Team Beach
Gender Female
Hair color Dyed Black (naturally Golden Blonde)
Episode Eliminated "I Kicked A Girl And I Liked It"
Place 3rd
Relationship Franz
Family Twin Sister, Mother, Father
Friends Aquamara, Darceline, Franz, Redd
Enemies Jena, Perci
Fear Heartbreak
Talent Having no emotions

Lana, labeled The Emotionless Goth, is a contestant on Total Drama: Paradise Beach. Lana wasn't always an emotionless goth. She used to be cheery and chipper like her twin sister, Darceline. Everything changed on her sixteenth birthday. Her boyfriend broke up with her, causing her to be so crushed as to dye her hair black, buy new clothes, and throw out everything she enjoyed. Ever since, Darceline has been trying to get Lana back to her old self. Lana was signed up for Total Drama by Darceline.

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