LF (Xalfie)
Killer Bass
Screaming Gaffers
Team PsychadelicSnake
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "TDI: The Search Begins- Part Two"

"TDA: Total Drama Action: The Movie"
"TDWT: Bryan and the Chocolate Laboratory"

Place TDI: 5th

TDA: 3rd
TDWT: 24th

Friends Jake, Mrodd, Reddy, Robert
Enemies Chandler, Addict

LF, known as The Sassy Girl was a camper on Totally Dramatic Island on the Killer Bass. She got 5th, and was eliminated alongside her rival Addict. She returned for it's sequel Totally Dramatic Action and got 3rd place after her rival and ally, Addict, eliminated her over Mrodd.. LF returned for Totally Dramatic World Tour and is on Team Pyschadelic Snake.


Totally Dramatic Island

LF arrived fifth in her first episode and was placed on the Killer Bass. In Wawanakwa Wild, LF did very well in the challenge arriving second with Jake, Plat, and Robert and hug Jake for bringing a compass. She comes to Mrodd while he cries about Chandler because he said he hated him. LF found a red ant hill and got her revenge. Her team ended up winning the challenge. In Romeo and Harriet, LF seemed excited after winning the challenge last time and won the challenge again while the other team lost another person.

In The Revenge of DodgeBrawl, LF played Texas Hold-Em and pulled out a royal flush but fell guilty when Jake caught her cheating even though he did the same. For the first time, the Killer Bass lose a challenge and also lose Morgan. LF got her first relaxation time in Who's Got No Talent, while talking to Reddy saying that he's so odd but nice to be friends with. Her team lost again and Chandler was eliminated. In The Return of Jaws, LF believed she could win the next challenge but her team failed yet again and Plat was eliminated. In The Fast, the Furious, and the Failures, LF, Reddy and Jake play blackjack. When Jake complains, she suggests solitaire. In the challenge, LF acted as the MVP for her team hitting Sam as much as she could with a paintball gun. Although, her efforts her team still lost the challenge and Cod. In Top Chef: Campers Edition, LF was stoked to have hit Sam a ton in the challenge and comforted Reddy after he hit himself in the butt with a paintball. In the challenge, her team won.

Totally Dramatic Action

Totally Dramatic World Tour


  • LF's best friends on the show are Jake and Robert.
  • LF's rival is Addict.
  • Addict has been involved in LF's eliminations in seasons 1 and 2. It is unknown if he will be involved in her elim in the third season.
  • LF is the first contestant to be removed from the game.

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