Team Holmes
Team Stowaways
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Teal
Episode Eliminated My Big Fat Silent Yukon Wedding, VIVA LAS VEGAS!
Place 15th, 10th
Friends Dawn, Sam, Leshawna, Brick, Mike
Enemies Courtney, Staci, Jo, Scott, Dakota
Nicknames Silent B

Beverly "Silent B", described as The Strong Silent Genius, is a contestant in Last Stop on the Total Drama Train.


B is a contestant that never has spoken in the series, but he uses his strength, smartness and silentness to go far in the game. However, in the first five episodes, he appears in the challenges, helping out his team, but didn't do anything of importance. In episode five, he was eliminated because Courtney felt that he was a huge threat to the game, upsetting B, but he was pushed off the train before he did anything to her.

In episode ten, B returned to the game and was placed on Team Stowaways. Leshawna convinced B, Brick and Sam to join her alliance, so she can make it to the final four. Later, his team won the challenge, but alliance-mate Sam quit the game.

In episode eleven, Mike and Dawn helped B roll the dice during the challenge, but during that process, one of Mike's persona took over and cracked the dice, causing his team to lose. However, at the elimination ceremony, everyone voted for Dakota. But, Dakota used her immunity ticket, saving her from elimination. But, the only vote that was counted is her vote for B, sending him home once again. With his second elimination, every member of Team Holmes have been eliminated for good.

Team Holmes

B | Courtney | Jo | Sam | Staci

Team Stowaways

B | Cameron | Dakota | Dawn | Mike | Leshawna

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