Team Collectors
Team Stowaways
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated A Sleepwalking Backstabber
Place 13th
Family Mother
Friends Lightning, Brick, Leshawna
Enemies Dakota, Dawn, Mike

Cameron, described as The Bubble-boy, is a contestant on Last Stop on the Total Drama Train.


In episode one, he was first introduced, but he scared Chris when he said he doesn't do anything unless his mother tells him to do something, this caused Chris to push him on the train. Later, he was placed with Anne Maria, Zoey, Mike and Scott on Team Collectors.

In episode two, Cameron claimed to have gotten bored on his team, so he and Lightning switched teams, making him a new member of Team Stowaways. He was excited that Dawn won the challenge for the team, saving him from elimination.

In episode three, Cameron was in the far lead from the other two teams. When it came down to the eating challenge, Dakota, Dawn and himself voted for Brick to compete in the challenge. Later, Brick won the challenge for his team while Staci went home.

In episode four, Cameron was one of the first to go missing when Chris announced that there was a killer on the train. As he briefly appeared in the episode, his team won the challenge.

In episode five, during the ice-climbing challenge, Dakota told Cameron and Brick about her plan to eliminate Dawn, but it came to question, since Dawn won them challenges in the past. Once they got to the top of the mountain, Dawn took her team into the helicopter. Cameron questioned if this is safe, which wasn't since Dawn didn't know how to fly a plane. Later, Dawn crashed the plane, causing Dakota to brag Cameron, Brick and Dawn out of the helicopter, winning them the challenge.

In episode six, Cameron didn't care when Mike and Brick traded teams. Later, Dawn refused to compete in the challenge, as she didn't want to ride sled dogs. However, when the dogs gotten tired, they went to the first aid center, which lead them to win the challenge in the future.

In episode seven, Cameron was targeted by his team for elimination, as Dakota and Dawn wanted to eliminated to narrow the males competitors and Mike wanted to bring back Zoey. This caused Mike to put Cameron to sleep, which later caused his team to lose. At the elimination ceremony, his team voted him off, but they realized that they aren't getting Zoey, instead they got Leshawna. Leshawna told Cameron that she'll be winning for him before he got pushed off the train.

Team Stowaways

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