch-
Dawn: (shivering) Chris, can't I have a coat?
Chris: Nope, but we have this. Chef!
Chef: I'm on it. (throws a barrel filled with dirty clothes on Dawn)
Dawn: (screams) Its smells.... so bad. (falls)
Chris: Ladies and gentlemen, that's called the "Penalty Barrel".
Courtney: Ha! Sucks to be Dawn. (Chef throws a barrel on Courtney) (Courtney screams) It does smell. (falls)
Chris: Anyone else want the penalty barrel.
Everyone (but Courtney and Dawn): NO!
Chris: Good, challenge time! For your first challenge, you'll see you have Huskies to pull your sleighs. However, we did this differently. Since Team Holmes is a team of two... they get a sleigh and huskies.
Courtney and Sam: YES!
Chris: Team Collectors just has a sleigh. So that means their members has to pull it.
Anne Maria and Scott: Those two are pulling the sleigh.
Chris: Awesome... and as for Team Stowaways, for stealing and crashing my helicopter (Dakota, Cameron and Mike glares at Dawn), you guys just have the dogs.
Dawn: Riding dogs?
Chris: Yep! So everyone... get ready!
(everyone at the starting line, Team Holmes is set, Team Collectors has Lightning and Brick pulling while Scott and Anne Maria stare and Team Stowaways is riding their dog while a rope hold them together)
Chris: Is everyone ready?
Courtney and Sam: Yes!
Anne Maria, Brick, Scott and Lightning: YEAH!
Dakota: I don't think this is a good idea.
Chris: It is... and go!
Cameron: Chris, where's he finish line?
Chris: When you hit town, you're safe... no go!
(everyone rides off)

(Team Holmes)
Sam: Courtney, we're in the lead!
Courtney: Really? Yes! Now, we have to find town...
Sam:...all I see is snow...
Courtney:...we're lost.
Sam: Ah damn it all!
Courtney: Wait, lets just follow the Collectors.
Sam: Good idea. (they see the Collectors passing them and they start following them)
Anne Maria: (to Scott) Do you know where we are going?
Scott: Nope, but I'm just following Chris's helicopter.
Lightning: Lightning thinks that's good.
Brick: Lets just follow the helicopter, we're going to town.
Scott: Quit talking and run faster!
Courtney: (to Sam) This is good!

(Team Stowaways on their dogs)
Dakota: I don't think the dogs can run anymore.
Dawn: I think they're tired. (to one of the dogs) You tired my little love. Aww you so cute. (to the others) Yep, they're tired.
Cameron: We're going to lose!
Mike: Ye- I mean NO!
Dakota: Okay then, we need to find the nearest shelter.
Dawn: How about that first aid place with that sign saying "Welcome to Nome".
(awkward silence)
Dakota:......EVERYONE PICK UP YOUR DOG AND RUN! (everyone grabs their dog and runs to the first aid place)

(scene cuts to Team Collectors still running as Team Holmes is following them)
Anne Maria: Are we even there yet?
Scott: I have no idea.
Brick: But you said that we were following the helicopter.
Scott: We were, but I lost where it was going.
Anne Maria, Brick and Lightning: Ah!
Anne Maria: We're lost!
Courtney: (to Sam) You here that... we're lost!
Sam: OMG, really?
Courtney: Yeah, and it's your fault, Scott!
Scott: (to Courtney, angry) HEY! What are you doing?
Sam: We're following you.
Courtney: DON'T TELL HIM THAT!!!
Sam: Sorry.
Scott: So, we're lost... with you!
Courtney: I am not a horrible person! (Scott and Courtney grin at eachother, jump off their sleighs and attack eachother while the others stop)
Sam: That's it, I'm going without you.
Anne Maria: Same! Go Lightning and Brick! GO!
(Sam goes off while Anne Maria with Lightning and Brick while Courtney and Scott fight)

(finish line)
Chris: I don't see any of them.
Chef: Should we have given them directions?
Chris: Stowaways have a map and a compus... they're good.
Chef: Then they should be here by now.
Chris: True... Hey! There's a team... and it's the Collectors?
Chef: And Team Holmes... well just Sam.
Chris: I see Scott is missing.
Chef: (on the megaphone, talking to the others) Hey! You need your whole team to cross the finish line in order to win!
Chris: (covering his ears) Ow, can you lower that down?
(sees the Collectors and Sam cross the finish line)
Anne Maria: We passed! (her, Brick and Lightning cheer) Now, we have to wait for Scott and we win!
Sam: Come on Courtney...
Chris: Oh Sam... I forgot to tell you, if you guys lose this challenge, since you passed first and Courtney isn't here, your safe and she's out.
Sam: So, I'm safe no matter what?
Chris: Yep.
Sam: (shameful) Okay.
Chris: (sees Scott and Courtney racing) And here they come, with no signs of the Stowaways!
Scott: (racing) I'm going to beat you, girl!
Courtney: (racing) No! I'm going to beat you!
Anne Maria: No Stowaways? We got this!
Chris: Yep, no Sto- (sees Alaskan Mountie on a snow mobile with Dakota, Dawn, Cameron and Mike)
Mountie: ARE YOU CHRIS MCLEAN?! (runs over a rock and Mike falls off)
Dakota: (to Mike) We'll come back for you!
Chris: Yes, why?
Mountie: (crosses the finish) How dare you use these dogs without Alaska's permission! You have less than a hour to leave this state or you'll be forced to work on our mines! (leaves with the dogs)
Chris: HURRY!
Mike: Wait... ZOEY!
Scott: (crosses the finish line) Yes!
Courtney: NO FAIR!
Dakota: Ugh... (walks over the finish line and punches Mike pass the finish line)
Chris: And with that... Stowaways are safe... that means Holmes loses... again!
Courtney: Damnit Sam! It's all your fault.
Chris: Not really.
Courtney: What are you talking about?
Chris: Well, since Sam crosses and you are the only one not to pass, you're eliminated!
Courtney: WHAT?!
Anne Maria: You have got to be kidding me!
Dakota and Dawn: NO!

(on the train)
Chris: (to Courtney) Well Courtney, it's time to go.
Courtney: You can't do this! I have lawyers!
Chris: You lost the challenge, so you're out.
Courtney: But there are three girls and six guys left! That's not fair!
Chris: So? Not our fault the girls suck this season!
Courtney: (screams) Anne Maria, Dakota, Dawn! Win for the girl! (jumps off the train)
Chris: Finally! (to Sam) Sorry you have to see that, Sam.
Sam: It's okay.
Chris: Know what? I'm a nice guy. So, if you win or not lose a challenge, I'll place you onto a different team, since I don't want you to leave like this.
Sam: (gasp) REALLY?!
Chris: Yep, really.
Chris: (squeezed) CHEF!
Chef: I'm coming. (pulls Sam off of Chris)
Chris: Alright, now that Courtney's gone, can Sam survive on his own? Will Mike actually lose a challenge for gaining "Zoey" back? Will the Collectors start winning? And will we get out of Alaska in time so I don't work in a oil field? Find out when we visit our NEXT STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN!

(in the snow, Courtney is on a first-aid dog sled, on the way to the hospital)
Courtney: (freezing, shivering) Seriously? I'm out? I can't believe it! This is my season! I am the winner and if Chris doesn't want me back, I will come back. Watch me! I will return to the train, I will beat everyone else and I will win one million dollars! Chris, Sam, Collectors and Stowaways, you better watch your backs, Courtney is coming back! (sled brakes off from the dogs) Maybe not.

Seven: A Sleepwalking Backstabber

Chris: LAST STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN... tension heated way up when Courtney and Scott abandon their team. Mike and Brick swap teams because they felt like they shouldn't belong on their team, actually Mike swap because he wanted to lose and get Zoey back in the game. Courtney, our little pain in the butt, the one that complained to the others since day one about her life, the one that fights with others for no reason, the one we throw darts at while no one is looking, finally got herself booted off the show! But, her elimination sparked some problems. Like... Sam is all by himself on his team and there's three girls and six guys left... so, will another female be eliminated? Will the girls try to eliminate some of the men? Will Sam win or not lose a challenge for once and go onto a different team? And will anyone try to stay awake for our Awake-A-Thon challenge as we head towards our next stop, find out here on... OUR NEXT STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN!

(train lobby, with Stowaways and Sam)
Dakota: (to Mike, Dawn and Cameron) I feel really bad for Sam, I mean I hate Courtney, but seeing him all along is just so sad.
Dawn: I know, I mean his teammates where awful, except for B, but it was an awful combination for Sam and B.
Mike: I know! Staci was just so annoying, Jo was mean and Courtney was meaner!
Cameron: Actually, those girls are witches... with a capital "W".
Dakota: You mean "capital B" for bi-
Cameron: My mom told me not to swear on television since she's watching all the episodes.
Dakota: Oh.
Mike: (to the team) Should we like cheer Sam up?
Sam: (by himself, playing his portable X-Box360) OH, SHE-BANG I RULE!
Dawn: I don't think so.
Dakota: Either way... we need Sam. Hey Dawn, can I speak to you for a minute?
Dawn: Sure. (the two girls walk over to the confessional) What is it?
Dakota: Courtney is right about us being outnumbered.
Dawn: What do you mean?
Dakota: I'm saying... there is you, me and Anne Maria left in the game, while there are six guys in the game. There where five of us eliminated and out of those five, four of them were girls.
Dawn: So... a girls alliance?
Dakota: Yes, but we weren't successful when Courtney started it. She managed to eliminate B but that was it.
Dawn: So, what about Anne Maria?
Dakota: How cares about her? I'm planning on eliminating all the guys and Anne Maria to the point where we are in the final two, so a girl has a chance of winning.
Dawn: Good plan, but how are we going to manage their eliminations?
Dakota: I got it covered. You know how Scott has an eye for me and how Lightning likes you a lot?
Dawn: Yeah.
Dakota: I say we use them like a baby and when they're weak, we eliminate them.
Dawn: I can manage eliminating Scott, but I don't know about Lightning.
Dakota: Trust me, when it's all said and done, we're on the top and they are on the bottom. So, you want to join this alliance?
Dawn: I don't know, but we're in big trouble... sure.
Dakota: That's good... we're aiming for Cameron.
Dawn: Cameron?
Dakota: Yes Cameron.
Dawn: But why?
Dakota: Because Cameron's an easy target. Plus, if we eliminate him, we get our new member and we have our girls lucky advantage.
Dawn: I don't know... deal!
Dakota: Alright them, and we're good.
Dawn: Wait, we're in the confessional, right?
Dakota: Yeah.
Dawn: Won't Cameron's mother be watching?
Dakota: Yeah-(looks at the camera) Uh.... (awkwardly) Hi Mrs. Cameron. Hehe. (sighs)

(first class)
Lightning: Lightning like first class!
Brick: So do I, private!
Anne Maria: Yes! Now that we're in the lead in this place, we could easily win this teams thing.
Scott: Yeah. (confessional) So, I know that there are six guys and three girls on this show, and Anne Maria is the only girl on this team so that means she has no allies to vote with her... goodbye ladies. HAHAHA- (to others) Yes, I love this game, and hopefully I get a new girlfriend. (winks at Anne Maria)
Anne Maria: Uh, yeah. (confessional) I hate posers. (to others) Yeah, lets just keep winning.
Lightning: Ah, nothing can't ruin Lightning and friend's time.
Chris: (intercom) Alright everyone, it's time to meet me in the storage room.
Anne Maria, Scott, Brick and Lightning: Aw!


Chris: Alright guys, you know why I called you here?
Everyone: NO!
Chris: Well, it's for your challenge... here you go... behind this lovely door, it's the special room where we keep everything in... well, it's my room. But, I thought it'll be cool to have a challenge here... (opens the door and everyone enters)
Everyone: Wow. (at different times, they were also saying "This is nice", This is my new room" and "beautiful")
Chris: Yeah, it's a nice lobby alright, but it's challenge time! Here... you guys will just stay here until we hit our next stop. But, it's an awake-a-thon... meaning that the last team member standing wins the challenge for his or her team! But, the first team to have all of their members fall asleep, loses the challenge. Sam, if you win the challenge, you'll be placed on the second place team.
Chris: Awesome... and challenge begins... right now. (Chris leaves and plays sleeping music)
Anne Maria: This challenge is so easy.
Brick: I got this.
Lightning: Lightning is hyper!
Scott: This is so easy.
Dakota: I'm bored, who wants to play chest?
Dawn: Sure.
Sam: Eh. (plays his video game)
Cameron: I'm tired as hell.
Mike: Aww... (confessional) How am I suppose to purposely lose this challenge if Dakota and Dawn are up... I mean Cameron's easy. (Mike is hovering over Cameron) Hmm... Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep my dear angel, go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep so Zoey can come back.
Cameron: Nomnomnom... (falls asleep)
Dakota: CAMERON! (confessional) Yes! Wait, did Mike sing him to sleep? Maybe he'll like to join our alliance. (to Dawn) Well, Cameron's out.
Dawn: Eh, he's boring.
Dakota: Okay... remember, we lose, new member, Cameron gone. Remember that my dear.
Dawn: Sure.
Scott: (overhearing Dawn and Dakota's conversation) (to himself) So, Dakota and Dawn has their little alliance, eh? Well, maybe if I lour someone into my alliance to get rid of Anne Maria, I'm good. But, who's dumb enough to eliminate Anne Maria? (looks around to Lightning) There's my guy. (walks over to Lightning)
Lightning: (picking his nose) Lightning digging for gold. (Scott walks past Lightning)
Scott: Maybe later.
Brick: (to Anne Maria) So uh... (sees Anne Maria spraying her hair non-stop) Yeah... I'm tired.
Anne Maria: DON'T TALK TO ME! (knocks out Brick with her spraycan and continues to spray her hair)
Scott: Okay...
Dawn: Okay... (to Dakota) We have to knock Mike out.
Dakota: How?
Dawn: I got an idea... hey Mike!
Mike: (runs over to Dawn) YES?!
Dawn: Oh, nothing, but... (punches Mike in his face, causing him to be unconscious) (to Dakota) Told you I was good.
Dakota: You're good... and evil.
Dawn: Eh.
Scott: (walks over to Dawn and Dakota) So uh-(Dakota knocks out Scott)
Dawn: Why'd you do that?
Dakota: He likes me.
Dakota: Uh... what?
Anne Maria: That's it! (sprays Dakota in the face with her hairspray)
Dakota: AH! (coughs like crazy)
Dawn: You can't do that- (Anne Maria sprays Dawn in the face as well) AH!
Anne Maria: Who else wants a piece of my hairspray? (Chef walks in) Oh, what do you want?!
Chef: Well, you, Dakota and Dawn have been disqualified from the challenge for cheating.
Dawn, Dakota and Anne Maria: WHAT?!
Chef: Yep, and Chris says that Team Stowaways lost.
Dawn and Dakota: AW! (the three girls leave with Chef)
Sam: (playing game) Oh she bang!
Lightning: Lightning is awesome!... Lightning is bored.
Sam: (to Lightning) Wanna play a game?
Lightning: What you have?
Sam: I have portable Modern Warfare 3.
Lightning: Lightning is a pro at that game! Lightning's gamertag is "SHA-LIGHTNING!"
Sam: Really?! Mine's "Typo-Nerd50021".
Lightning: Typo?
Lightning: SL?
Sam: (crying) I MISSED YOU!
Lightning: (crying) I MISSED YOU TOO! (the two start crying and hug eachother)

(camera room, everyone is there)
Anne Maria: Okay then... this is boring.
Brick: Can you just give Sam and Lightning the challenge? They're gonna be like that for a hwhile. (drinks a milkshake)
Chris: You have a point... Well... Team Holmes is no more... since Sam is now on the Collectors team!
Anne Maria, Brick and Scott: YES!
Chris: Dakota, Dawn, Mike, Cameron... time to vote someone off and get a new member.
Cameron: Aw. So, who are we gonna vote for? (Mike, Dakota and Dawn glares at Cameron) Aw!

(first class)
Sam: It's so nice to have a team again.
Brick: Now that we have a new member, we're gonna win this game!
Lightning: Lightning loves Sam AKA Typo!
Anne Maria: Well, you're good. Great to have you here.
Sam: AWW! THANKS! (hugs Scott, Lightning, Brick and Anne Maria at the same time) I LOVE YOU GUYS!
Anne Maria: (choking) I can't breathe.
Scott: (choking) Ah.
Brick: (choking) Sa-(passes out)
Lightning: (hugs back) LIGHTNING LOVES SAM!

(elimination ceremony)
Chris: So, this is the first time Team Stowaways has lost a challenge and will be voting someone off, but the good thing about this elimination ceremony is... you're getting a new member!
Dawn, Dakota, Mike and Cameron: YEAH!
Chris: Zoey? I said "brand new contestant".
Mike: AW!
Chris: Please welcome the most sassy-talk contestant in the Total Drama series...
Dawn: Gwen?
Dakota: Heather?
Cameron: Lindsay?
Mike: Zoey?!
Chris: Zoey is not coming back for the last time!
Mike: I failed you Zoey! (as Zoey) It's alright my love.
Chris: Okay and you're all wrong, it's Leshawna.
Dawn, Dakota, Cameron and Mike: LESHAWNA?! (Leshawna enters the room)
Leshawna: Hey, wassup y'all, Leshawna's in the house! Ain't no white person's winning of my season!
Cameron: That's my new teammate?
Chris: Well... not yours... but the others yes... but since you got three votes against you... you're not going to be competing with Leshawna... since you're OUT!
Cameron: What?!
Chris: Yep, you're out of this game.
Cameron: But why? I thought we're voting for Mike?
Mike: I thought if I eliminated you, I would get Zoey back.
Dawn: And we're out numbered with the boy-girl thing...
Dakota: We needed to vote you out kiddo.
Cameron: Aw.
Leshawna: Hey kiddo, even though I just entered the game and you're eliminated... I got to say, it would of been nice to compete with you.
Cameron: Really?
Leshawna: Yep, now go home and cheer for us, because I'm winning for weak this season.
Cameron: Yay... weak?
Chris: And it's time for Cameron to take the Exit of Shame. (Chef places Cameron in a bag and throw him off the train)
Chris: And with that, Stowaways has another member on their team, and this time she's ready. Will Scott's alliance overcome the girls alliance, will Leshawna kick some major butt this season, and will Sam start winning on his new team? Find out when we hit our NEXT STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN!

(getting out of the bag, on a mail pole)
Cameron: Aw, I was so excited to win this season, but I'm out, even before I was able to compete with Leshawna. (sighs) Well, at least I ranked tenth. Hey mom, I made the top ten!... unless if more people return, then my ranking will go down... a lot! Well, at least I was eliminated with pride... and no broken bones. (sees another train, with a grabber coming up) Well mom, I'll see you in 10 years... (screams, then static)

Eight: Skateboarding in the Yosemite, Sam

Chris: LAST STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN!... the teams competed in an awake-a-thon and the last one standing wins for their team. As Mike got Cameron to go to sleep, Anne Maria knocked out Brick, Dakota knocked out Scott and Dawn knocked out Mike, the girls were disqualified, causing the final two to be Sam and Lightning... but they were old gamer buddies, causing the challenge to go for soo long, the two of them won. Causing Team Stowaways to lose their very first challenge and Sam was placed on Team Collectors. As Mike, Dakota and Dawn voted for Cameron for an awesome past contestant... we choose Leshawna... who's gonna kick some major butt this season. Two teams remain and they'll be going some... skateboarding on some mountains... yeah. What will happen this challenge? Will Leshawna fit it with her teammates? And will Scott or Dakota's alliance beat eachother? Find out when we hit our next STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN!

(train lobby)
Leshawna: So guys, whats been happening his season?
Dakota: Well, we are the dominate team... until Mike came along.
Mike: Hey!
Dakota: Yeah. There use to be three teams, but Courtney, Staci, Jo and B got eliminated and Sam is on the Collectors with the others.
Leshawna: Hm, sounds to me you've been forming an alliance to get rid of some men, right?
Dakota: (nervously) What do you mean?
Leshawna: I mean, when I came on the show, there were three of you and six others... I counted.
Dawn: Uh, we didn't. (Dakota knocks out Mike) Okay, there's a girls alliance with me and Dakota, not Anne Maria. We've been trying so hard to eliminate the guys, but we're able to eliminate two of them. We just eliminated Cameron and Courtney eliminated B a long time ago.
Leshawna: Sounds like Courtney. Here's the deal, you can't just try to eliminate the men, you need an insider for the guys. Once that's said and done, you have the guys in your fingers.
Dakota: What are you trying to poke?
Leshawna: Get the guys to like you, then eliminate them, distract him for all I care. Is there any guy on this show that like you?
Dakota: Well, Scott and Lightning have been trying to get a groove on us in the past.
(flashback, Dakota and Dawn are in the girls' bathroom)
Dakota: (doing her makeup and taking pictures of herself) Dawn, can you pass me my lipstick?
Dawn: Why bother wear makeup? I come all natural.
Dakota: Because, if I'm not pretty looking on those pictures, then I'm not pretty!
Dawn: You kn- (hears knocking on the door, cuts to Scott and Lightning holding it in)
Scott: Can you open the door?
Lightning: Yeah, Lightning needs to pee!
Dakota: This is the girls' bathroom.
Both: Aw!
Leshawna: So basically, they like you two.
Both: Yep.
Leshawna: Hm... Dakota, you aim for Scott and eliminate him. He's seems like an easy target.
Dakota: Okay.
Leshawna: And Dawn, you aim for Lightning, he seems to stupid to be in the game.
Dawn: Alright!
Leshawna: So, it's a deal?
Dakota and Dawn: Deal!

(first class)
Sam: YEAH! First class with my new team!
Scott: Don't hug us like last time or I'll kill you.
Sam: (backing away from Scott) Okay.
Anne Maria: So, where's the cookies they promised to us?
Lightning: Lightning don't know.
Chris: (on intercom) Yeah... Stowaways came in earlier and stole the food.
All: AW!
Sam: (to Anne Maria) So, I'm your new teammate.
Anne Maria: Yeah.
Sam: So, you like to play games?
Anne Maria: Eh, depends on what type of game you're talking about?
Anne Maria: Ew! I hate those type of games. The only games I play are "Spray the hair"... okay okay I played the game once... and I liked it.
Sam: Wait... are you "mzspraysprayAM7055"?
Anne Maria: Okay! I play Call of Duty games, I just don't want my friends to know the true me. I might be the only girl to play those type of games, but they're fun.
Sam: So... you play MW3 and like it?
Anne Maria: Yes I do. I met someone while playing on live on the game once.
Sam: Go on.
Anne Maria: And I really liked him. He was one of the nicest guys to ever talk to. He lost for me so I can have a ranking of five. He's a true man.
Sam: What's his gamertag?
Anne Maria: Why do you want to know? And why are you asking me these questions?
Sam: Because, I'm your friend and friends are there to look out for eachother.
Anne Maria: True... I don't remember his gamertag, but it was something like "Typo-Nerd" with a bunch of numbers like "50021".
Sam: "Typo-Nerd50021"?
Anne Maria: That's it!... How did you know that gamertag?
Sam: I'm Typo-Nerd50021.
Anne Maria: Really? Wow, this is awkward. Thanks for losing to me... and thanks for listening to me...
Sam: Wow...
Anne Maria: Know what? Screw it... I li-
Chris: (on intercom) Sorry to interrupt, but it's challenge time!... and the challenge will be beginning in one minute.
Everyone: AW!

(near the Yosemite)
Chris: Welcome to Yosemite Part!
Brick: This place is actually nice.
Chris: Yeah, it's a nice place, until you actually compete in this challenge.
Leshawna: What's our challenge, Chris?
Chris: Well, you see that shopping cart with a plastic life raft and a giant piece of wood? You'll be boarding down the mountain in those!
Dakota: Isn't that dangerous?
Chris: YES IT IS! But, it's also a fun challenge.
Anne Maria: Will it harm my pretty hair?
Sam: Yes! Will it harm her pretty hair?
Chris: Yes.
Anne Maria: (drops on her knees) NO!!!!!
Chris: Can I explain the challenge now?
Everyone: Sure.
Chris: Okay! Your challenge will involved some boarding if I say. Today, you'll ride your "boats" down that mountain. Then, you'll cross the water fall on that tightrope. Once the entire team passes, you'll race up the mountain and cross the finish line. The winning team will not only receive first place, but a nice buffet. The losing team will send one of their own home. So, teams, get in your "boats"! (Collectors take the shopping cart and the Stowaways take the wood) So, on your mark... get set... go!
Scott: Come on Lightning... push! (Lightning pushes the cart down the hill and jumps on)
Leshawna, Dakota and Dawn: Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike! (Mike pushes the wood down the hill and jumps on)
Mike: Lets get them!

(racing down the hill)
Anne Maria: I don't see them... we're winning!
Sam: Not anymore, they're catching up!
Leshawna: (shouting to the Collectors) It's time for the Collectors to start collecting losts! (to her team) Get it? Collectors? Collecting losts?
Dawn: First off, that is not even funny and "losts" is not a word.
Dakota: I don't care, but we're passing!
Lightning: (sees the Stowaways passing them) Team Lightning isn't going to let his team lose!
Anne Maria: We need to go faster... (breaks the raft off the cart) See, we're going a lot faster now... heck we're passing the others.
Scott: Yeah, but we're hitting a river! (all scream and go into the river)
Leshawna: Mike! Slow it down!
Mike: I can't! (all scream and go into the river as well)
Dakota: Wait... we're still floating.
Dawn and Mike: Yes!
Scott: (swimming with his team) Can we come on?
Leshawna: Eh, sure.
(Team Collectors swim over to the Stowaways "raft" and gets on)
Anne Maria: Thanks guys.
Leshawna: You're welcome.
Sam: Does anyone hear water falling for some reason?
Dawn: Oh, I know that sound. It's a waterfall and we're... nearing... one...
Leshawna: Did you say... waterfall?
Dakota, Mike, Anne Maria, Scott, Lightning, Brick: WATERFALL?!
Brick: Quick, everyone paddle!
(everyone paddles as quick as they can go, but as they grow close towards the waterfall, they jumps off the raft and swim to the side shore)
Dakota: (sees her raft go down the waterfall) So, what now?
Scott: I don't know. (in confessional) This is my chance to eliminate Anne Maria. I don't like her... and she almost killed us today! (seeing the tightrope) So, we're suppose to cross this?
Sam: I guess so. (starts to walk on the rope)
Lightning: Well, I want to win. (walks on the rope)
Dawn: Eh... (jumps on Lightning's back)
Lightning: (looks at Dawn with a happy expression) Yeah.
Anne Maria: (spraying her hair) Eh, this is easy. (walks on the rope)
Scott: Hm... (kicks a sharp rock at the rope while Sam, Lightning, Dawn and Anne Maria were walking on it, causing them to fall off the rope and going down the waterfall)
Dakota: OH MY GOD!
Leshawna: Dawn! Lightning! Sam! Anne!
Brick: This isn't good, where's Chris?!
Mike: Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, are they alright?
Leshawna: (looking down) I don't think so... Dawn landed on bird, Lightning and Sam are getting onto shore and Anne Maria's hair broke her fall... (looks closely) Nope, she's not good.
Scott: Ye-No! Are they alright?!
Brick: I don't know!
Dakota: We need to get Chris!
Chris: (landing his helicopter) What's going on here?
Dakota: Something happened and Sam, Lightning, Dawn and Anne Maria fell down the fall. They're hurt!
Chris: (to himself) I don't want another lawsuit... (to his cameramen) Get them to the first aid center and fast! (to the audience) Well, since we have some injuries, we'll be right back for more "safe" challenges ahead on Last Stop On The Total Drama Train!
Dakota: (to Chris) We never had a break.
Chris: Well, you're getting one right now!

(first aid)
Sam: (on a stretcher playing a game) Ouch! My thumb hurts! I can't play... but I must!
Dawn: (on a stretcher, meditating) Soon, my injuries will be going away soon. Nature will help me get better. Am I right, Lightning?
Lightning: Yeah. Lightning have a question for Dawn.
Dawn: What is it?
Lightning: Well... how can Lightning say this... Lightning likes you!
Dawn: Oh... well... I don't know. (confessional) He likes me? Well, I like him too, but I don't know if I like him back... he's dumb and all but he's pretty cute.
(to Lightning) Uh.... yeah...
(Anne Maria, in a full body cast, is wheeled in on a stretcher by an intern, Mikey)
Mikey: Well, she's brutal.
Sam: Is she going to be alright?
Mikey: Nope.
Lightning: Is Lightning's teammate gonna heal?
Mikey: Nope, she fractured every bone in her body... she's basically out, bro.
Lightning: Aw.
Mikey: Yep. (he was given a note from a producer) Actually, she's out guys. Her parents called their lawyers and threatened to sue the show at this very moment and demand her to come back home so they can "fix her". Well, say "goodbye" Anne Maria... even though you can't talk. Bye! (wheels out Anne Maria)
Sam: Wait! I want to say... (doesn't see them) I love you, Anne Maria.
Lightning: (to Dawn) Lightning thinks that's too sudden.
(Mikey pops in)
Mikey: Oh Sam, Chris says that if you sing a song, you're immune from elimination.
Sam: Can it be a sappy love song?
Mikey: I don't really care since I'm not listening... or even gonna watch the show as a matter of fact... just sing for all I care. (leaves)

Sam: I dedicate this song to Anne Maria. (Lightning and Dawn looks at eachother; "Oh Izzy" music is heard)

I know we just met, not that long ago.
But I need to tell you, this secret.
The secret I had, since the first time I saw you. Ooh-Ooh.
That I thought... you were pretty.

Oh Anne! Anne Maria!... Oh, I love you so!
Oh Anne! Anne Maria!... Oh I hope to see you again.

Anne Maria... I know you were mean to me.
But I always knew, you had that soft side.
I'll miss her smile... and her rock hard hair. Ooh-Ooh.
I thought it was pretty to be freaky.

Oh Anne! Anne Maria!... Oh, I love you so!
Oh Anne! Anne Maria!... Oh I hope to see you again.
I hope to see you a-a-again. (cries, Dawn and Lightning cares for him)

(Chris with the other five contestant)
Chris: (given a note from a producer) What's this? (reads the note) What the?
Brick: What's going on?
Dakota: Is everything okay?
Mike: Are they safe?
Leshawna: Is Anne Maria alright?
Chris: Well, Lightning and Dawn are still recovering while Sam is too heartbroken to compete.
Scott: What do you mean "too heartbroken to compete"?
Chris: Yeah. Sam and Anne Maria like eachother, but just now Anne Maria was removed from the game by her parents, so basically that's it.
Dakota, Brick, Mike and Leshawna: ANNE MARIA'S GONE?!
Chris: Yep. So, that's basically it. But... we have to finish this challenge.
Leshawna: But Anne Maria's gone.
Chris: So? Like I care. Hahaha. So, all you guys have to do is climb up that hill and past the finish line. Also, there's still an elimination. And if the Collectors lose... you can't vote off Sam since he sang a song and is immune. Got it?
Everyone: Yes.
Chris: Alright... and that's all the time we have for this episode. Join us when these five finish the challenge... here on THE NEXT STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN!

(airplane with pilots, Anne Maria with her parents and their lawyers)
Anne Maria: Well, I might be injured, can't move my body and just removed from the game, I'm happy that I competed in Total Drama. I mean, sure I need some crazy hairspray, but at least my pride gone up. I mean, I met my new boyfriend today. But, my parents are probably not going to like him since he's a gamer-nerd, but other than that, I'm rooting for my boy. I hope me wins for me... or get far. But other than that... go Sam!
Anne's Father: Be quiet!
Anne's Mother: Don't tell my daughter to be quiet!
Father: Why not?!
Mother: Because I said so! (sprays hairspray in his eyes)
Anne Maria: (looking at her parents fight) Now you see where I get my attitude from.

Nine: Betrayal in the Darkness

Chris: (with the contestants) LAST STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAI- Wait... (to Chef)...we never even left this stop in the first place. Haha! So, to sum it up what happened on the previous episode... Anne Maria reveals her true self to Sam. Turns out, they had a past. But, when they finally had a chance to be a couple, Scott ruined it by pushing they couple, along with another couple Lightning and Dawn, off a waterfall. As Lightning, Dawn and Sam were alright, Anne Maria wasn't, but her hair broke her fall. Haha! She was so injured, her parents ordered the producers to remove her from the game. I mean, come on! (to the five competitiors) So, with Anne Maria's unexpecting elimination... this is now an reward challenge!
Leshawna, Scott, Dakota, Mike, Brick: YES!
Chris: Yep, but, with that said, the reward: A brand new contestant! Each team will choose which competitior they want for their team. The winning team has first choice. But, we basically chose them.
Mike: Is it Zoey?!
Chris: Fine... (to walkie-talkie) Bring back Zoey and some male contestant... yeah... huh-huh... and B. (to the others) So, winning team has a choice between Zoey and B.
Leshawna, Scott, Dakota, Mike, Brick: (at different times) YES!
Chris: So... what's going to happen when these guys compete in their challenge? Fine out when I start the challenge... right now! (everyone takes their place) ON YOUR MARK... GET SET... GO! (everyone runs up the hill)
Dakota: (to Leshawna, climbing) Come on Leshawna, you can do it!
Leshawna: (climbing, broke a nail) Ugh! This is not what I signed up for!
Mike: (behind Leshawna) Come on! We need Zoey on our team!
Leshawna: Fine.
(confessional) Dakota: Leshawna is seriously on my nerves. She isn't what I expected her to be when she first came on the show. If she loses this for us, she is a goner... but since the girls are outnumbered... she'll be an awesome alliancee. (stares in the camera) So, text me at 555- (static)
Scott: (climbing) So Brick, I have this ide- (looks for Brick) Where are you?!
Brick: (at the finish line) Scott, I'm way up here.
Scott: How'd you... nevermind.
Mike: (notices that Leshawna isn't moving too fast) This isn't working- (as Jersey boy) Hey babe, how about you jumping on my back and you don't have to- (Leshawna jumps on Mike's back) Now that's how I like it. (climbs)
Dakota: (to Scott) I will not let you win, Scott!... (sees Scott pass the finish line) Nevermind. (crosses the finish line) And where's my team? (looks for Mike and Leshawna, making out) Ugh!
Brick: Oh yeah!
Scott: We have first choice of a returning member!
Dakota: Well, at least we have someone.
Chris: Yep. So Team Collectors win while Stowaways lose. Now, lets go check on the injured contestants.

(first aid place)
Lightning: Lightning doesn't know if Sam is alright.
Dawn: I think crying at a picture of your girlfriend shows signs of... well he just misses her.
Lightning: Yep. (sees Sam eating ice cream with his bare hands while crying) So, how are you today.
Dawn: Hurt.
Lightning: Lightning is hurt too!
Dawn: Yeah. (sees Lightning's necklace) Hey, is that a golden necklace?
Lightning: Oh this thing? Lightning is fascinated with lightning bolts because Lightning likes them.
Dawn: Really? (confessional) A boy that likes nature? All the guys that said to me they "like nature" end up crying in the woods. But, this guy could be my type. Hm, I know I'm in a girls alliance, but Dakota doesn't need to know. (to Lightning) I think the necklace looks awesome.
Lightning: Lightning likes you!
(Chris walks in with the other contestants)
Chris: So, hows the kids with boo-boos doing?
Lightning: Lightning has no boo-boos. (Chris pokes his arm and Lightning cries)
Chris: Yep, boo-boos. So Sam, Lightning and Dawn... you guys should know that B and Zoey are returning in the next challenge.
Sam: Really?
Chris: Yep. And since Team Collectors won, they have a first choice of the returning contestant. While Team Stowaways will have anyone that's left.
Dawn: That's alright with us.
Chris: Yep. So, can we go back on the train now? My favourite television show is coming up!
Everyone: Sure.

(train lobby, Stowaways)
Dakota: Well, we lost the challenge, but at least we're getting a new member.
Mike: You mean "we're getting Zoey".
Dakota: Yeah, whatever.
Leshawna: So, I was thinking, with Zoey soon to be on our team, we're so good. I mean, the guys are going to choose another dude how's tough, fast and smart.
Dakota: Right! We so have Zoey. Dawn, what are you thinking?
Dawn: (meditating) What? Oh... yeah, Zoey's cool.
Mike: (glares at Dawn) Yeah, she is. (confessional) Dawn doesn't even like Zoey! I know because that was pure sarcasm. If we lose the next challenge, she is such a goner!
Dawn: (confessional) I know my team hates me, but I'm safe no matter what happens. I mean, Chris gave me, Lightning and Sam immunity tickets to make sure we don't sue. And... I won the first immunity ticket in the first challenge. So basically, I'm unstoppable.

(first class)
Scott: Yeah! First choice!
Lightning: Lightning likes that idea!
Brick: B has to be on our team!
Sam: Yeah... I miss Anne Maria.
Lightning: Don't worry. Anne Maria will always be a proud member of this team.
Brick: Yeah! She was the girl of the team. Now, she's gone... we're an all guy team! I want to continue to be one.
Lightning: Lightning thinks Scott will choose.
Sam and Brick: Agreed!
Scott: Yeah... (confessional) Who says we're picking B. I have first choice (beep) so I'm choosing someone to go with my alliance plans... Zoey. My plan is to eliminate all the girls before the finale and it'll be a all guys season. So, with that... Zoey is on the team... then will be eliminate!

Chris: How! Is Scott really that serious? Man, he hates girls. Wonder if he ever had a girlfriend... or any female influence in his life. Will Dawn and Lightning continue to hide their relationship? Will Dakota be happy with her team? Will Mike control his problem? Will Leshawna be faster? Will Brick be more active? Will Scott get a girlfriend? And will Sam ever find a way to be with Anne Maria? Find out when we hit our NEXT STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN!

Ten: The Area-Leshawna Files

Chris: Last Stop on the Total Drama Train!... we announced that two contestants return to the show. They are B and Zoey... since B was the first out of two males eliminated (plus he was eliminated by Courtney) and Zoey was the first eliminated... I thought it was only fair. Leshawna lost the "First Choice" challenge for her team, causing the Collectors to have a first choice... in which, the guys want Scott to choose, even though he was Zoey on his team. Yep, so who will be on what team? Find out what happens here on OUR NEXT STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN!

(first class)
Scott: So, you all agree that I should pick the new guy?
Lightning: Lightning agrees.
Brick: Eh.
Sam: Sure... I miss Anne Maria!
Scott: Sure you do. (confessional) Man, now that she's gone, we have a crybaby on board. I may have to do something to get rid of him... he's seriously annoying me with those "I have 10 gamertags" and "I miss Anne Maria". Ugh! Can I just eliminated him now?... wait he has immunity... ah sh-

(train lobby)
Dakota: (to Leshawna) How can you lose the challenge for us? We were winning!
Leshawna: Well sorry! It's not my fault I didn't get fit in those past seasons of Total Drama.
Dakota: Well, do a better job or we'll eliminate you.
Leshawna: Guuurrrrrrlllllll, how's this: I win this challenge for you guys. That way I'll prove to you that I'm a worthy member of this team.
Dakota: Well... okay then. It's a deal.
Leshawna: Deal.
(scene to Dawn and Mike)
Mike: So uh, we're choosing Zoey, right?
Dawn: (meditating, opens her eyes in shock) (gasps) Oh my god! I see evil when Zoey comes back! Zoey is in great danger! She needs to be with us or she'll have a chance of being eliminated! No, no!
Mike: (scared) What's going on?
Dawn: I see... Scott... telling her something... and she's gone!
Mike: (gasps) Zoey! (runs to Chris)
Dawn: (realizing where she is)...Hm? Oh, what just happened? (confessional) I usually have these visions when I'm meditating. Usually it's not too bad, but it's always something weird. I had this vision earlier that something bad is going to happen to Zoey, but she's alright. (whispers to the camera "She's not alright")

(on the front of the Chris, with Chef)
Chris: (to Chef) You ready?
Chef: Yep. (pulls a lever and the eight contestants are heard screaming in the background)
Chris: HEY! I was going to pull that!

(near Area 51)
Chris: Welcome to Area 51!
Dakota: If we're in Area 51, why are we still alive?
Chris: Because I know people here and they actually wanted me to do another challenge here, since they have a lot of useless junk they want to get rid of.
Leshawna: Tell me the challenge!
Chris: Fine!... you guys will run into Area 51, go into the old storage room, take an alien artifact and return it to the train.
Sam: Isn't that similar to a past challenge?
Chris: Yes it is! Turns out, the viewers loves that challenge so much, we're redoing the challenge!
Brick: (to his team) My father works here, I think we got this covered.
Lightning: Lightning thinks that good!
Scott: Would he just give us an artifact?
Brick: He's my father, of course.
Leshawna: (to her team) I got this challenge all taken care of. (Dawn and Mike glares at her) What?
Dakota: You better win or we'll eliminate you.
Chris: Oh! Before I forget... B and Zoey, come here! (B and Zoey are pushed off a helicopter and lands next to Chris) Alright teams, this is B, who was eliminated by Courtney in episode five. And this is-
Mike: (shouting) ZOEY!
Chris: -Zoey... who was the first eliminated this season. Now... since the Collectors won the last challenge, Collectors...
Brick: Come on Scott, choose.
Sam: Yeah, choose B.
Scott: (to Chris) Team Collectors choose... Zoey.
Everyone: WHAT?!
Chris: Alright, so Zoey's on Team Collectors... again. While B's on Team Stowaways. You guys will begin your challenge right now!
Leshawna: Hold on! We got B not Zoey?
Scott: Yep.
Dawn: Why did you choose Zoey?
Scott: Because we need a girl on this team. (confessional) eliminate! (evil laughs)
Mike: (runs over to Zoey) Zoey!
Zoey: Mike? (runs over to Mike and hugs him) OH! I missed you so much!
Mike: I missed you too! Oh Zoey, I told you I would stay!
Zoey: Oh, why are you on a different team?
Mike: Because I thought you would be on this team.
Zoey: Well, we're on different teams... but I still want to be with you.
Chris: Sappy reunion... and the challenge begins now!
(the teams runs in different paths)

(Team Collectors, running)
Zoey: So, this is my team now?
Scott: Notice anything different?
Zoey: Well, Brick's here and Sam... aren't you on Team Holmes?
Sam: Yeah... Team Holmes lost to the point where I was the only on left, so Chris just added me to this team.
Zoey: Oh... I thought B was returning to help you out?
Sam: Nope.
Brick: My father just contacted me, he says that the storage room is open for us.
Scott: That's good... so how much longer are we towards Area 51.
Brick: Off that cliff right there.
Lightning, Scott, Sam and Zoey: Cliff?!
Brick: Yep, the cliff. (grabs his teams and jumps off the cliff together, as they all scream except Brick)
(Team Stowaways, running)
Leshawna: Yeah there, I'm Leshawna. And you? (B runs) Why aren't you talking to me?!
Dawn: B doesn't talk, just by reading his mind.
Leshawna: Say what girl?
Dawn: I read minds and people's auras.
Leshawna: Oh, so what am I thinking right now?
Dawn: You're thinking about slapping me and if you do, I'll tell everyone your deep secret.
Leshawna: (silent and shameful)
Dakota: How much longer until we hit Area 51? (B points to the cliff) NO! STOP! (everyone stops running) There's no way I'm jumping off a cliff. No way.
Mike: You have to or we'll lose.
Dakota: Well, no... where's Dawn?
Leshawna: Probably ahead from us because she's not scared. I'm not jumping alone. (grabs Mike, B grabs Dakota and they all jump off the cliff)

(nearing the storage room; Collectors are bruised and covered in dirt)
Scott: Ow, I'm not jumping off of any cliff this season.
Brick: Well, at least we're close to the storage room.
Sam: Yeah. (carrying Zoey)
Zoey: Don't drop me.
Sam: I won't.
Lightning: Lightning calls opening the do- Dawn?
Scott: How did you?... You're not even dirty or bruised!!
Dawn: (meditating) Hm? Oh, I used a shortcut.
Scott: What shortcut? (Dawn points to a tunnel, with a sign saying "This way to the train station") Oh... (hears screaming) Does anyone else hear screaming?
Dawn: I think you guys should move five steps.
Sam: Or else what? (Team Stowaways land on Team Collectors)
Dawn: That's why... well I have a challenge to win so yeah... (runs in the storage room)
Lightning: Lightning is not losing to his gir- I mean losing to a girl! Lets go! (his team mourns) Well, I have no choice to do this. (pulls Zoey, Sam, Brick and Scott at the same time and walks into the storage room)
Dakota: (in pain) Come on guys... we have a challenge to win. (B gets up, puts Mike and Leshawna on his shoulders and carries Dakota) Thanks. (walks into the storage room)

(storage room)
Brick: So, what did everyone think about the automatic laser-body massager 5000?
Zoey: To be honest, I think it was extremely pleasant.
Lightning, Sam and Scott: Agreed.
Zoey: So, what are we looking for?
Scott: We're suppose to be looking for an alien artifact and bring it back to Chris.
Zoey: What about the body-laser thing 5000?
Brick: You have a point... but lets just look around. (all split up)
Dakota: Hm... (follows Scott)
Leshawa: Dakota... where you going girl... (to Mike and B) Well, it's just the three of us... so what are we going to look for?
Mike: Well, I'm going to look this way. (B agrees and they both walk off)
Leshawna: But wait, what about- I HATE THIS TEAM! (walks off angry)
Mike: (walking and finds Zoey) Zoey? So uh...
Zoey: Yeah... you want to help me...
Mike: Sure... what's this? (finds a blue sphere)
Zoey: It's beautiful.
Mike: Wait, it's playing something... (the two of them looks at the sphere and it shows them celebrating)
Zoey: Is that a finish line and us? It's... weird.
Mike: I think it's showing us that we're going to win something.
Zoey: Maybe. But, lets keep this for ourselves.
Mike: Yeah, I'm not even going to use this for the challenge anymore, I like it. So, tell me what happened since you left.
Zoey: Well, it all started with that train that almost hit me in Niagara falls.
(scene switches over to Lightning, finding Dawn)
Dawn: (looking over to Lightning) Oh, hi Lightning.
Lightning: Hi, uh... Dawn.
Dawn: Trying to help your team win a challenge? (looking through a pile of junk)
Lightning: Well, not really. Lightning thinks Scott already found something.
Dawn: Well, don't be too dependent on Scott. He's up to something. (confessional) I can see right through Scott. I know his "eliminating all females" plan is going to work when in fact, Dakota already has a plan to get rid of some guys. I'm just going to survive the challenges to the point where I'm good. Poor poor Scott. (back to Lightning and Dawn)

Lightning: What do you mean?

Dawn: I'm just saying, don't trust him. (finds something) What is this? It's a... flute.
Lightning: Oh! Lightning did band and played the flute!
Dawn: Oh you did? I'm finding out more things about you I didn't think you'll be.
Lightning: (cheerfully) Yeah!
Dawn: Well, what are you waiting for, impress me.
Lightning: Alright! (plays the flute and aliens are formed) Uh...
Dawn: Well two things, that was beautiful and run! (the two of them run off as the aliens try to zap them)
(scene switches over to Scott, while Dakota spies on him)
Scott: Hm, I think this'll be good for Chris. (looks at a laser gun) I think Chris will use this for awesome future purposes. (hears a noise) What was that?
Dakota: (hiding behind a box) Hm... laser gun. (outloud) Oh hey, what's this? Hehe. It's a camera... CAMERA?! (poses and takes repetitive photos of herself)
Scott: (walking pass Dakota) Freak.
(scene with B, Leshawna, Brick and Sam)
Leshawna: Well guys, I have a theory.
Brick: What is your theory?
Leshawna: Well, I was thinking about making an alliance with you guys.
Sam: Go on.
Leshawna: I'm saying. Two of us from each team can really push us to the finale. Think about it. We have a numbers advantage and we're in the final four.
Brick: I like your idea, lets just keep this to our selves.
Sam: Sure. I want to win for my girl. (B gives a thumbs up)
Leshawna: Oh yeah baby! So, if we lose B, we're voting for... Dakota. If you guys lose, vote off Scott.
Brick: Sure.
Sam: I have no problems voting off Scott.
Leshawna: And it's a deal. So, we have to finish this challenge! (sees Lightning and Dawn running away, screaming) What are they running away from? (sees the aliens shooting lasers at them, and they all run away screaming)
(alarms are heard all around Area 51)
Mike and Zoey: AH! (runs to the tunnel)
Dakota: Ah! (while taking picture of herself, she runs towards the tunnel)
Scott: What the- (sees soldiers shooting at him) AH! (runs to the tunnel)

(Chris and Chef, near the train)
Chris: So, when do you think they're coming?
Chef: (hears the alarms) 5...4...3...2...1... (sees Lightning and Dawn) Now. (Lightning and Dawn runs towards them)
Lightning: Here we are!
Dawn: I got a... broken alien flute.
Lightning: So do I.
Chris: Well, it's something... lets wait for the others. (Leshawna, B, Sam and Brick runs up) So, you guys got anything?
Leshawna: Nope. (B agrees)
Brick: Sorry.
Sam: Aw.
Chris: Losers. (sees Mike and Zoey running towards them) Got anything?
Mike: Well we go- (looks at Zoey)-t nothing.
Zoey: (happy) Nothing, sorry!
Chris: You guys suck this season! (sees Scott in the distance)
Scott: I see them. (accidentally drops his laser gun, Dakota runs behind him)
Dakota: Almost ther-(falls) Hey... what's this? A laser gun? I'm keeping this.
(Scott runs towards Chris)
Chris: Got anything?
Scott: I got you... (searches through his pockets) Where's my laser gun?
Dakota: You mean this laser gun? (gives Chris the laser gun)
Chris: A LASER GUN?! I LOVE THIS! Team Stowaways win!
Dawn, Leshawna, B and Mike: Yeah!
Chris: Team Collectors, you're voting someone off.
Sam, Lightning, Brick, Zoey and Scott: AW!

(first class)
Leshawna: Nice job, Dakota!
Mike: Yeah, way to go!
Dawn: Great work out there. (B gives a thumbs up)
Dakota: Aww, you guys are so cute... wait... I'll be back in a second. (walks into the train lobby)
Scott: Lets go guys. (walks into the elimination room with Zoey, Brick and Lightning)
Sam: Be right there. (Dakota runs up to Sam)
Dakota: Hey Sam.
Sam: Oh, hey Dakota.
Dakota: I wanted to talk to you for a second.
Sam: Yeah, what is it?
Dakota: Well, I wanted to know how you're doing since Anne Maria's elimination.
Sam: Well, I miss her so much.
Dakota: I'm sure you do.
Sam: But... I'm determined to win for her!
Dakota: Aw, that's nice. But, don't you miss her to the point and want to be with her?
Sam: Yeah but...
Dakota: But what? Think about it, the sooner you leave, the happier you'll be. I've been watching you lately and you have been a little depressed since her elimination.
Sam: What are...
Dakota: I'm saying, sometimes, you'll be happier if you leave, and if you leave, you'll be with Anne Maria.
Sam: Wait, quit for Anne?
Dakota: Well, I'm saying. She'll be happy to be with you. Go for it, Sam. It's now or never. (walks off)

(elimination ceremony)
Chris: Ah! Elimination Ceremony time! We haven't been here for a while, right? So, Team Collectors, it's time to vote someone off this show, and down to four... again! So, since Sam sang a song, he's safe. (Sam sighs) Yep, so... Lightning and Brick... with no votes against you, you're safe.
Lightning and Brick: YES!
Chris: And the final ticket goes to... Z-
Sam: WAIT!
Chris: What the... you ruined the moment!
Sam: I need to do something that I needed to do a long time ago.
Chris: And that is...
Sam: I quit Last Stop on the Total Drama Train.
Scott, Zoey, Brick and Lightning: WHAT?!
Sam: Yep, I'm quitting so I can be with Anne Maria.
Chris: (silent)...uhhhhhh... Okay then! Chef.
Chef: Yep. Time to go.
Sam: (runs towards the train exit) Anne Maria... here I come! (jumps off the train)
Zoey: Wait, what just happened?
Scott: I have no idea.
Lightning: Lightning is confused.
Brick: He could of waited a little while longer.
Lightning, Zoey and Scott: Agreed!
Chris: Yep! Sam's gone and the teams are 4 to 5! Who will Dakota's next victim be? Will Scott fight back? How will Leshawna's alliance go with Sam's elimination? Will Lightning and Dawn make out? Will Zoey and Mike continue? Find out when we return on OUR NEXT STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN!

Leshawna: Aw, Sam's out, but why? We we're suppose to have an alliance. But, three's a charm if you know what I'm saying. I mean, he was going to leave at fourth, but tenth is alright with me. I'm sorry Sam, but you could of waited a bit to be with your love. But eh, it's time for the girls to dominate this game! (static)
Dawn: I see Scott's aura... hm he was suppose to leave? Damn it all, Dakota! Why target Sam if another boy is leaving? Dakota... you just made a big mistake. (static)
Dakota: I'm proud of the things I've done this season so far. I mean, I just eliminated someone! I feel so great! (static)
Zoey: Wow, I sure did miss a lot since I've been gone. Man, if only I wasn't eliminated, then I'll know what's going on. (static)
B: (about to speak, but Mike interrupts the confessional and walks in)
Mike: Oh sorry, but I want to say that Zoey is my awesome swe- (Brick walks in the confessional with Mike and B)
Brick: It's my time now... Sam quitting is so stupid. I mean, not good at all.
Mike: You can say that agai- (Lightning walks in the confessional with Brick, B and Mike)
Lightning: Lightning don't care for Sam! Lightning knows he's a goner! Lightning thinks that these guys are going to suck!
Mike: Hey! (Scott walks in the confessional)
Scott: Well, Sam saved my position in the game and that's all. (tries to move, but he's suck) Um... I'm stuck.
Brick: So am I.
Mike: I can't move!
Lightning: Lightning is stuck.
Scott: Great! How are we suppose to get out? (long awkward silence)
Mike: Isn't it awkward for five guys to be in a bathroom confessional stall?
Brick: Well, if anyone doesn't see us, it's not awkward. (Dawn opens the door and exchange awkward looks at each other)
Lightning: Oh, hey Dawn.
Brick: Well, as you may see, we're stuck and we need your assistance and (Dawn closes the door and frightfully runs away) Dawn? DAWN!
(the guys all say "Dawn" at different times repetitively for 15 seconds)
Brick: I have to pee!

Scott: HELP US!

(lands on the ground)
Sam: Aw, why didn't I think this through. I mean, I quit for Anne Maria, but at what? I'm going to see her anyways. Aw, I messed up... BIG TIME! Well, at least I get to see her. (sees five aliens surrounding him) Or not. (screams) HELP ME!


Chris: LAST STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN... Zoey and B returned to the show, placing Zoey right back on her old team while B's on the Stowaways. Then, the challenge got way hard as the contestants had to go into Area 51, steal an alien artifact and bring it back to me... the only problem is that they didn't bring back anything! Well, Dawn and Lightning brought back a broken flute and Dakota brought me a laser gun... which is something I'll surely use in the future. When it came down to Zoey and Scott in the elimination ceremony, Sam quit the game so he can be with Anne Maria. Wow... what a love-sick puppy. But, it took some convincing from Dakota to make him quit. Good planning Dakota, good planning. Oh... and there was a failed alliance plan by Leshawna, B, Brick and Sam. Yeah... LOL! So, will her alliance continue to suck? Will Scott try to get rid of Dakota and the girls? Will Dakota get rid of the guys? Will Zoey and Mike actually do something? Will Dawn and Lightning be together? Will I continue asking for more questions none of you guys care about? Find out when we hit OUR NEXT STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN!

(train lobby)
Scott: (to his team) Man, I can't believe that Sam quit the game. He was so close.
Brick: You can say that again. He could of stayed a little while longer, that way he'll make his girl happy.
Zoey: Well, at least he's with her.
Lightning: Man, Lightning doesn't care for losers.
Zoey: Losers?
Lightning: That's right! Lightning should be on his old team, not this team! Since Lightning left that team, they won almost every other challenge! There used to be three teams, now there's only two!
Brick: Lightning is right. We need to step it up a bit. If we become the next Team Holmes, Team Stowaways just have eachother.
Scott: But, you know how that team is staying strong?
Zoey, Brick and Lightning: How?
Scott: Dawn and Dakota. They were always on that team and they won all those challenges together. Now, they're unstoppable. And you know something? Dakota told Sam to quit, I heard her!
Zoey: That sneaky little bi-
Scott: And that's not all! With Leshawna and B on that team, they're gonna win everything!
Brick: Yeah... (confessional) I'm suppose to have an alliance with B and Leshawna. But, we also need to think about winning so we don't end up like Team Holmes. (back to lobby)
Scott: Anyways, I say we should distract the Stowaways and start winning us some challenges! Agreed?
Zoey, Lightning and Brick: Agreed!
Scott: Good! Now lets eliminate some chicks!
Lightning and Brick: Yay!
Zoey: Wait, what?

(first class)
Leshawna: I love first class! This is the best thing ever. Am I right?
Mike: (in a hot-tub with B, relaxed) You can say that again.
Leshawna: I could, but I don't want to interrupt Dakota's cucumber-face thing whatever.
Dakota: (with a fack-mask on, relaxing) Nah, I don't care.
Dawn: (hanging up-slide-down) Nah, now this is the life.
Leshawna: Yeah... nothing can't ruin this day.
Chris: (on intercom) Alright guys, it's time to get dressed and meet me at the train station for our challenge!
Leshawna, Mike, Dakota and Dawn: Aw!

(in Las Vegas)
Chris: Welcome to Las Vegas! Today's challenge is... Dakota! (Dakota is shown with the paparazzi, but Chef takes her away from them and brings her to the others) Alright, today's challenge: You'll run through the casino to that giant stadium. There, you'll guys will be doing some "human-sized gambling". Hehe! The team with the most points wins today's challenge and the losing team sends someone home. Guys ready?
Everyone: Ready!
Chris: So, on your mark, get set... Dakota pay attention to me... and go! (they all run into the casino)

(inside the casino)
Scott: (to his team) So, this challenge is suppose to be hard. All I see is fat people trying to get money... and Dakota gambling... wait she's 17, how is she gambling.
Zoey: I don't know but you, but I think that's her father.
Brick: How can you tell?
Zoey: Just look at them. (scene shows Dakota and her father) I mean, they both wear huge sunglasses inside, Pink top and pink bottom, blonde hair and enjoys being on camera. (a camera goes off)
Dakota: Daddy! Camera guy!
Father: Take more pictures of us! (poses)
Zoey: Yeah. Father and daughter.
Scott: Hm. I wonder how her team is doing.
(Team Stowaway, gambling)
Leshawna: Come on, give me a seven! (rolls a seven) YEAH! £50 for me!
Mike: Shouldn't we be competing.
Leshawna: We are... for money. 1000 more times of this and I'll be a millionairess!
Dawn: But, we're too young to be here.
Leshawna: Shut up, girl. I do what I want. Now, roll a 12! (rolls a 4)... alright, lets go. Dawn, get Dakota.
Dawn: Alright. (walks to Dakota) Lets go, famerella. (pulls Dakota away from her father and cameramen)
Dakota: Why did you do that?
Dawn: Because we have a challenge to finish.
Dakota: Oh. (runs with the others) So, how much money did you guys make?
Leshawna: £50.
Dakota: That's it? I got £1000!
Leshawna: Lucky!
Mike: Guys, we need to compete, not talk about money. (B gives a thumbs up)
Dawn: Mike's right. Lets beat some guys!
Leshawna and Dakota: YEAH!
Mike: Wait, what?
(Team Collectors, near an elevator)
Scott: I think this will be faster if we use the elevator.
Brick: Agreed. (goes inside)
Zoey: Alrighty then, what button to we press...
Lightning: The stadium button.
Zoey:... yeah... (presses the button)
Scott: Alright, so we wait until we hit the stadium. (awkward silence) So Zoey, what did you do while you were gone?
Zoey: Not much really. All I did was go to an indie concert, then Chris called me up, asking if I wanted another chance. I agreed and waited for day in a helicopter with B. It was so awkward.
Scott: I can tell. (awkward silence) So, how much- (arrives at a giant stadium, that looks like a giant poker table with human size dice) Oh my god, this is awesome.
Brick: This place is huge.
Zoey: I'm impressed.
Lightning: Lightning confused.
Chris: Alright guys, this is your next challenge, eh!
Zoey: What's our challenge?
Chris: I'll tell ya when the others arrive.
(back to the elevator, the Stowaways are waiting in an awkward silence)
Leshawna: (to B) So, you never talk? (B rises his right thumb) Ah, good.
Dakota: How much longer? (arrives and excited) WOW!
Chris: Yeah, over here, Stowaways!
Dakota: (walking over) What's our challenge?
Chris: Yes! Alright, your challenge for today: You see those two human sized dice? One person from each team will be inside there. And you guys will see those numbers over there? Yeah, the dicer will roll and land on a number. There, the jumpers will jump over those numbers, depending on the number they receive. While on a number, they will receive 10 blue coins. The team with the most coins in the end will win today's challenge while the losing team will send someone home. Easy?
Leshawna: This sounds easy.
Chris: Hope it is, Leshawna, because you and Dakota are the jumpers for Team Stowaways!
Leshawna: What now?
Chris: B, you're the dicer. While Mike and Dawn will be helping you.
Dawn: We're so going to lose.
Mike: Nah, we won't. (as bad boy) Hey babe, we're going to win today!
Dawn: Babe?
Chris: And Team Collectors... Zoey and Scott will be the jumpers, while Brick is the dicer and Lightning is the helper.
Collectors: Got it!
Chris: So, everyone get ready. (waits until Leshawna, Dakota, Scott and Zoey were ready at the beginning of the board while the others were at the dice area) Everyone ready... (quickly) Set go!
Dawn: Alright B, take like five steps. (B falls over and lands a 4) Dakota, Leshawna, jump four spaces!
Leshawna: I'm jumping, girlfriend. (jumps four spaces and falls through the board)
Dakota: What the f-
Chris: Yeah, this board's been rigged with trapdoors. Good luck!
Dakota: But what about Leshawna?
Chris: Yeah, she's out. Collectors, your turn!
Lightning: Alright, you got this?
Brick: I don't know- (Lightning pushes Brick and lands on 3)
Lightning: Jump 3, man!
Scott: (to Zoey) I want to jump. (jumps three spaces) Did I fall?
Zoey: Nope.
Scott: Yes! (receives 10 coins)
Dawn: Errr! Alright B, go! (B runs in the dice and lands on a six) Yes! Jump six Dako- Dakota! (Dakota is shown posing for the paparazzi) DAKOTA!
Dakota: Oh. (jumps six spaces and hears an alarm)
Chris: Dakota, you just got jackpot! $1000 for you and an immunity ticket!
Dakota: Yes! (hugs the check)
Scott: How is that possible?
Zoey: Ignore her, just roll, Brick.
Brick: Sir, yes sir!
Zoey: I'm a girl!
Brick: I mean ma'am! (rolls a 5) Jump five!
Scott: Alright. (jumps five spaces and a blue alarm goes off) Did I make a jackpot?
Chris: Nope! You got semi-jackpot. Scott, catch this. (throws a nickel at him) It's yours to keep.
Scott: Gee, thanks.
Chris: Dakota!
Mike: (as bad boy) I got this. (picks up the dice and throws it, causing it to break, but landing on 6 and 2) I'm good.
Dawn: You just broke the dice!
Chris: Dakota, jump 8 spaces.
Dakota: Okay. (jumps 8 spaces, but falls through the board)
Chris: Oopies. With that, Stowaways lost.
Dawn, B and Mike: AW!
Scott: Wait, does that mean... we win?
Zoey, Lightning and Brick: YES!
Chris: Congrats, Collectors. Stowaways, see you in the elimination room.
Dawn: I wonder where the trapdoor leads them.
(casino, with Leshawna bidding money and Dakota posing with her father for the paparazzi)
Leshawna: That's right! More money for me!
Father: (posing) Dakota, I know we love the camera, but shouldn't you be competing?
Dakota: Oh crap, (grabs Leshawna) Lets go!

(first class)
Zoey: Wow, this is the first time I ever came here. This is pretty awesome.
Brick: Trust me, you're gonna like first class.
Zoey: I am, already.
Lightning: (receive a foot massage) That's right, Lightning likes.
Scott: (in hottub) Yeah. (confessional) I'm going to watch the Stowaways' elimination, I wanna see if Dakota gets the boot.

(elimination ceremony, Scott hides behind a totem pole)
Chris: Alright Stowaways, this is the second time you guys are here. So, I'm going to give you some tickets, which determines if you're safe or not. If you don't receive a ticket, you must leave the train ASAP. Now, time for the elimination... Dawn.
Dawn: Yes!
Leshawna: Yes!
Chris: Mike!
Mike: Yes!
Chris: And the last one goes to... (shows Dakota hugging her money scared and B crossing his fingers)
Dakota: What? I'm out?
Scott: Yes!
Dakota: But I have that ticket you gave me.
Chris: Oh, the immunity ticket?
Dakota: I'm using it right now!
Chris: Alrighty then, that means the votes for Dakota are now null, so the only vote that counts is-
Dakota: My vote for B.
Dawn: Wait, this isn't fair!
Leshawna: Yeah! She should be eliminated!
Mike: Yes!
Chris: Well, I'm sorry guys, Dakota has the immunity ticket, she's safe. B's out.
Dawn: Well, sorry B.
Mike: Yeah, I'll see you later.
Leshawna: But homeboy just came back!
Chris: So? It could happen. (B walks towards the Exit of Shame) Well B, it's time to go. (Chef gives B a pillow and B jumps off the train) And with that, even eight remains! Will Dakota be eliminated? Will Mike and Zoey talk to eachother? And who will go next? Find out when we hit our NEXT STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN!


Dakota: Okay, I must admit that the past two eliminations are indeed my fault, but it's only for the team of my team... well except for B, that was just to save myself. I mean, it's also good for them. I mean, Sam was going to quit anyways since he's a love-sick puppy for Anne Maria. I don't even know why my team tried voting me off. I'm their leader! I'm the one that got them the wins in the past. And Dawn... why did she even try to get rid of me? Well Dawn, Leshawna and Mike... something bad will happen to the three of you. Something good and something bad because trust me, I will get my revenge... starting with Leshawna, I don't like her. I know Mike has a thing with Zoey and the finale ends with Dawn. Perfect! I will convince one of Mike's personalities to eliminate Leshawna and Dawn and eliminate him at his weakest! I'm a genius. (looks into the camera) So, my name is Dakota AKA Daddy's Little Princess. I'm a rich 16-year-old looking for her ways in the movie industry. So, text me at PrincessDakota@TotalDrama and I'll give you my poses! Please! CHECK IT OUT! I'm desperate! I'll pose right now! (poses in front of the camera) Yeah baby, I'm awesome.

Twelve: Shine Your Light Now

Chris: LAST STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN!.... we visited Las Vegas! (sings "Viva Las Vegas" then stops singing) Anyways, the contestants got a little carried away when it come to the challenges, but they continued with a couple thousand dollars. Yeah! Team Stowaways lost both of their jumpers pretty early, giving Team Collectors their win. But, when it came to the elimination ceremony, everyone voted for Dakota, but she had an immunity ticket, saving her from elimination and sending the returnee home once again. Poor B, he was so... yeah. Still in the teams... which team will win? Which team will lose? Will Dakota survive in another challenge? And who will get carried away when we visit Hollywood!
Dakota: (in far distance) HOLLYWOOD?! EEEE!
Chris: Yeah, Hollywood. Find out when we hit our Next Stop on the Total Drama Train!

(train lobby)
Dakota: (running into the room) HEY GUYS! WE'RE GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!
Leshawna: Hollywood?
Mike: We're going to Hollywood?
Leshawna: I'm going to be famous!
Dawn: I can finally advertise myself for nature!
Mike: Me and Zoey can finally have a romantic date!
Dakota: I can become a star!
All: (day dreaming) Oh Hollywood.

(first class)
Scott: (overhearing the Stowaways) Hollywood? You guys hear that? We're going to Hollywood.
Zoey: Hollywood?
Brick: I can finally get into a military movie!
Lightning: Lightning can show off his muscles!
Zoey: I can finally go on a romantic date with Mike!
Lightning, Brick and Zoey: (day dreaming) Oh Hollywood.
Scott: Yeah... (confessional) Hollywood isn't a great place for me. Reason being is that knowing Dakota's die hard dream to become famous will lead the Stowaways to win and I can't let that happen. I will never let them win if it's the last thing I do... man I have problems. (Dakota unannounced comes in the confessional)
Scott: Can you leave, it's my time.
Dakota: NO! It's my turn, plus everyone can hear you. (everyone sighs outside)
Scott: Oh crap.
(train lobby)
Brick: Hey Leshawna, can I see you for a second.
Leshawna: Sure baby.
Brick: Listen, since we made that alliance, we lost Sam and B and I don't kn-
Leshawna: Remember, the lower the numbers, the bigger the advantage. We got this.
Brick: But what about S-
Leshawna: Scott is going to be eliminated, just try to get rid of him. You have Zoey and Lightning to help you.
Brick: But what if they vote me off?
Leshawna: You? You're the sweetest guy here, they aren't going to vote you off. Now, go back to first class before they hear us.
(cockpit of the train)
Chris: So, can you help me with something, Chef?
Chef: What is it this time?
Chris: The eject button is too fun to play with... press it for me!
Chef: Fine. (presses the button and here everyone scream "yay")
Chris: Awww, I thought they'll hate it.
Chef: I guess they're excited to go to Hollywood.
Chris: True, but they'll hate the challenge. HAHA!

(in Hollywood)
Chris: Welcome to-
Chris: Don't ever interrupt me again!
Dakota: Sorry.
Chris: Anyways, if I say the "H" word, someone but me will say it, so let me explain your challenge in-
Chris: (annoyed) racing down to the-
Chris: (annoyed)...walk of fame, where each team will steal one of the stars, then you will race down to the-
Chris: (angry and quick) Next contestant to talk I will disqualify you thank you! Anyways, steal the star and race it back to the red carpet. Also, for an extra prize, if you catch a celebrity and take a photo with them, you'll receive an immunity ticket.
Brick: So, steal a star at the walk of fame and race it to the red carpet, but also get a photo of a celebrity?
Chris: Yep, so is everybody ready?
Everyone: Yes!
Chris: Alright, on your mark, get set.... go! (everyone runs into town)

(near the walk of fame)
Dakota: Ooo, Lady Gaga! OMG! Madonna! Oh, it's me!
Leshawna: What are you talking about, girlfriend?
Dakota: My daddy paid to have my name in the Hollywood walk of fame, see its right there. (points to her star)
Leshawna: Girl, why are you on this show if you're super rich?
Dakota: Because I want fame and more money.
Dawn: I can see why.
Mike: Come on, we have to take a star.
Dawn: Yeah, but which one?
Leshawna: (silence) Lady Gaga? (everyone agrees) Okay, so how are we going to take this damn star?
Mike: I have no idea.
Dakota: So, since we can't really get this out, wanna suck up to Chris to win the challenge?
Leshawna: That sounds like a good idea.
Mike: I agree.
Dawn: Agreed.
Dakota: So, lets dodged this challenge and have some fun in Hollywood! (Leshawna, Mike and Dawn cheers and walks away)
(Team Collectors arrive)
Scott: Where are they going?
Zoey: I don't know, but they're leaving.
Lightning: Lightning wonders.
Brick: Guys, we have a challenge to continue.
Zoey: Right! So, who's star are we taking?
Scott: Uhhhh... don't know.
Lightning: Lightning scare if they find out.
Brick: I can't break a law.
Zoey: How about Lady Gaga?
Scott: Eh, I don't like her so lets do it.
Brick and Lightning: Agreed.
Scott: So, how are we going to get this out if here?
Zoey: I always carry a knife with me, so if we ring this out, we'll win a bit quicker.
Brick: Why do you carry a knife with you?
Zoey: They guys in my town are thugs and tried to kill me almost every day.
Scott: I can see that as a reason.
Zoey: Come on, lets get this star out of here! (picks the star out with the knife) This is gonna take a long time.
Scott: I can tell. (watches Zoey pick one side of the star)
Brick: I'll be right back.
Zoey: Where are you going?
Brick: I'm going to buy a tool.
Zoey: Okay, be back soon. (watches him leave) He isn't coming back.
Scott: Yep.
Lightning: Lightning don't care for small chat, Lightning wants to win!
Zoey: Okay! This is going to take a long time.

(scene shows Dakota, Mike, Dawn and Leshawna taking photos with Madonna, Britney Spears and KISS)
Dakota: Thank you guys for taking pictures with us.
Madonna: No big deal.
Gene Simmons: Hey, aren't you guys suppose to be competing?
Leshawna: Yeah, but we're taking an advantage of being in Hollywood.
Britney Spears: Okay then. Pose time! (poses for the cameramen)
(walk of fame)
Scott: So, any luck yet?
Zoey: Well, I got one side up, now we need a-(Brick shoves a pipe under one side of the star)
Brick: Sargent Brick McArthur reporting for duty!
Scott: About time you arrive.
Zoey: Come on guys, jump on this pipe and it'll pop up and we'll win the challenge!
Lightning: Good idea! (jumps on the pipe)
Scott: Well, I have nothing to lose. (jumps with Lightning)
Brick: Well I got this so-(jumps on the pipe)
Zoey: I'm just going to watch.
(scene switches over to Leshawna, Dawn, Mike and Dakota waiting behind the side of a building)
Mike: (to Leshawna) So, what are we waiting for?
Dawn: Yeah Leshawna, what is it?
Leshawna: You'll see, you'll see.
Dakota: Is that Paris Hilton?
Leshawna: YES! (hits Paris over the head with a bat, knocking her out) Tom Cruise! I got Paris!
(in distance) Tom Cruise: Point for you, Leshawna!
Leshawna: YEAH!
Dakota: (to Mike and Dawn) I'm not sure if playing "Attack a celebrity with bats" are legal.
Mike: I think it's illegal.
Dawn: Well, at least Leshawna's winning and I got a picture of Leshawna hitting Paris.
Dakota: More points for us!
(scene shows Brick, Scott and Lightning jumping on the star)
Zoey: Come on guys! Almost there!
(scene shows Dakota, Dawn, Mike and Leshawna at an award stadium)
Leshawna: Guys, I think it'll be a good idea if we steal this statue.
Dakota: We'll get arrested.
Leshawna: No we won't, we'll steal it before anyone sees us stealing it.
Dawn: How are we going to take it?
Leshawna: I got an idea. (sees a forklift) Mike, steal that forklift... NOW!
Mike: (runs towards the forklift) Okay, okay.
Leshawna: This is going to be great!
(scene switches over to Collectors, taking the star)
Zoey: Guys, we got this! Now lets go!
Lightning: Lightning and Brick got the star, now lets go!
Scott: Following! (they leave and Lady Gaga and her agent arrives)
Agent: Lady, where's your star?!
Lady Gaga: My star is missing? But-but-but... (starts to heavily cry)

(red carpet, shows Chris there)
Chris: Where are they? (sees Collectors) And here are the Collectors with...
Zoey: With Lady Gaga's Hollywood star!
Chris: Well, lets see what the other team has. (sees Dakota) Dakota, where's your team?
Dakota: Yeah, about that...
Chris: If I don't see them, you guys lose again!
Dakota: And here they come now! (Mike, in a forklift, carries the Academy Award Statue) We got ourselves the true award statue. (Dawn wheels a barrel full of pictures) We took over 1000 pictures of us with different celebrities, and... (Leshawna carries a knock-out Kesha) And a knocked-out Kesha.
Scott: But where's your star?
Zoey: Just give us first class!
Chris: Calm down Collectors, they got more things than you did and turns out, they have their light shine in Hollywood, congrats Team Stowaways! (Dawn, Leshawna and Mike cheer)
Dakota: Told yah!
Chris: Collectors, I'll see you in the elimination ceremony. The loser does go home with someone.
Scott: Oh come on! We got a star!
Chris: Yeah, Lady Gaga's! Look over there! (shows the contestants Lady Gaga crying over her missing star) Yeah. See you there.

(first class)
Dakota: We are so go at this game.
Dawn: Agreed. (drinks a lemon smoothie)
Mike: I want to go to the elimination ceremony.
Leshawna: Why?
Mike: I want to check on Zoey.
Leshawna: Well, I have to talk to someone.
Dawn: Yeah, I want to see Lightning.
Dakota: (sees them leave) Alright guys, I'll enjoy first class. (burps and looks at the cameraman) You'll edit that out, right?

Chris: (to Collectors) Remember, elimination ceremony starts in five!
Scott: I'm going in.
Leshawna: Brick, can I see you?
Brick: Yeah. (walks over to a corner with her)
Mike: Zoey, I want to tell you something!
Zoey: Okay! (walks over towards the door to the elimination room)
Dawn: Lightning, sit with me.
Lightning: (freaked out) How'd you get here?
Dawn: Just sit. (Lightning sits with her) Lightning, you have to do the right thing. Here, take my immunity ticket. I know they're going to vote you off.
Lightning: Lightning is not taking it! Lightning voting for Scott.
Dawn: Well, I can tell the others are voting him off... good luck! I'll see you in first class, my love.
Lightning: Lightning will! (walks into the elimination room)
Leshawna: Remember, vote off Scott. He has no allies!
Brick: Good idea! I got him.
Leshawna: Good, no go eliminate him! (Brick walks into the elimination room; Mike and Zoey constantly make out, but Chris grabs Zoey and pulls her into the elimination room)

(elimination ceremony)
Chris: Okay, time to vote someone off...
Zoey: Okay.
Scott: I'm so safe. (sees Brick's immunity ticket and takes it) Yep, I am.
Brick: I am so going to win.
Lightning: Lightning and Dawn forever!
Chris: So, lets start this of-
Scott: Hey Chris, I got an immunity ticket, so I'm safe.
Chris: Okay! Scott's safe!
Zoey, Brick and Lightning: AW!
Zoey: But we all voted for Scott.
Chris: Yep, so the person that Scott voted for is eliminated, so that means...
...Zoey and Lightning don't have votes! Brick, time to go home!
Brick: That's not going to work since I have my... where's my immunity ticket?
Chris: Lets go Brick. But you get a prize on this day. CHEF! (Chef gives Brick Kesha) Now, leave with your wife!
Brick: But she smells like- (Chef kicks Brick off the train)
Chris: Tune in next time when these guys have Cowboys face off against eachother!
Scott: Cowboys?
Chris: Yep! So see you when we hit our NEXT STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN!

(Hollywood at night)
Brick: (landing on Kesha) Ew! She is so gross! Ugh, I got voted off before the merge. Aw, this sucks! I wanted to win so badly but I guess that didn't work. Well, at least I didn't lose my pride. (Kesha wakes up)
Kesha: Ugh, what happen- (barfs on Brick) Sorry. (passes out)
Brick: There goes my pride... and my shirt. EW!

Thirteen: Cowboys vs Girls

Chris: LAST STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN!... the contestants had a while ride in Hollywood... but the Collectors just competed as the Stowaways disappeared for the day, having some good old Hollywood fun. But in the end... the Collectors lost because they didn't impressed me as the Stowaways had some much more to offer. In the end, Brick was eliminated. Also, there are no more teams! Yeah baby! This competition is going to get way off as these people will fight to the end! Who will be the first eliminated in the merge? Find out when we hit our NEXT STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN!

(first class)
Leshawna: (relaxing in the hottub) Now, this is the life in fist class! I love this place.
Dawn: Same here but why did Chris have the Collectors here?
Dakota: I don't know. We won, they lost!
Mike: I'm alright with that. (to Zoey) At least you're here.
Zoey: Aw! Maybe that orb is right, maybe we do win it all.
Lightning: Lightning here for all! Lightning going to win it all!
Scott: Calm down dude, we're all here for a reason. (confessional) What was I thinking?! Eliminating Brick? I know he was a threat but there are more girls here than guys! Oh why did I do that. Now I have to convince Mike and Lightning to vote off their girlfriends, but that won't work. This is going to be a girl season. Aw.
Mike: (to Zoey) So, you want to see another fortune?
Zoey: Sure, lets see! (they look into the orb and see Mike crying at the Exit of shame with 8 people behind them) Wait, why are you crying and the last time I checked... OMG Mike, I think this is your elimination.
Mike: What the... no wait, I don't see you in the background... ZOEY!
Zoey: MIKE! What does this mean?
Mike: I don't know. We have to watch our backs now.
Scott: (overhearing Mike and Zoey) Hm, I have an idea.
(Chris walks in)
Chris: Welcome final seven to the greatest point in Total Drama history... the MERGE! (everyone cheers) And what's a good merge challenge is a great merge shocker and a great merge elimination. Also... Chef. (scene switches over to Chef, pulling a cord and everyone screams)
Chef: Oh... I forgot to wait for Chris to leave...

(in rural Western set-up Texas)
Chris: Alright guys, welcome to Texas, we we'll have our most "rootenist", "tooenist" challenge show down today!
Dakota: So we're just going to have a show down tournament?
Chris: Yep!
Dawn: But there's only seven of us.
Chris: Not anymore! Back in Total Drama Action, Trent was eliminated in a Texas style challenge, but now that he's back... please welcome Trent!
Everyone: Trent?
Trent: Hey guys, what's up?
Leshawna: (sees Trent) OMG Trent! (hugs Trent) It's been a long time.
Trent: I know.
Chris: Trent's back because we felt that he didn't have the time to shine after his elimination, so we brought him back.
Trent: Again, great to be back. (looks at Dawn) You look like my ex-girlfriend.
Dawn: Sorry, but I'm taken by nature and that guy. (points at Lightning punch a cactus, but suddenly starts crying)
Trent: I see.
Chris: No chick-chat anymore. It's time for the challenge! You see that giant board all the way up there? Yeah, you will jump off of the board and land on that horse in a male-female pattern. The first male to jump off will face off the female that jumps last and the pattern continues. So, lets see some jumping.
(everyone on the board)

Chris: (shouting) Is everyone ready?!

Trent: I don't know if I want to jump. (Scott pushes Trent off the board and land on a wooden pole; high pitched) Ow!
Leshawna: (angry) How dare you push hi-(Scott pushes Leshawna off the board and lands in the building)
Scott: Haha! (Dakota pushes Scott off the board, but he grabbed her hand pulling her with him)
Lightning: Lightning don't want help to jump off... where's Dawn?
Zoey: A bird just came and carried her down.
Mike: Damn she's quick.
Lightning: She is... snap out of it, Lightning! JUMP! (jumps off and lands on the horse)
Mike: Well, I'm jumping with you.
Zoey: I'm jumping with you too. (jumps off together and lands in the pool)
Chris: WOW! Now that was a quicky challenge, eh. Anyways... Trent vs Zoey. Leshawna vs Mike. Dakota vs Lightning and Dawn vs Scott. Now, is everyone ready for the most awesome Texan challenge ever?!
Everyone: NO!
Chris: Jeez.

(in front of a staged saloon)
Chris: Welcome back everyone to the Cowboy-
Chris: -and cowgirl Texas Showdown tournament! Today, Trent will face off against Zoey and the winner will face off against the winner between Leshawna and Mike. Same goes with Dakota and Lightning. Winner faces against Dawn or Scott. Guys ready?
Zoey: What are we using to shoot eachother?
Chris: Well, the producers said no real guns, so we're using paintball guns instead. So, it's now Trent vs Zoey! (Trent and Zoey stands back-to-back)
Trent: Hey, good luck out there.
Zoey: You too.
Chris: And are you guys ready?
Trent and Zoey: Yep.
Chris: And on the count of three, you'll run to your receptive corners and shoot eachother. 1... 2... 3...(Trent heads for his corner, but Zoey turns around and shoots him) And Zoey heads on to round 2.
Trent: (angry) Hey, she cheated.
Chris: (ignoring Trent) Moving on to Leshawna and Mike. (Leshawna and Mike stand back-to-back)
Leshawna: Move it, short stuff, I'm winning this.
Mike: Win if you want to, I'm not going against my girlfriend.
Leshawna: Really? Are you sure?
Mike: Yep.
Leshawna: Okay...
Chris: 1...2...3... GO! (Mike stands in the same place, while Leshawna turns around and shoots Mike) And Leshawna wins.
Leshawna: I feel your pain, bro.
Chris: Next up... Lightning and Dakota. (Lightning and Dakota stand back to back)
Lightning: (looking at Dawn) Lightning wins for his babe!
Dawn: Aw, you're so sweet.
Dakota: (checking her hair and turns to Lightning) Shoot me and you die.
Chris: 1...2...3... GO! (Lightning turns around and shoots Dakota's hair)
Dakota: MY HAIR! EER! (clocks her gun and open fire on Lightning and the others) THAT TEACHES YOU TO MESS WITH MY HAIR!
Chris: (looking around, seeing Lightning injured) Now, that was awesome! Since Lightning's hurt, Dakota wins by default. Scott vs Dawn. (Scott and Dawn stands back-to-back)
Scott: Save yourself little creepy girl.
Dawn: (turns around, speaks with sympathy) You weren't held enough as a child.
Scott: (in confessional, shivering and crying) Okay, she has to go.
Chris: Everyone ready?
Dawn: Sure.
Scott: Time to get rid of a girl.
Chris: 3...2...1... GO! (Scott runs to his corner and misses Dawn)
Dawn: Ha, you missed! (Chef is hit) Oh... (Scott hits Dawn with the paintball)
Chris: And Scott wins! Now it's Zoey vs Leshawna... and Dakota vs Scott.
Scott: I so got this.
Leshawna: (to Zoey) I'll go easy on you.
Zoey: Okay.
Dakota: (to Scott) Shoot my hair and you'll end up like Lightning. (points at Lightning, who's still injured, making Scott scared)
Chris: Round 2!... Zoey and Leshawna! (Leshawna and Zoey stand back-to-back)
Leshawna: Good luck!
Zoey: You too.
Chris: 3...2...1...GO! (Zoey turns around and shoot Leshawna before she even started to run)
Leshawna: Hey, no fair!
Zoey: Sorry, I wanted to win.
Leshawna: (angry) I see.
Chris: (ignoring Leshawna) Dakota vs Scott! (Dakota and Scott stand back-to-back)
Scott: See you later chick-a-roo.
Dakota: (angry) "Chick-a-roo"?!
Scott: (scared) I mean beautiful.
Chris: 3...2...1...GO! (Scott shoots Dakota, but he misses)
Dakota: You missed. (Dakota shoots Scott) And I didn't.
Chris: Finally! Zoey vs Dakota.
Leshawna: (to Chris) Watch out for Zoey, she cheats.
Chris: That's why the final round, they'll be shooting eachother way up there!
Dakota: What the heck?
Zoey: That's way too high.
Chris: SO?! It'll bring more ratings! (Zoey and Dakota on the top of the board) You gals ready?
Zoey: I don't think this is a good idea.
Dakota: What if we die?
Chris: That's a great idea! Everyone will shoot you! The one to land on the horse wins the challenge!
Trent: So, we have guns?
Chris: Yep. (everyone cheers) Now... Chef break the board! (Chef appears behind Zoey and Dakota and pushes the two of them off)
Zoey: (falling) I will land on the horse first.
Dakota: No you won't. (shot in the hair by Scott)
Scott: That's payback!
Dakota: Er! (dives down and slams onto the horse)
Chris: And Dakota wins! (Dakota gets up and chases Scott down with a metal horse shoe)
Mike: Where's Zoey? (hears Zoey screaming and she lands on him)
Leshawna: (with Trent, Lightning and herself glaring at Zoey) We found a cheater.
Chris: Dakota wins immunity while everyone else will vote someone off. See you later.

(elimination ceremony)
Chris: So, congratulations to Dakota for winning immunity. Here's your ticket. (throws Dakota her ticket)
Dakota: YES!
Chris: Now, the seven of you will be up for elimination... but Dawn, Lightning, Trent and Mike are safe! (they cheer while receive their tickets) Now, we are down to three contestants up for elimination, Leshawna, Scott and Zoey. But, Leshawna you're safe for tonight. (she cheers)
Scott: Why am I here?
Zoey: What the?
Chris: And the last ticket goes to...
...SCOTT! (gives Scott the ticket)
Mike: Zoey?
Zoey: I'm out again?
Chris: Yep. Zoey's out again. Time to go.
Mike: WAIT! I have something to say before she leaves. (runs up to Zoey she jumps off the train)
Zoey: Mike, I'm sorry for cheating. I just wanted us to make it far.
Mike: I don't care if you cheated! I'll miss you like a lot.
Zoey: I'll miss you too... (hugs Mike) Maybe the orbs right. Maybe you win and we have the money to ourselves.
Mike: The orb? That's right! Lets look at one more fortune and see our futures. (they look into the orb and see Mike and Dawn celebrating while Scott cries) Wait, what does this mean?
Zoey: Why is Dawn there?
Dawn: You called?
Zoey: Well, this is odd, but (looks at the orb) Wait.. look! (the two of them look into the orb and sees them kissing on an island) Well, I'm going to jump off now. I'll see you later Mike.
Mike: Bye Zoey. (Zoey gives Mike a quick kiss and jumps off the train, causing Mike to cry; his eye twitches and he pretends to be Zoey) Hey! Why'd you vote me off!
Dawn: What the-
Scott: Oh I remember this. Oh crap we're doom.
Trent: I'm going to pretend I didn't see anything.
Chris: Anyways, Dakota. You won immunity, so choose someone who you want in first class.
Dakota: I choose Trent, give him some time in first class with a pretty gal like me.
Trent: Yay! (Dakota grabs his hand and runs into first class while Scott glares at them)
Chris: Now that Zoey's gone, what's to come in the future? Will Mike become Zoey II? Will Scot try his chances to get rid of another female? Find out when we return to our NEXT STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN! Yeah.

Fourteen: Mrs. Sippi's River Challenge

Chris: LAST STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN!... we hit the merge and Trent came back for the most rootenist, tootenist challenge showdown of the century! But, Zoey cheated her way to the final battle while a crazed Dakota open fire on everyone! AWESOME! But, in the end, Dakota won and Zoey, Little Miss Cheater, got the boot once again. Now that Zoey's gone fore good and Trent's back, how will the remainder of the season work? Will Trent actually fear Dakota like the others? And will anyone survive Mrs. Sippi's River Challenge?... who's Mrs. Sippi? Find out when we hit our NEXT STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN!

(nighttime, first class)
Trent: (sleeping, sleepwalking as well) Gwen... Gwen... why?!... WHY?! I thought you loved me for who I was. Duncan... I knew he had something to do with this! You left me for him! Oh... they go with the jocks. (he dreams of Heather kissing him on the dock, then suddenly Heather becomes Dakota) Dakota? She's kissing me... why?! WHY?! (sees Gwen hugging Duncan, then Gwen becomes Dawn while Duncan becomes Scott) I KNEW IT! Gwen is in disguise as her! I knew it all this time! Duncan is here to get me! (he suddenly falls into a fall where he is on the ground, with Dakota and Dawn running around him saying "We're gonna get you" repeatedly)!... (he finally wakes up, to see nothing but Dakota sleeping with her mask on) What happened? I think I had another nightmare. (sighs) Maybe if I should... naw! (thinks for a second) Maybe if I... (he peaks though the train lobby door and sees Scott and Mike sleeping, Leshawna dazedly listening to her music and Lightning and Dawn sleeping back-to-back) Hm, everything seems normal. I don't know why I agreed to coming back to the show. After those months in therapy to get rid of that horrid moment of me and Heather brought it all back! I miss Gwen and I hate Duncan and Heather for doing this to me! But, that short girl Dawn reminds me too much of Gwen and that guys Scott reminds me of Duncan and that other blonde Dakota reminds me of Heather. I know they're different but they just seem like them. Maybe if I stay away from them, my pass wouldn't affect my relationship with them. But... those memories are telling me to get back at them... I don't want to! I need to leave this place and- (Dakota wakes up to Trent's speech)
Dakota: Hey Trent, what's wrong?
Trent: Uh... nothing. Why Heat- I mean Dakota?
Dakota: Well, I'm worried about you and I kinda think you're pretty cute.
Trent: Aw th-(he freezes for a moment and sees Heather telling him he's cute and kissing him, he finally faints)
Dakota: Trent? (runs to him) Trent, are you okay? (hears no response) Maybe a goodnight sleep will help him. (she goes back to sleep)

(morning, train lobby)
Leshawna: (waking up) Ow, sleeping on these darn benches are so uncomfortable. We need some carpets.
Scott: (cracking out his back) Agreed.
Lightning: (waking up) Oh man, Lightning can't get up.
Dawn: I'll help. (cracks Lightning's legs)
Lightning: Thanks creep- oh wait Lightning means Dawn.
Dawn: Anytime. (confessional) He almost called me creepy girl.
Scott: (to everyone) So, where are we going this time?
Leshawna: I don't know but I see a huge river.
Dawn: (looks out the window) It's the Mississippi River and I think we're going to be ejected out of the train pretty soon.
Leshawna: Oh come on! Mike's still sleeping! (sees Mike talking to himself in his sleep) See? Sleeping like a demented baby.
Scott: (to Lightning) I wonder how Dakota and Trent are doing.
(first class)
Dakota: (sitting by Trent who's crying in his sleep) Man, you probably had one bad childhood.
Trent: (waking up) Oh, what happened?
Dakota: Nothing out of the ordinary. (confessional) Except for crying in your sleep. Never saw a dude cry like that. I'll feel bad an all... if he didn't try killing me during the night.
(train lobby, Dakota and Trent walks towards the others)
Scott: So, when are we suppose to hit our next stop?
Lightning: This better not be another murder challenge, Lightning was taken first last time.
Dawn: HA! I won last time. Could win again.
Lightning: And that's why Lightning likes you.
Dakota: So, when are we going to compete? (the seven contestants were sprung out of the train) (in the air with the others) Hm, maybe it just started. And we're landing in the river. (they all land in the river)
Mike: (awakens) Oh, what happened? (Chris arrives on the land)
Chris: Welcome to the good ol' Mississippi River! Today, we are going to have a river challenge with good ol' Mrs. Sippi herself.
Dawn: But Mrs. Sippi doesn't exsist.
Chris: Well, there were several Mrs. Sippi's in the nearby town, but they were prostitutes so we had Chef dress like a woman and pretend he's Mrs. Sippi.
Dakota: Lovely.

(the contestants are all sitting in separate chairs above the river)
Dakota: Why are we sitting in these chairs?
Chris: Because it's part of the awesome river challenge! Today's challenge is a guess who is it challenge, as Chef AKA Mrs. Sippi will read secrets everyone said in the confessional! The contestant to actually say that it theirs wins a point or if someone takes the question and answers it correctly wins a point. The four contestants with the most points will continue on the next river challenge. The others will be... ejected from their chair. Far... faraway! (the final seven gasps) So, is everybody ready?!
Everyone: YES!
Chris: Okay then! Take it, Mrs. Sippi!
Chef: Fine. Anyways, which contestant did this on the first day of school? (points to the television screen, with a picture of a soggy pair of pants)
Dakota: What does that mean?
Dawn: It means that someone pooped their pants on the first day of school.
Dakota: Oh, well it's not me. I'm home-schooled.
Dawn: Well, it's not me, I'm clean.
Leshawna: Can't be me, since I'm the one that probably insulted the person.
Mike: Well, I wasn't in control but-
Scott: (presses the button) Mike pooped his pant at school!
Chef: Correct. One point to Scott.
Mike: (sighs in confessional) This is what happens when the old me takes over.
Chef: Next question, which contestant did this in public? (shows a picture of an underwear running around, causing everyone to laugh)
Dakota: I still don't get it.
Dawn: It means someone went to town in their underwear. And I know it was Scott since he didn't laugh and I can read his mind.
Scott: Aw darnit!
Chef: One point to Dawn. Next question, which blondie isn't a real blonde?
Leshawna: Dawn, he hair is too pale to be real.
Mike: I agree it's Dawn.
Trent, Scott and Lightning: Dawn!
Chef: Nope, you're all wrong! Dakota's true hair color is red.
Dakota: Hey, don't tell anyone that!
Mike: Zoey had nice red hair.
Chef: Yes she did. Next question: Which contestant did this at a book store? (sees books on fire)
Lightning: DAMN! What creep does that?
Scott: I'm guessing it's Dawn.
Leshawna: (presses the button) It's Scott!
Chef: Correct!
Leshawna: (to Scott) Got you, book burner.
Scott: Gee, thanks.
Chef: One point for Leshawna, Scott and Dawn. Next question: Which contestant did this during a test? (shows a question mark barfing on a question mark in front of them, causing everyone to laugh)
Trent: LOL! So, I'm guessing someone that isn't smart... (presses the button) Lightning!
Chef: Correct! One point via Trent, Leshawna, Dawn and Scott. Next question: Which contestant has an allergic reaction to strawberries?
Mike: Well, that's lame. I'm guessing Dakota.
Chef: Wrong.
Dawn: It's me. I couldn't even eat yogurt when I was young.
Scott: Wait, that's not fair!
Chef: It is, two points Dawn, one point for Trent, Scott and Leshawna.
Scott: (to Dawn) You're going down.
Dawn: I can read your aura, it turns out you weren't held enough as a child. (Scott growls)
Chef: Next question, which contestant did this during cheer practice? (shows a question mark farting, causing everyone to look at Dakota)
Dakota: Again, home-schooled. Didn't even do sports.
Scott: Well, since Dawn's like creepy and Dakota's stupid, it's Leshawna so-(presses the button) Leshawna!
Chef: Correct!
Leshawna: A girl gotta do what a girl gotta do.
Chef: Two points Scott and Dawn, one point for Trent and Leshawna and no points for Mike, Lightning and Dakota. Next question, which contestant did this after breaking up? (shows a question mark crying and barfing at the same time, causing everyone to laugh)
Leshawna: HA! Sorry Trent, but I know you too well. So-(press button) Trent.
Chef: Correct! Two for Leshawna, Scott and Dawn. One for Trent and none for Dakota, Mike and Lightning.
Dakota: I still don't know what's going on.
Mike: Yeah.
Lightning: Lightning's too bored.
Chef: Well, since I read all the questions, that's it! Dakota, Mike and Lightning, you lose! (presses a button, ejecting the three of them away into the river) The four of you, I'll meet at the shore! NOW! (everyone jumps off the chairs and starts swimming)

(Mike, Dakota and Lightning lands in a bush)
Dakota: (getting up) Ow, Chef is so going to pay!
Lightning: Lightning hurt! Lightning needs his morning deal now!
Dakota: Morning deal?
Lightning: Breakfast.
Dakota: Oh. (sees Mike moaning) I'm going to check on Mike, you just stand here and continue whatever Lightnings do.
Lightning: Lightning is offended. (walks into a tree)
Dakota: Okay then. (walks over to Mike) Are you okay?
Mike: (wakes up, thinking he's Zoey) Why am I still here?
Dakota: Because you're still competing.
Mike: (as Zoey) So wait, you eliminated Mike?!
Dakota: (confused) No, we eliminated Zoey, you're just crazy.
Mike: (as Zoey) I'm not crazy, I'm beautiful, unlike you! (walks off)
Dakota: Hm, if he wants to talk to Zoey, then I'll give him a Zoey. First, I need to go through her luggage and steal her clothes. Then, I'll cut my hair and dye it red! Then, I'll trick him thinking that I'm Zoey and then, I'll have more fame, Mike's eliminated and then my path to stardom begins! (evil laughs and runs on the train)

(Chef at one side of the river while Scott, Trent, Leshawna and Dawn were on the other side)
Chef: Welcome to the second part of today's challenge. Now, you guys have to come to this side and be sure to win the challenge, if not, then that sucks for you because we ain't saving you from the water. AM I MAKING MYSELF CLEAR?!
Dawn, Leshawna, Trent and Scott: YES SIR!
Chef: Good, now go through that pile of junk and come here!
Dawn, Leshawna, Trent and Scott: YES SIR! (the four contestants run to the pile of junk and starts to make rafts, meanwhile in the woods, Mike, seemingly normal, and Lightning were talking)

Mike: I have multiple personality disorder. I try to find it but it takes over me. I mean, Zoey? I need help!

Lightning: Come on, man! Lightning thinks you need to pay attention more on the things you love and focus on how you want to help them!
Mike: Maybe you're right. I could win this for Zo-(looks at Dakota)
Dakota: (dressed in a violet top, tan bottoms, red short hair similar to Zoey's and pink flower in her hair) Hey Mike, guess who's back... again! ME!
Mike: (confused but excited) ZOEY! (runs and hugs her) I'm glad to see you.
Dakota: (as Zoey) I'm glad to see you too, dare. Listen, I think it has to end.
Mike: What needs to end?
Dakota: Our relationship.
Mike: Why?!
Dakota: Because I don't like you anymore! I like someone else and his name his... uh... Lightning!
Lightning: Say what now?
Dakota: (runs and hugs Lightning) I think you're super cute and adorible, thinking of you every minute makes me hungry for fame and I want the jocks not this creep. (Mike starts crying) Well, that's it for me. Bye Mike... (sticks his finger at him) Later Lightning. (blows a kiss at him)
Mike: But-but-but-(cries hysterically, then his mind set changes to the Jersey Boy) Hey-hey-hey, you don't need no stinking girl, you need someone like Anne Maria! Now lets go get her!
Lightning: Uh, weirdo boy, she's been gone since episode eight and she has a boyfriend.
Mike: (as Jersey Boy) No big deal, I will get me a gal pal! (walks away)
Lightning: Lightning needs a therapist.

(at the river)
Chef: So, you guys ready?!
Dawn: Yes! (gets on her raft made out of tires)
Leshawna: Right back at you! (gets on her raft made of wood)
Trent: I'm going to beat you Gwen! (gets on his raft which is a broken used canoe)
Dawn: My name is Dawn for the fifth time.
Scott: Don't care, "Gwen". (gets on his raft, which is a table turned up-slide down)
Chef: GOOD! On your mark, get set... go! (the contestants jump into the river, but the stream took them down the river) Not as I had in plan.
Leshawna: This is easy. (sinks) Nevermind. Dawn!
Dawn: Here, take my hand. (pulls Leshawna on her raft)
Leshawna: Thanks girl.
Dawn: Anytime, now paddle! (paddles towards Chef)
Scott: (paddling) Ha, you girls can't beat me! (table starts sinking) Okay, you've beaten me.
Trent: (paddling) I'm not going to lose to Gwen! (paddles and hits Dawn's raft)
Leshawna: Hey lover-crazy boy, don't do that!
Trent: I'm not losing to Gwen!
Leshawna: (to Dawn) He has some serious problems.
Dawn: I can tell... but...(gets a fish) Hey little buddy, that man is picking on me, can you take care of him. Mommy loves you. (the fish jumps out of Dawn's hands and attacks Trent; Dawn and Leshawna paddles to Chef)
Chef: And tonight's winners are Dawn and Leshawna. (the two girls cheer) And tonight's losers are Mike, Lightning, Dakota, Scott and Trent. Good luck in elimination.

(train lobby)
Mike: I can't believe that Zoey left me.
Scott: Zoey isn't on the show anymore.
Mike: Yes she is, she's right there. (points to Dakota)
Scott: That's Dakota, pretending to be Zoey. She's fooling you man.
Mike: WHAT?!
Scott: Yeah, that's why we are voting her off.
Trent: Yeah. (sees himself kissing Heather) I agree!
Lightning: Man Mike, you are crazier than Dakota. Good luck.
Mike: No way!

(elimination ceremony)
Chris: Missed me? (no one talks) Well anyways, it has come to that time again, the elimination ceremony. So, we're going to see who's safe and who's not safe. The contestant that isn't safe will jump off this train ASAP! Got it? (no one talks)... Dawn and Leshawna, you're safe!
Dawn: We already know.
Chris: Grumpy, eh? Trent and Scott, you're also safe. (throws a ticket at them) Anyways, the three of you have votes against you, but not as much as Lightning received. Lightning, you're safe!
Chris: Now, it's the bottom two time. And, the votes go out to... vote for Mike... vote for Dakota... vote for Mike... vote for Dakota... vote for Lightning...
...and two votes for...
...DAKOTA! Dakota, time to go!
Dakota: What?
Chris: Yep, you have five votes against you. So, it's time to go now, lad.
Dakota: But this is impossible! I'm Dakota Milton. The richest person ever! You can vote me off!
Chris: Well, I thought Dakota was pink and blonde not tan and ugly like Zoey.
Dakota: ER!
Chris: Sit down, Mike.
Mike: Yes sir. (sits down)
Chris: And now comes the time for Dakota to leave. Chef! (Chef comes over and throws a pillow at Dakota, causing her to fly off the train) And with that, six contestants remain in the show! Tune in next time to see which contestant gets the boot and will contestant actually wins. Here on our NEXT STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN!

Fifteen: The Night of the Crazies

Chris: LAST STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN!... we hit the Mississippi River where we did a Truth contest and these guys were humiliated! Trent went crazy and tried to kill Dawn and Leshawna but they got back at him and the girls won the challenge. Dakota gone low by dressing up as Zoey and broke up with Mike. But, Scott found out about her plan and told the others about it. This caused Scott, Mike, Trent and a mystery contestant to vote off Dakota. Now that we hit the final six, can Scott out smart another female contestant? Will Trent try to kill Dawn again? Can Lightning get the therapy he needs? Find out when we hit our NEXT STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN!

(first class)
Leshawna: (waking up in the hottub) Now that's what I call relaxing naps. (sees Dawn hanging upslidedown) What are you doing?
Dawn: It's a type of meditation I learned from my friends. It teaches you calmness and if you don't crazy in five minutes from all the blood going to your head, you are a witch.
Leshawna: How long have you been like that?
Dawn: Ten hours.
Leshawna: I see. (confessional) Damn and I thought that Izzy was crazy. This pixie weirdo princess is a freaking witch! (to Dawn) Listen, we need to talk. There's only two of us left in the game and there are four guys left. We need to make a girls alliance.
Dawn: Another one? Courtney made one and she got eliminated in the next episode. Dakota made one but didn't work out to well. And you voted out Dakota so yeah. Beat your chances when it comes to a working-alliance.
Leshawna: How do you know that?
Dawn: I read your mind, Leshawna. And I can tell you were lying when it came to the alliance plans. Not falling for that.
Leshawna: Well, I guess it's war. I'll see you at the elimination, waving good-bye.
Dawn: I see that in your future.

(train lobby)
Mike: (seeing everyone sleeping) Okay, I need to see this now. (takes the orb out) Please, tell me what happens... I see nothing.
Lightning: (waking up) Ooooooh my, what are you doing, weirdo-man?
Mike: Nothing. (hides the orb behind his back) What do you want?
Lightning: Lightning wants to see girlfriend and Lightning needs his food-food.
Mike: Food-food?
Lightning: YEAH! Food-food!
Scott: (waken by Lightning) Can you shut-up!
Lightning: Lightning quieted... hey!
Scott: Listen, a great contestant needs his power sleep and if he doesn't get his sleep, he's going to be eliminated.
Lightning: Lightning understands.
Scott: And good. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to talk to my pal, Trent. (walks over to Trent and smacks him off the bench) Alright, listen man. I know someone that will help me vote off "Gwen". Now, what's our plan?
Trent: (rubbing his face) Um... beat her!
Scott: You're not a person. In fact... you suck! (walks away)
Trent: But wait, I-I have an idea to get rid of Gw-I can't do it. (the lights go out) Um... why did the lights go out?
Scott: I don't know and I can't see anything... (falls over) OW! What the heck was that?!
Lightning: I think that was Lightning's food-food.
Trent: Well, lets go to the others and see what we should do.
Scott: Fine, lets go. (the three of them walks over to the first class lobby and see Leshawna using her cell phone as a light)
Leshawna: What are you guys doing here?
Scott: Lights went out in the lobby so we came here.
Dawn: Aren't you guys missing someone?
Lightning: Yeah... where's Mike?
Scott: I don't know.
Trent: I'll go back for him. (runs but slips) Ow, what's this. Woah! (screams) (everyone screams)
Dawn: Maybe this time there's a murderer on this train!
Scott: Aw crap! Another murder challenge!
Lightning: Lightning is sick of these challenges.
Leshawna: Well, murderer or no murderer. I'm getting off this train.
Dawn: Leshawna, if you leave this train, you'll be eliminated.
Leshawna: Crap. Well, if I survive, I get a million dollars easy!
Dawn: Okay then. Now Leshawna, we have to get to the cockpit of this train using your cellphone so lets go.
Leshawna: Fine. Lets go everyone. (walks over to the door) Dawn, check it out.
Dawn: Fine. I have to do everything myself. (walks out the door and sees a coal pile) Well there's nothing here so-(she is suddenly pulled through the coals)
Leshawna: (walks over with Scott, Trent and Lightning) Where's Dawn?
Scott: Probably jumped off the train. She's smart you know.
Lightning: Why did she leave Lightning?!
Trent: Because she wants to go with a bad boy.
Lightning: Bad-boy? Scott? LIGHTNING KILL YOU! (punches Scott over the pile of coals)
Scott: (gets up) Ow! That's not cool. Hey guys, Chef and Chris aren't here. You guys should come here quick.
Leshawna: Well, you heard the man, lets go. (Leshawna climbs over the coal)
Lightning: Lightning needs to get over to save his witch. (climbs over with Leshawna)
Trent: Well, I guess I have nothing to lose. (climbs over but someone grabs his arms and pulls him in the pile of coals)
(on the other side, Leshawna and Lightning meets up with Scott)
Scott: Where's Trent?
Lightning: Trent? Lightning's pretty sure he's too scared to climb over.
Leshawna: Agreed.
Scott: So, what's our plan?
Leshawna: I don't know. Who do you think I am?
Lightning: A man?
Scott: An angry ghetto-queen.
Leshawna: (angry) Boy, do you want to die?
Scott: No.
Leshawna: Well, listen to me. I got a plan. We stay here until Chris and Chef gets here. Then, we can tell them what happens and we can be the final three!
Scott: Well, maybe that can work.
Lightning: Yeah. Lightning thinks it'll work.
Leshawna: Well, I'm just going to sit here and wait until we get something. (sits down)
Scott: I'm with Leshawna. (sits next to her)
Lightning: Well, Lightning is going to look for his gal! (climbs over the coal pile and walks into the first class lobby) Dawn? DAWN! DA-(he screams)
Leshawna: Did you hear something?
Scott: Nah, I didn't.
Leshawna: Hm, something strange is going on here. I mean, we lost Mike, then Dawn and finally Trent. I have some weird feeling something bad is going to happen.
Scott: Nah, Lightning's still here and we're safe.
Leshawna: True. (the train shakes a few times and Lightning's necklace flies over the coal pile into Scott's lap) What's that?
Scott: It's...(in fear) Lightning's necklace...
Leshawna: I knew something bad is going on!
Scott: Come on, Leshawna! (stand up) This could be one of Chris's tricks. I mean, it could be another murder-mystery challenge.
Leshawna: True... since they're missing, I'm going to have fun on the train. Maybe look for the prize.
Scott: Where are you going?
Leshawna: (climbing over the pile of coal) I'm going to my hottub.
Scott: Hottub? I'm coming with you. (climbs over the coals with Leshawna)

(in first class, the two of them look for the hottub in the dark and Leshawna jumps into the hottub but there was no water in there)
Leshawna: OW! Where's all my hot water?
Scott: That's strange. Hottub water disappears and so does the others.
Leshawna: Chris doesn't want us to have fun now. Now if you excuse me...(grabs a pole)
Scott: What are you doing?
Leshawna: I'm going to kill Chris and Chef for stealing my hottub water and steal the money. Wanna share?
Scott: Yeah sure, whatever. (confessional) Kill Chris and Chef, Leshawna steals money and kill her. I like this plan.
Leshawna: (confessional) You think I'm going to share the money with Scott? HECK NO! I'm going to kill him and then I'll steal the money... man do I need therapy.

(Scott and Leshawna walk into the storage room, in darkness. Then, they heard a muffle in one of the boxes and they look behind the boxes and see a flashlight.)
Leshawna: This will help us. (takes the flashlight and turns it on and turns to Scott) So, you said there was a secret room?
Scott: Yeah, the last time we were waiting for a location, Chris stuck us in this room for an Awake-A-Thon and since then, we haven't seen this room.
Leshawna: Hm, well, if we find this room and they sleeping in there, we can give them a piece of our mind.
Scott: Yeah, the only problem is that I forgot where the room is.
Leshawna: Hm...(she hits a box with the pipe and sees the room)
Scott: Nevermind. Now lets go in there and hurt them! (they bash through the door and they see Chris and Chef tied up back-t0-back, screaming in fear)
Leshawna: What the-
Scott: Hold on, they're trying to say something. (Scott pulls the tape off of Chris's mouth)
Chris: Ow! That hurt! Anyways, I know what you're thinking but this isn't a challenge, this is actually a real life problem and this place is actually being robbed.
Leshawna: (angry) WHAT?!
Chris: Train's being robbed guys. Where are the others?
Scott: (angry) That's why we're here!
Chris: Well... maybe the robbers took them and maybe hurt them or something. I don't know just go find them or I'll be sued.
Leshawna: Come on Scott, we can find the others.
Scott: Hold on... (turns to Chris) How do we know this isn't a trick.
Chris: Can the million dollar briefcase disappear so easily or the fact that me and Chef can't tie each other up during the middle of the night.
Scott: The second one sounds possible and the first one... (turns to Leshawna) WE NEED TO FIND THE MONEY! Lets go. (runs to the storage room)
Leshawna: That boy has some major problems. (walks into the storage room)
Chris: (looks over to Chef) We're going to be here for a hwhile.
Chef: You mean "while".
Chris: That's hwhat I said, hwhile.
Chef: (angry) Don't make me punch you.

(In the storage room, Scott and Leshawna try to look for the others, but they didn't find anything)
Leshawna: Anything?
Scott: Nope. All I found is the elimination stuff, you?
Leshawna: Just five tickets for the next elimination ceremony. I'm keeping these.
Scott: Good for you. (steps are heard) Did you hear that?
Leshawna: I did. Quick, hide! (the two of them hid behind some of the luggage, soon four robbers came in)
Robber #1: So, is that everything?
Robber #2: I don't know, we have all this luggage.
Robber #1: So, lets take them.
Robber #3: Just the way I like it. (takes out one of the luggage) Man, there are a lot of Triple-Extra-D bra sizes. (Scott glances at Leshawna)
Leshawna: (whispering) Hey, it's not my fault.
Robber #4: I can take these for my ma, yah! (Scott snickers)
Robber #1: Did you hear that?
Robber #2: I think we forgot some people.
Robber #1: (to #3) I thought you said there were 4 contestants left!
Robber #3: 2, 4, 6, 1200. I don't count.
Robber #1: Go check out what it is!
Robber #4: I found pudding pockets.
Scott: (jumps out) Leshawna, you suck at hiding! And now the found us!
Robber: Get them! (robbers 2 and 3 grabs Scott)
Scott: Leshawna, help me!
Leshanwa: Oh heck nawh! I want my bras and pudding pockets back! (runs into the fourth robber and takes her luggage back) Oooo, there's a thousand dollars here. And this is the part were I say my farewell to you, my precious Scott. I quit Total Drama and this show. Tell the others I said good luck. (she kicks the first robber in his groin after he tried to attack her) Bye! (jumps off the train)
Scott: Leshawna, don't leave me! (the second robber knocks him out)
Robber #1: (in pain) Take him and put him with the others and lets get out of here before the cops arrive. (the four train robber took Scott and left the train; after they left, Chris and Chef rolled out of the secret room)
Chris: That's just great! The million dollars is gone and so is our contestants!
Chef: Well, I heard Leshawna quick with a thousand dollars so I guess...
Chris: (angry) Yeah, I heard. She's out! I can't believe two of my contestants quit! Well, since we're tied up and and our final five is missing, are we just going to sit here and rot?
Chef: I'm just going to sign off the episode. (looks at the camera) So, when will our cameramen untie us? Will we hear from the final five? And will I teach Chris how to speak regulary? Well, tune in next time on our Next Stop on the Total Drama Train... (to the cameramen, angry) You guys better untie us!

Sixteen: The Great Return

(Chris and Chef being untied by the cameramen)
Chef: On our-
Chris: HEY! That's my line!
Chef: Fine.
Chris: (satisfied) LAST STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN! We got robbed and our competitors got taken away. Remember guys, this wasn't planned at all! First we lost Mike, then Dawn, then Trent, then Lightning and finally Scott. Leshawna wasn't going down without a fight, so she fought back, took her belongings and quit the show. Now, our final five is missing, we have no idea what to do.
Chef: Doesn't Lightning have a walkie-talkie?
Chris:...we know what to do! Will our final five return? Or will they get slang in the middle of nowhere? Find out when we reach our NEXT STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN! So... where's our walkie-talkie?
Chef: No idea.
Chris:...yeah now we're doomed with lawsuits. (his phone suddenly rings) And that's a lawsuit. (answers the phone) Hello?... yep it's a lawsuit.

(the middle of the forest, the four robbers are seen carrying Scott)
Robber #1: So guys, we just robbed this Total Drama train, we're gonna be rich!
Robber #2: And with these contestant... bride money and stuff we're gonna be rich!
Robber #3: We're gonna be rich!
Robber #4: Der-uh! RICH!
#1: Yeah. Just put him down and order our ride out of here.
#4: Der-uh okay boss! (throws Scott down towards the others and walks away with the other robbers)
Dawn: (hanging upslide-down with Lightning) Scott? Is that you?
Scott: Yeah... sadly.
Mike: (tied to the tree with Trent) Where's Leshawna?
Scott: She quit and left us.
Dawn: Not a shocker. Let me guess... $1000 and left?
Scott: Yep.
Lightning: Lightning can't stay here forever! Lightning needs train... and hot-tub!
Scott: There's no water in the hot-tub they that too. (everyone gasps)
Lightning: They gonna die.
Trent: Wait guys, can't we try to escape?
Mike: With what? (takes a deep breathe and talks with a woman's voice, similar to Zoey's)
Scott: Oh crap.
Mike: (as Zoey) We must try to use Dawn's nails!
Dawn: My nails aren't that sharp!
Mike: (as Zoey) Cut the rope with your nails! (Dawn cuts her rope with her nails and she's free) See?
Dawn: I didn't know they were that sharp...
Scott: Set the rest of us free!
Dawn: Fine. No good-(after a few minutes, Dawn sets the other competitors free after cutting the ropes)
Scott: Thanks weir-
Dawn: You wanna get tied up again?
Scott: No-
Dawn: Now, we're gonna need a plan for escape.
Mike: (gasp, as Survivalist) I have an idea, lets find the nearest traintracks and follow them to the train.
Lightning: Lightning like his idea.
Trent: Yeah... so where's the nearest train tracks?

Mike: (as Survivalist) Just follow me! (walks away)

Lightning: I don't like this one bit. (the others follows Mike; they walk towards a cave and they see complete darkness)
Mike: (as Survivalist) So, this is where we'll be staying for the night. (everyone glares at him)
Lightning: In that scary cave? Lightning hates the dark.
Scott: There's no way I'm going in there.
Trent: I'm afraid of the dark.
Dawn: Babies. (walks inside the cave)
Mike: (as Survivalist) Come on, if the chickette could go in there, the roosters could as well! (everyone cheers and runs into the cave)

(inside the cave, the final five couldn't see anything but pitch black)
Scott: (to Mike, sarcastically) Gee, this is a nice idea, Mike.
Mike: (as Survivalist) Golly mates, we can see.
Lightning: Lightning can't see sh-
Dawn: Language my dare.
Lightning: Sorry... Lightning can't see anything!
Dawn: That's better.
Trent: Guys, lets give him a chance.
Dawn: I trust the survivor persona of Mike. He knows what he's doing.
Trent: Persona?
Dawn: Come on, Manitoba, you can do this. Now guide us to the light... or the train in this matter. Hehe.
Mike: (as Survivalist) Chickee's right, I got this.
Scott: Manitoba?
Mike: (as Survivalist) Lets go mates, we got this and lets go! (walks away, he eventually falls off a cliff)
Dawn: I'm going to fall-(walks and falls off a cliff)
Scott: I don't like the feeling about this. I can't see s-
Lightning: SHA-LANGUAGE!
Scott: Sorry.
Trent: Guys come on, this is obviously a trick, they're going to eliminate us.
Scott: I'm with you.
Lightning: (walking) Lightning's with his girlfrie-(falls off a cliff)
Scott: I guess it's you and me now.
Trent: I'm telling you, we need to get rid of Gwen! She's out to get us like she got me.
Scott: Just for the record, Gwen is-(falls off the cliff)

Trent: I know! She's evi-(falls off the cliff)

(the competitors landed on a rock and they got up to which Lightning, Scott and Dawn glared at Mike while Trent was freaked out at him)
Dawn: Sometimes... I feel that I shouldn't trust your persona too much.
Mike: Persona?... oh yeah... it's a joke! HAHAHA
Dawn: Yeah, cool.
Trent: (yelling at Dawn) Don't act like that, Gwen!
Dawn: You didn't do a great job picking up girls at school. (Trent walks away)
Scott: Well, at least we can see something.
Lightning: Lightning agrees!
Mike: So uh... how are we getting out of here?
(the scene show the robbers spying on the final five)
#1: (looking) We need to get rid of them and steal their belongings.
#2: How can they escape like that?
#4: DERR! Little girl nail yah!
#3: Yeah, that girl's nails.
#2: We are not letting them escape this cave.
#1: They aren't leaving period.
(the scene switches back to the final five)
Lightning: So, how are Lightning and friends getting out of here?
Scott: I don't know. I guess we can follow the water and-
Dawn: This way. (walks away)
Lightning: I'm coming baby!
'Mike: (to Scott and Trent) Well, she is a witch. (the others follow her; the robbers arrive, realizing they missed them)
#1: Dangit! Where did they go?
#2: I don't know, how are we going to get to them?
#3: Hm... we could-
#4: Yah ders! I think wez shall go dat way! (walks away from them)
#1: How did we even find him?
#3: He's my brother.
#2: Ah. Lets just follow him. He'll probably get us somewhere. (the others run towards him)

(the final five are seen walking in a tunnel where they see the end)
Scott: Nice going Dawn.
Trent: You mean "Gwen".
Dawn: My name is Dawn, broski. Anyways the lights and earth told me to go here. I don't know why they had me here.
Lightning: Lightning still has hope for his girlfriend! (the robbers appear right behind them) Maybe not.
#4: Yah ders, I found them all!
#1: Good for you, now lets get them!
Scott: Can't believe I'm going to die here with a weirdo.
Mike and Dawn: HEY!
Scott: A stupid jock.
Lightning: HEY!
Scott: And a crazy person.
Trent: HEY!
Scott: And noone's here to help us.
#1: Yep and you're little host can't help you now. (as they go closer towards them, the cave collapses and Chris arrives with policemen)
Police: We'll take them from here.
#1: DAMNIT! And would of gotten away if it wasn't for Chris!
Police: You're going to love it in jail. (leaves with the robbers)

(elimination ceremony)
Chris: Anyways, I know this is a surprise to you guys since you were kidnapped by robbers and stuff but there needs to be an elimination ceremony since I missed throwing people off a train... I know I'm horrible. But anyways, you guys have to vote... right now.
Lightning: Out-load?!
Chris: Yep.
Lightning: Lightning votes for Trent.
Trent: Well I vote for Lightning.
Dawn: I'm voting for Trent. He's annoying and he calls me "Gwen". PS... I'm not fake! I'm natural.
Scott: (to himself)...need my alliance...(to Chris) I vote for Lightning.
Chris: Mike... who you vote for?
Mike: Oh it's easy, I vote for Tr-(gasp and changes to Zoey) I vote for Lightning!
Chris: And with that, Lightning's gone... onto the next elimination challenge!
Lightning: Lightning's gone?! (Chef grabs him and throws him off the train)
Dawn: Lightning!
Scott: Another challenge?!
Chris: Well, not another challenge but...
Dawn: (angry) I use my immunity ticket!
Chris: Okay Dawn. Now pick someone you hate.
Dawn: Why?
Chris: Read the ticket.
Dawn: "The Chris McLean-Brand immunity ticket gives the equal right to the competitor to stay safe in the game or if Chris allows you to do this, you can elimina-" I pick Trent.
Chris: And Trent's out!
Trent: I'm out! I knew she was evil!
Dawn: I'm not evil, you're just annoying.
Trent: Scott... level with me!
Scott: Dude, you're crazy.
Mike: (as Zoey) I suggest legal therapy!
Chris: (laughs at Mike) Yeah, anyways Trent... bye-bye! (Chef picks up Trent and throws him off the train) And with that, we have our final three! Find out what's going to happen when we hit our next challenge on OUR NEXT STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN! (the train stops) And that stop would probably not happen. CHEF!

Seventeen: Weird, Weirdo and Weirder

<span style="

Chris: LAST STOP ON THE TOTAL DRAMA TRAIN... the final five got lost in a cave and tried to escape before the robbers can. But, thanks to me, the final five are safe and the mean robbers are in jail! But... I pulled a double elimination since I feel like doing one! But after the show ended, the train just stopped... and I'm mad! Anyways, who are you going to root for? Will it be the weird guy? (points at Mike) Weirdo? (points at Scott) Or weirder than weirdo? (points at Dawn) Find out when we return to our Next Stop! I was suppose to say on the Total Drama Train but the train doesn't work. And now for a special surprise, we're going over to Camp Wawanakwa with Blaineley!
(the camera pans over to Blaineley at Camp Wawanakwa with the eliminated players from Last Stop)
Blaineley: That's right Chris, I'm here with the thirteen eliminated players from the season, Last Stop on the Total Drama Train, where I'll interview each one to see how they done in the season and who they think is going to win! This is going to be an exciting episode guys! (no one speaks)
Courtney: (beep) You Blaineley.
Blaineley: Thank you Courtney for that lovely message Ms. I Ranked 14th. (Courtney becomes angry) Anyways, we'll be back with more pretty soon!

Chris: And we're back to Part 1 of the finale of Last Stop on the Total Drama Train! But... the train is broken so Scott, Dawn and Mike are going to race to where the finale will be taken place!
Dawn: What Chris?
Chris: You, Mike and Scott will race to where the finale will be taking place!
Mike: That's not fair!
Chris: Well it is fair!
Scott: We all know that Dawn's going to make it there first... she's a witch!
Dawn: (to Scott) The correct term is "Moonchild".
Scott: Who cares!
Mike: I do!
Scott: Says the guy that has multiple personalities.
Mike: I can't control it, rat eater!
Scott: At least I have guts to touch one.
Dawn: (hold on to Scott's arm) Yeah, he could. (lets go of him) But at least Mike can get a girlfriend.
Chris: LISTEN TO ME! (everyone is quiet) Okay, we're in Buffalo, New York. Your targeted area is this red dot, Camp Wawanakwa!
Dawn, Scott and Mike: Ew.
Chris: That's right... ew! Anyways, to make this more difficult, you guys will be taking separated tracks! Dawn, (gives Dawn a map) you'll be taking the mountain trail. Mike, (give Mike a map) you'll be taking the water forest trail! And Scott, (Chris pushes Dawn next to Scott) You're going with Dawn!
Mike: So wait, I'm going alone?
Chris: Not really. Since they're going together, someone from the old cast will go with you and you're going to like her... Zoey! (Zoey comes in and runs up to Mike, giving him a hug)
Zoey: Mike! I missed you so much!
Mike: ZOEY! I'll never let go of you!
Scott: (to Dawn) Well, I guess we're the final two.
Dawn: Well, about that. (looks at Zoey and Mike making out) You have a point.
Chris: Now, we're taking this to Blaineley where she has the first set of contestants ready to be interviewed!

(camera switches over to Blaineley)
Blaineley: Thanks Chris. Right before the challenge starts, we have the Team of Team Holmes with me! Staci, Jo, B, Courtney and Sam!
Courtney: Why am I still here?
Blaineley: It's part of your contact!
Courtney: Ugh!
Blaineley: Anyways, you guys are the first team to be wiped-out! Staci, as team captain, how did that feel?
Staci: Yah! It didn't rule yah. It's too bad you guys eliminated me because we won yah. Did you know that my great-great-great grand uncle invented winning? Yah before him people just sucked. Basically it since they sucked badly.
Jo: (to Staci) SHUT UP! I lost my chances on winning. I was gone in episode four!
Blaineley: How did that feel?
Jo: I was betrayed by the only guy that thought that liked me. Well, I guess I was kinda stupid to fall for him. But when I see him, I'm going to crush him to pieces! I know I hate Anne Maria but no one does that to a girl! Am I right new BFF. (Anne Maria, with an arm cast, stops spraying her hair)
Anne Maria: Hi.
Jo: See, I told you!
Blaineley: Cool. B, talk to us! (B doesn't talk)...Sam? (Sam is shown with Anne Maria)
Sam: Uh? Oh well, I got a girlfriend even though DakotaZoey eliminated me. But who care, I have a girlfriend. (Anne Maria sprays his eyes)
Anne Maria: You got tougher!
Blaineley: Oh come on! Courtney!
Courtney: I'm going to sue everyone on this show! And then-
Blaineley: Yeah yeah and you won't have any friends. This team sucks! Now, let's go back to the game, shall we?

(the camera switches back to Chris)
Chris: Those interviews sucked! Anyways, Mike and Zoey, Scott and Dawn... times to race! And go! (they all run into the forest)
Scott: (to Dawn) So which path do we take?
Dawn: Um... I think it was the mountain trail.
Scott: Okay. (confessional) I know I'm in the final three, but I'm also trying to eliminated Dawn... she's a threat!... and a girl.
Dawn: (confessional) I know Scott's trying to play me, but I can play him back... man I have some problems. (forest) Anyways... Scott... I know you tried to play me and all.
Scott: Which I did Miss Pixie...
Dawn: Don't judge me... but I need to know something.
Scott: Like what?
Dawn: I studied your aura and it's really depressing... did you have a mother growing up?
Scott: (freaked out) How did you know?
Dawn: I can read other people's auras, Scott.
Scott: Well, my mom abandoned my dad when I was a baby so my dad raised me. He hated woman after my mom left him so he raised me to hate girls.
Dawn: Yeah, I know you hate girls, but you also have to be nicer to others including girls.
Scott: But I'm used to hating girls.
Dawn: You're no hope. (walks in the forest with him)
(the camera switches over to Mike and Zoey, building a boat)
Mike: (weaving a raft together) This is going to take a long time.
Zoey: (watching Mike) Yep. So... you excited that you made it to the final three?
Mike: Excited? I'm happy! I did this all for you. (holds Zoey's hand) I wanted to do this for the both of us.
Zoey: Mike, you know that I'm proud of you for getting this far. Now, finish your boat so we can go to Camp Wawanakwa, whip Scott and Dawn and win that money! Come on Mike, win it for both of us!
Mike: I WILL! (continues to weave a boat)
Zoey: Okay, I'll just stand here and look pretty!

(the camera switches back to Blaineley at Camp Wawanakwa)
Blaineley: Chris! I'm standing here with the original Team Collectors... well the ones that are here... Cameron and Anne Maria!
Cameron: Hi guys!
Anne Maria: (spraying her hair)
Blaineley: You guys are the only original Collectors here with us! As Scott and Mike are in the finals and Zoey wanted to help her boyfriend.
Cameron: I know, I just didn't want to be alone.
Blaineley: You and Lightning traded teams... then you got eliminated!
Cameron: That's because Mike tricked me into falling asleep and Dakota and Dawn eliminated me. How was I suppose to do something?
Blaineley: It's called an illegal alliance.
Cameron: You aren't listen-
Blaineley: (pushes Cameron) Out with the boring...(turns to Anne Maria) In with the interesting! Anne Maria!
Anne Maria: What?
Blaineley: You made it pretty far with being the only girl on your team.
Anne Maria: I got a lot of attention when that happened.
Blaineley: And everyone thought you sucked!
Anne Maria: And the ones that said that got hairspray in their eyes. (Staci walks by with tearing red-eyes)
Staci: I can't see anything, ya! Did you guys know that my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather Billy Boe Boe invented blindness? Ya before him people just accidentally walked into eachother. Yah, so sad. (Anne Maria sprays hairspray in her eyes)
Anne Maria: I just did that because she annoyed me.
Blaineley: You were taken out of the game because you were injured by Scott.
Anne Maria: (serious) When Scott comes here I'm going to kill him.
Blaineley: Yeah right! (looks at Anne Maria) Oh... you are serious.
Anne Maria: At least I'm healed now.
Blaineley: (talking on the photo) Okay Anne Maria! I just got a call from the producers that you'll be competing in another season of Total Drama!
Anne Maria: Why?
Blaineley: Because people like you.
Anne Maria: Oh...(walks away and spray her hair)
Blaineley: Okay... on with the game!

(camera switches back to Scott and Dawn, running)
Scott: (gasping) How much longer do we have?
Dawn: (calmly running) According to the sky, we have almost three miles of heavy forest left till we hit the camp.
Scott: Okay... so do you want to team up against Mike and win the finals?
Dawn: If I team up with you, you're going to betray me and steal the win... I can see the future.
Scott: I won-
Dawn: (shouting) I CAN SEE THE FUTURE!
Scott: Fine, don't team up with me.
Dawn: I'm not. The only reason why I'm with you is that I have to be with you... but I could abandon you.
Scott: But how does tha-(Dawn disappears)... maybe I shouldn't try to betray a witch. (Dawn appears in front of him)
Dawn: Exactly! And you should take three spaces to the right. (Scott moves three steps to the right, where a coconut falls and knocks him out) Now that was for fun. Sorry witches of my fellow community but I needed to do that. (she runs)
(the camera switches over to Mike and Zoey)
Zoey: (in the boat, getting ready to go in the river) Come on, Mike, we almost got this.
Mike: (pushing the boat into the lake) I'm trying... and there. (the boat's in the lake) Now we can go to the camp! (jumps in the boat with her and starts to paddle)
Zoey: (paddling) So... how's your multiple personality disorder going with you?
Mike: Ah it's all good. (as old man) Yep, we're controlled. (as Jersey Boy) Yo yo, where's Anne Maria where I need her?! (as Zoey) Anne Maria is gross! (as Survivor list) Dogs dogs, calm down.
Zoey: I'll take that as a "no"...(looks) OMG MIKE! I see Chris!
Mike: (normal) Hm? Really? We're almost close!... man that was quick.
Zoey: Don't forget, Buffalo, New York is really close to the camp.
Mike: True... just paddle faster! (they use their hands to paddle faster)

Chris: Oh come on... where are these people? I have 15 new guys ready to compete!
Dawn: (appears behind Chris) Hey Chris. (Chris jumps)
Chris: Gawd! Well anyways Dawn, congrats. You're the only one here.
Dawn: (unexcited) Knew it. (sees Mike and Zoey paddling) Let me guess... Scheiße?
Mike and Zoey: Yep.
Chris:...I don't want to know. You two guys, your next desination is the island! But... you have to go to Blaineley for this special announcement.

(the camera switches over to Blaineley)
Blaineley: Hey Chris, Blaineley here. I'm here with Brick, Lightning and Dakota... orinigals from Team Stowaways and, sadly, Trent.
Trent: Why am I "sadly"?
Blaineley: Because you're an annoying desperate love boy that can't get a girlfriend. I'm not even too sure why Chris brought you back. Now, onto these guys who are awesome! (pushes Trent) Now Brick, you were betrayed by Scott and you were so close to the merge! How did it feel?
Brick: I was close and I was doing so good, but I was screwed out of the game and now I want to go home and cry.
Dakota: Baby.
Brick: (to Dakota) I'm not a baby!
Blaineley: Brick, I'm here to tell you that you'll be competing with Anne Maria in the new season of Total Drama!
Brick: YES! (runs off)
Dakota: (desperate) Can I compete?
Blaineley: (excited) NO!
Dakota: Aw.
Blaineley: Lightning, you made it far to the game with your galpal Dawn and she's in the finals and you aren't! How did it feel?
Lightning: Lightning wants his girlfriend to win so badly!
Blaineley': You're boring! Dakota, you went crazy just to eliminate Mike then you eliminated yourself! How di-
Dakota: I don't care! All I want to do is hurt Scott and be famous! (walks away while laughs)
Blaineley: These people are boring, Chris. On with the show!

Chris: Anyways, Mike... Dawn... time to race to for the million!
Dawn: Wait, I thought the last to arrive on the island loses and isn't in the final two?
Chris: I changed my mind!
Dawn: Figures.
Mike: So...(Dawn kicks Mike's groin and swims)
Zoey: Mike! I'll get her-
Chris: Not so fast Zoey! You can't interfer or else Mike will be eliminated. (Scott runs past them and swims) It's an all out race for the case!
Zoey: I'm he-(Chef grabs Zoey and places her in a catapult)
Chris: Sneak peak for season two. (launches Zoey towards the island) Mike, start swimming!
Mike: Fine. (jumps in the lake and starts swimming)
Chris:...(to Chef) Is the catapult a good idea?
Chef: Yep.
Chris: Just want to make sure.

(Camp Wawanakwa)
Blaineley: Oh come one! I need this to end! (sees Scott and Dawn) Guys, run to the case! It's on the top of the mountain!
Dawn and Scott: Ah! (runs) (the ex-contestants glares at Blaineley)
Blaineley: What? I need this show to end because I have a dentist appointment in 30 minutes. (sees Mike) You want to win?
Mike: YES!
Blaineley: Then go to the top of the mountain.
Mike: OKAY! (runs to the mountain)
Blaineley: (to the ex-contestants) Now, you guys follow them! Dakota, you're in charge.
Dakota: What?
Blaineley: Yep. I'm going with Chris the easy way. (a helicopter lands on the shore) I know, I'm lazy. (enters the plane and it head towards the mountain) lets start running.
Staci: Yah! My great-great-great-great-
Courtney: SHUT UP! NO ONE CARES! (everyone runs towards the mountain)

(top of the mountain)
Chris: (holding the briefcase) So, when do you think they'll arrive here?
Chef: Give it another ten minutes.
Blaineley: I can't believe I missed my dentist appointment for this stupid show.
Chris: Don't worry, Blaineley, you're teeth are still white. (Blaineley shows them her teeth) Maybe not.
Chef: (sees Dawn and Scott) And here's the finale!
Dawn: (to Chris) Give me my money!
Scott: (pushes Dawn) I want my money!
Dawn: It's mine! (tackles Scott)
Chris: Just grab the case, someone!
(Dakota and the others arrive)
Dakota: Quick Dawn, grab the money!
Mike: I'll grab it! (leaps over Dakota but lands in the tackle)
Dakota: This is so stupid.
(they watch Dawn, Scott and Mike tackle eachother for the money, but Mike kicks Dawn off and runs for the case, but Scott throws his shoe at him and grabs the case from Chris, winning the season)
Chris: And there's you're winner, Scott!
Everyone: WHAT?!
Scott: I told you, bad attitude wins you a season.
Anne Maria: I'm going to kill you! (runs towards Scott but a sleep dart hits her)
Chris: Yeah Anne Maria, you have a week to get ready for your teammates. You too, Brick!
Brick: What-(a sleep darts hits him)
Chris: Classic! Anyways, we need to get you guys home... the Zoey way!

(at the dock, Chris is catapulting the competitors a few at a time)
Chris: (launches Staci and Jo) Okay, now it's down to Dakota and Scott.
Scott: I want a boat! (Dakota grabs Scott, throws him in the catapult) What are you do-(Dakota launches Scott)
Dakota: Anyways Chris, my father has informed me that I get to stay for another season.
Chris: You want to be an intern?
Chris: Then go start working!
Dakota: KK! (runs away), this season of Last Stop was rushed at the end because well, I got bored from these losers and want to do something amazing! So now, with Scott as the winner of the season, I thank you, our viewers, for watching us every week! And continue for next season as I have Brick and Anne Maria face off against 15 brand new contestants... here on RADIOACTIVE PARADISE!

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