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L'Île des Défis Extrêmes:

This Show will be Hosted By Johan and Co-Hosted: By Mariah !

L'île Des Défis Extrêmes, Has Got Thirteen Contestants, Two Teams( The Yellow Stars and The Golden Lightnings ) and They will all have to fight Challenges, The island and Each other To have a chance Of Winning 1 Million Dollars and A Car!

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L'île Des Défis Extrêmes Cast:


  • Alice: Daddy's Girl (7th)
  • Arturo: The Bad Boy (8th)
  • 'Beau: The Cute Baskettball Player '(14th)
  • Chris P: The KindHeart Nerd (9th)
  • Coraline: The Goody Two-Shoes (12th)
  • Dan: The Tough Guy (3rd)
  • Emma: The Nice Friend' (6/5th)
  • Erick: Romantic Cruel (10th)
  • Malik: The Psycho '(2nd)
  • Mariah: The California Girl (4th)
  • Mari Dora: Indian Chic (11th)
  • Monique: The Star Of The Show (13th)
  • Skyler : The Seductive Deliquent "NEW" (6/5th)
  • Tiffani: Brazilian Beauty (1st)


  • Yellow Stars:
    • Alice, Beau, Dan, Emma, Erick, Mari Dora and Tiffani
  • Golden Lightnings:
    • Arturo, Chris P, Coraline, Malik, Mariah and Monique

Elimination Board:

Turquoise: Merge Episodes.

Place Character Team 01 02


04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15
6/5th Skyler None Debut's in Episode 9 IN WIN LOW Out
8th Arturo Lightnings LOW WIN WIN LOW WIN WIN LOW LOW Out
9th Chris P. Lightnings LOW WIN WIN LOW WIN WIN LOW Out
10th Erick Stars WIN LOW WIN WIN LOW Out
11th Mari Dora Stars WIN LOW LOW WIN Out
12th Coraline Lightnings LOW WIN LOW Out
13th Monique Lightnings LOW WIN Out
14th Beau Stars WIN Out


Strory: (Still writing)

(Ep1) Welcome The Camp Part-1 : (Introduction of The contestants and the camp)

  • Johan: Hello Guys! I am Johan, You should know me as a contestants From Many Reality TV and as the Co-Host Of Total Drama All Stars! But This Year I have decided To let the chance at Thirteen Teenagers of 16 years old, Like me, To compete in many challenge's, face their worst fear, make alliance's and Try to don't get eliminated! Fears! Friends! Loves! Crys! Lies! and Ennemies! THIS Will be here Now ON L'ILE DES DEFIS EXTREMES !! Ok Then Welcome our First Participant! She's Blonde, Rich, Funny, Intelligent and her Father is a Lawyer! Welcome ALICE!
  • Alice: Johan!! You will be the host ? Cool!
  • Johan: Next Up! He's Mean and Labeled as The Bad Boy! He as a GF named Mariah! Here Come ARTURO!
  • Arturo: Hey! What's Up ?
  • Alice: Hello! Nice To meet you,I'm Alice! I'm...
  • Arturo: I know you I saw you on Alot of Show on TV!
  • Alice: Yeah!
  • Johan: BEAU!
  • Beau: Hi People! Nice To be here! Johan, I hope I will won this game For Katie!
  • Johan: Maybe or NOT ?! Haha! Next Welcome Our Little Nerdy CHRIS.P!
  • Chris.P: Hi...
  • Johan: Next Is!
  • Chris.P: Hey!
  • Arturo: Shut Up Nerdy!
  • Alice: Please don't be offensive!
  • Johan: Um! Hello I am THE HOST, Next Is Coraline.
  • Coraline: Hello, Hope we well get on very well!
  • Johan: Yes I hope so! Now It's, The Host Of Behind The Cameras, Emma and Dan !
  • Johan: Thanks! But I will be Friend with Nobody here ... Haha!
  • Dan and Emma: Why ?
  • Johan: I AM THE HOST! REMEMBER! Alice I Think You will be Happy!
  • Alice: Uh ?!
  • Johan: He's Beauty, Tall, Manipulative and Also his Heart is already Taken!
  • Alice: Who it is ?
  • Johan: Erick !
  • Erick: Alice, Chiquita!
  • Alice: Oh My gosh ERICK! Yay! *kiss Erick*
  • Erick: You missed me, Babe!
  • Alice: You too, *Laugh and blush*
  • Arturo and Beau: That remind me when I was with me GirlFriend!
  • Erick: Come On Already!
  • Johan: WELCOME MALIK !
  • Malik: Hello Jerks! Haha! *Saw Johan* JOHAN! YEAH MEN !
  • Johan: Glad you could made It!
  • Malik: Thanks ...
  • Johan: So We haven't got alot of Fuel! So, Here's Come Mariah, Mari Dora and Monique!
  • Mariah: Hello Johan *Smile*
  • Arturo: *Run to Mariah* Hi BABY!
  • Mariah: ARTURO ! *Kiss Arturo* I'm glad SO GLAD!
  • Artruro: I am too !
  • Mari Dora: Can you stop These Already! It's A Competition Remember ?! NOT A DANCE!
  • Johan: Yeah She's Right!
  • Monique: A dance ?! What you mean about a dance ?
  • Mari Dora: I mean ...
  • Johan: We haven't got all the time so Here's Our Last Contestants... I think ?
  • Coraline: *counting* For Know we're just 12 !!
  • Johan: So Yeah Our last contestant!
  • Dan: Serious ?
  • Emma: We will be Just 13 !
  • Erick and Alice: It's Stupid!
  • Mari Dora: Oh Come On Another Lindsay!
  • Tiffani: Hi!!!!!!!!!!!! *smile dumbly*
  • Malik: Hi ....
  • Johan: So You're all here? Right ?
  • All the cast except Tiffani*: Yeah !!
  • Tiffani:*ask happily* Do we have a Hot Tub ?
  • Johan: Me yes, you NO! But let's saw Your Cabin's First! See you later at the Fire Ceremony!
  • Emma: We will have an Elimination NOW ?!
  • Johan: No Emma, I will explain the first part of the challenge!

(Ep2) Welcome The Camp Part-2 : (Team Yellow Stars Loose and one of Them will be eliminated)

  • Johan: So The first Challenge It's about Climbing the Cliff, Then when you will be arrived you will have to take your team logo's! The team who will win 1st part will have this sleg! 2nd part you will have to jump on this sleg with your all team, Other team will have to run, then The first team to put their logo at the finish line will won the challenge and Immunity. The rest Will have to face the elimination ceremony!
  • Johan: So Your All Ready ?
  • Contestants: Yeah !
  • Johan: 1,2,3 and Go !
  • Beau: I'll climb the first !

Beau try to climb the cliff before getting pushed by Erick.

  • Erick: You suck I'll *Push Beau* See you later !
  • Alice: He's Right ! Emma take this
  • Emma: Thanks !
  • Beau: And me ?
  • Dan: Later, Tiffani takes the rope !
  • Tiffani: Ok but then I do what ?
  • Erick: You climb !
  • Mari Dora: Then you give it to me !
  • Beau: And then Me ?!
  • Dan: Yeah, Than Beau...
  • Tiffani: Ok *climb*
  • Arturo: Monique! Climb Faster!
  • Monique: I can't it's too hard !
  • Mariah: Don't worry I'll do it.
  • Malik: We will be first ! Go faster Mariah !
  • Chris P: Mariah, Mariah, Mariah !
  • Arturo: Yeah Babe!
  • Monique: Yes we will won !
  • Johan: The Golden Lightnings are First, For the moment ...
  • Coraline: We have to do what now ?
  • Johan: You have to take your team Logo...
  • Mariah: I have the Flag!
  • Johan: And then jump on this sled with your untire team and go to the finish line to put your flag front of your cabin!
  • Alice: Ah yah ! I have made it !
  • Beau: Alice take the rope and climb us !
  • Erick: She will do it but let her breathe a moment !
  • Emma : Yeah !
  • Alice: 1, 2,3 and aahhhh !
  • Team Yellow stars: WE MADE IT !
  • Mari Dora: We should run now!
  • Dan: I have the flag !
  • Beau: I have a Idea, We should run all together tied with the rope !
  • The others: No thanks !
  • 'Johan: Oh oh Tentions ! Who will be the first to arrived ? This will eb answered Right here on L'ILE DES DEFIS EXTREMES!'
  • Arturo: Mariah Left!
  • Coraline: He said left !
  • Mariah: I am going to the left !
  • Malik: A..a...a !
  • Mariah:A WHAT ?!
  • Chris P: A TREE !
  • Johan: That's gonna leave a Mark!
  • Beau:Guys I saw the finish line Run Faster
  • Emma: Yeah !!!
  • Tiffani: We will won ! EEEEEEE !
  • Alice: Oh my god ! Why is she so stupid ?
  • Mari Dora: You are too !
  • Alice: You are mean! indian chick !
  • Mari Dora: Your Unprecious ! Daddy's girl
  • Emma: Calm Down !
  • Dan: Oh CAT FIGHT !
  • Beau: Please stop!
  • Alice: Zip it ! *slap Beau*
  • Mari Dora: Move it *slap Alice*
  • Alice: Oh Are you just said that I'm not precious BECAUSE OH YES I AM ! *punch Mari*
  • Erick: STOP ! They will won !
  • Beau: Oh man ! That's your fault If we listen to me we will won !
  • All the team: ZIP IT !
  • Team Goldan lightning: WE WON! WE WON! YAY!
  • Johan: Yellow Stars see you at the Campfire Ceremony !
  • Arturo: I know who will be eliminated !
  • Mariah: Me too !
  • *At the campfire ceremony*
  • Johan: Team Yellow Stars, Welcome your first Elimination Ceremony, This year The TV watchers will vote for the person who will be saved, If you received a Marshamllow that mean you are saved If you don't received one you will be eliminated! The person with the lowest vote will go home! Now with Fives votes for her, the first Marshmallow goes to Alice.
  • Alice: Oh ! *breathe*
  • Johan: With 3 votes for them Dan, Emma and Mari Dora are saved !
  • Dan: YAY!
  • Emma: high five Mari!
  • Mari Dora: Yes!
  • Alice: Erick being eliminated ! It will be impossible !
  • Johan: Calm Down Alice, She's saved with 3 votes too Tiffani !
  • Tiffani: Yeah ?
  • Alice: YOU'RE SAVED !
  • Tiffani: Really! EEEEEEE !
  • Johan: *Laugh* Now the Bottom two Erick and Beau !
  • Alice: *race her fingers*
  • Johan: And with only to vote For him Beau is eliminated! Sorry dude!
  • Beau: WHAT ?!
  • Johan: Erick here's the last marshmallow! You're saved, for now...
  • Erick: Thanks ...
  • Alice: A last word ?
  • Dan: Yeah.
  • Beau: Um, I hope you guys could make it ! And try to don't loose last time !
  • Erick: Without you that will be easy !
  • Emma Dan and Mari Dora: That was mean ....

Beau walking the Dock of Shame after is elimination.

  • Johan: So ! See you next Time On L'île Des Défis Extrêmes !!

(Ep3) Swiming Or Screaming ?! : (A person will be eliminated because of a big injurie)

  • TO BE WRITEN BY MARIAH Don't tuch it !
  • *At the campfire ceremony*
  • Johan: So, This is a very special elimination ceremony tonight because One of the girls will be eliminated since all the boys are Already saved They aren't here Tonight! So, Now I will start. With her immunity Mari Dora you are saved !
  • Mari Dora: *Smiles*
  • Johan: The next marshmallow goes to Alice!
  • Alice: YAY!
  • Mari Dora: HER? Saved Again? OH!
  • Johan: With 4 votes for her Mariah win's a marshmallow!
  • Mariah: Yes, Thanks people who voted for me !
  • Johan: Then Coraline and Emma, *throw the marshmallows to them*
  • Coraline: Me? yes !!! *hugs Emma*
  • Emma: I'm so glad, too!
  • Johan: So The bottom Tiffani and Monique! One of you will be eliminated Girls !
  • Alice: Don't worry Monique, You will be saved !
  • Monique: I hope so. * gets electrocuted*
  • Tiffani: I know i am not very smart..
  • Alice: Yeah, not very!
  • Tiffani: But I don't want to be eliminated!
  • Johan: So, She's saved with just 1 votes !That mean the other received 0 votes for her!
  • Mariah: Oh !
  • Johan: And this girl Is.................. Tiffani!
  • Tiffani: YAY !!!!
  • Alice: What ?!
  • Monique: Uh ?!
  • Mariah: But ?!
  • Emma: Why ?!
  • Johan: I know, I will be surprised too, if I doesn't know It yet!
  • Alice: But Monique's is smart and cool, Not like me, but she diserved more to stay in the game then Barbie!
  • All the girls (except Alice, Emma, Monique and Tiffani): Yeah, but she got really injured so ... maybe the people don't voted for her to let her go home!
  • Johan: I know but this is the life! Monique you are 12th and you are eliminated of the competition!
  • Monique: Bye, Girls I hope one of you will won! You should bit all the guys ! :P
  • Tiffani: Bye Monique! See you Tomorow !
  • (All the other girls): She AS BEEN ELIMINATED ?!
  • Tiffani: Oh yeah ....
  • Monique: *cry* I'll miss you all ! *walk slowly and get electrocuted again*
Episode 3 elimination

The girls at their special elimination ceremony.

  • Johan: This was maybe one of the Most Dramatic campfire ceremony! But Stay tooned for Another Episode Of : L'ILE DES DEFIS EXTREMES !!'

(Ep4) Just a second ? Singing ?: (In this episode the two teams will have to perfom a song of Lady gaga on the cliff ! )

  • Johan: Hello Campers !!! Time to wake Up !
  • Emma: Oh, I am too tired ! It's like 8:00 in the morning !
  • Mari Dora: I Agree, Johan you should do the challenge on the Afternoon!
  • Dan: Yeah.
  • Johan: Calm Down, you guys are the 11 contestants left, Do you remember that ?
  • Chris P: Yay! One by one You'll all go down !
  • Arturo: Seriously ? I think after saying this you will not go that far...
  • Chris P: Oh oh...
  • Mariah: What about Today challenge ?
  • Alice: You mean today hell !
  • Mari Dora: She's Right !
  • Johan: You'll be all very surprised, because Today's challenge and I think The girls will be happy , Is about song !
  • Tiffany : OMG OMG OMG !
  • Alice: Yay! I got this one in the bag ! Yellow stars we already won !
  • Johan: Wow, wow,wow. Not so fast Alice! You will have to sing a song with your untire team !
  • Alice: What?! Like a choral ?
  • Johan: Kinda ...
  • Coraline: Yeah, but what sort of song ?
  • Tiffany: I hope It's a Britney Spears Song !
  • Emma: LOL ! Britney Spears !!!!!
  • Tiffany: *Singing*: Hit me, Baby One more time !
  • Mariah: Your not a bad singer !
  • Tiffany: Thanks :)
  • Dan: So what sort of songs ?
  • Johan: It will be Lady Gaga songs !
  • Dan, Erick, Arturo and Malik: OH NO !!!!!!!!!!
  • Chris P: Yay! I hope Mariah will be happy !
  • All the Girls: WE ARE GOING TO DO A GAGA COVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Coraline: I'm so glad Gaga's my Favourite singer!
  • Alice: And can we choose the song ?
  • Johan: No !
  • Mariah: Oh, come on! So we'll sing what ?
  • Johan: The Yellow Stars will sing BORN THIS WAY , The Golden Lightnings PAPARAZZI and For my little pleasure and to choose a winner if we have an equality of talent ! The girls, all the girls will do a Performance Of Telephone!
  • Mariah: Yes!
  • Alice: Yay!
  • Coraline: Oh Yay!
  • Mari Dora: That Rock !
  • Emma: Best Challenge Ever!
  • Tiffani: I love You Johan!!!
  • Johan: Lol! So You have 20 minutes to practice, Good luck. See you at the theater.
  • Alice: Listen, We have to win this time! It's the easiest challenge we will have to do!
  • Erick: Your Right Babe!
  • Emma: Yes, Alice but we have to decided who as the best voice to have more chance of winning.
  • Erick: Totally Alice!
  • Alice: *Kiss Erick* Thanks!
  • Dan: What about Tiffani !
  • Mari Dora: You heard her before she as an amazing voice !
  • Erick: But Alice should do this ! Tiffani will never know all the lyrics !
  • Emma: We have to sing all ! But choose the main singer !
  • Mari Dora: Yeah.
  • Dan: Tiffani?
  • Tiffani: I don't know... Alice want to ...
  • Alice: Oh , Tiffani, Are you sure you can be able to ?
  • Tiffani: I think ...
  • Erick: Ok So you'll !
  • Johan: So Yellow Stars Here you go !
  • Song start*
  • Emma: It doesn't matter if you love him
    Or capital H-I-M
    Just put your paws up
    'Cause you were born this way, baby
  • Alice:My mama told me when I was young
    We are all born superstars
  • Mari Dora:She rolled my hair and put my lipstick on
    In the glass of her boudoir
  • Dan: "There's nothin' wrong with lovin' who you are"
    She said, "Cause he made you perfect, babe"
    "So hold your head up girl and you'll go far,
    Listen to me when I say"
  • Tiffani:I'm beautiful in my way
    'Cause God makes no mistakes
    I'm on the right track, baby
    I was born this way
    Don't hide yourself in regret
    Just love yourself and you're set
    I'm on the right track baby
    I was born this wayOoo there ain't no other way
    Baby I was born this way
    Baby I was born this way
    Ooo there ain't no other way
    Baby I was born this way
    I'm on the right track baby
    I was born this way

  • Alice:Don't be a drag, just be a queen
    Don't be a drag, just be a queen
    Don't be a drag, just be a queen
    Don't be!
  • Erick:Give yourself prudence
    And love your friends
    Subway kid, rejoice your truth
  • Emma:In the religion of the insecure
    I must be myself, respect my youth
  • Mari Dora: A different lover is not a sin
    Believe capital H-I-M (hey hey hey)
    I love my life I love this record and
    Mi amore vole fe yah (love needs faith)
  • Dan:I'm beautiful in my way
    'Cause God makes no mistakes
    I'm on the right track baby
    I was born this way
  • Tiffani:
    Don't hide yourself in regret
    Just love yourself and you're set
    I'm on the right track baby
    I was born this way
    Ooo there ain't no other way
    Baby I was born this way
    Baby I was born this way
    Ooo there ain't no other way
    Baby I was born-
    I'm on the right track baby
    I was born this way

  • Johan: That was Amazing! Wow !
  • Mariah: Wow! Tiffani Your Voice IS JUST
  • Arturo: AMAZING !
  • Malik: Yeah! Like yourself !
  • Tiffani: *blush* Thank you all !
  • Johan: But Now It's Paparazzi with The Golden Lightnings!
  • Song Start*
  • Malik: We are the crowd
    We're c-comin' out
    Got my flash on, its true
    Need that picture of you

  • Coraline:It's so magical
    We'd be so fantastical
  • Chris P:Leather and jeans
    Garage glamorous
    Not sure what it means
    But this photo of us
    It don't have a price
    Ready for those flashing lights
    Cause you know that baby I
  • Mariah: I'm your biggest fan
    I'll follow you until you love me
  • Mariah: Baby there's no other superstar
    You know that I'll be
    Your Papa, PAPARAZZI
    Promise I'll be kind
    But I won't stop until that boy is mine
    Baby you'll be famous, chase you down
    until you love me Papa, PAPARAZZI !
  • Johan: Exelent, exelent ! So That was very good but for Know I have already my Idea of who will won and who loose ! But Before, The girl Perfomance:
  • All the girls:
  • Arturo: AMAZING MARIAH !!!
  • Erick: Wait ? what ?
  • Mari Dora: AWWW !
  • Malik: I mean ... Um ... Oh oh ....
  • Johan: OK .... So that was very good but I'm Sorry Team Yellow Stars was the best! So Goldens one of you will be going home Tonight!
  • Campfire ceremony*
  • Johan: Saved with 3 votes , MARIAH !
  • Mariah: Yes!
  • Johan: Malik ! aka DON JUAN or maybe I should say DON TIFFANI !
  • Malik: Oh, Ah ah funny !
  • Johan: Arturo, My man your saved too !
  • Arturo: Yay ! Thanks man!
  • Coraline: What i'm in the bottom ? but I sing very well !
  • Chris P: I should not be on too! I was good !
  • Johan: The last marshmallow goes to ............................... CHRIS P !
  • Mariah : Oh ! NO !
  • Arturo: What ?! Is nerdy, SAVED, AGAIN !
  • Malik: That sucks !
  • Coraline: Oh I guess I have to go !
  • Mariah: *hug Coraline* Good bye Girl :(
  • Johan: I don't know if you have saw this, but, Mariah your the only girl who left on your team !
  • Mariah: Yes and?
  • Johan: Maybe You will be the next and the last ...
  • Arturo: No the nerdy will !
  • Johan: So That was one of our Best Show today ! See you later on L'île Des Défis Extrêmes !

(Ep5) Sleeping Boring: (Awake-A-Thon)

  • Johan: Last Time on L'île Des Défis Extrêmes, The contestants have to do a Performance of songs of Lady Gaga. Some was really Happy and some wasn't, and, we discoreved that Tiffani, as an amazing voice ! In the end It was to Coraline, to go home. Today it's a new day and Maybe the worst Day for our 10 contestants left! Right here on L'île Des Défis Extrêmes !
  • *At the Yellow Stars girls cabin*
  • Emma: Oh my god, I am so tired of yesterday ...
  • Alice: Yeah me too...
  • Mari Dora: But we won, and that was maybe one of our best challenge !
  • Emma: I agree. But I hope that Today wouldn't be a bad challenge
  • Alice: Me too! But i'm pretty sure at 99% that Johan will make a Difficult challenge !
  • Mari Dora: Where's Tiffani ?
  • Emma: I don't know ?
  • Alice: I think I saw her last Night ,but, I don't !
  • *At the Golden Lightning girls cabin*
  • Mariah: Oh... I am so bored...
  • Tiffani: Hi !
  • Mariah :*surprised* UH ?! TIFFANI ! BUT WHY ARE YOU HERE ?!
  • Tiffani: It's my cabin... No ?
  • Mariah: *smile* No! Tiffani, your cabin is on the other lodge ! You know, with the Yellow star flag !
  • Tiffani: Oh, Uh, Sorry !
  • Mariah: That's Ok, Since Now i'll be alone in this cabin....
  • *At the Lightning Boys cabin*
  • Malik: *yawning* Oh I'm tired, Man
  • Arturo: Yeah me too, Bro.
  • ChrisP: I'm not, Because I am very happy everyday to see Mariah !
  • Malik: You aren't because your just a nerd !
  • Arturo: Yeah! And Mariah is MY Girlfriend Not Yours ! OK ?
  • Malik: And If you tuch Mariah hair or hand or anything, Arturo and me will kill you Ok ? Nerdy ?
  • ChrisP: Ok! ok ! Calm down!
  • Arturo: Anyway, you'll never have Mariah's heart...
  • Malik: *laughing*Yeah totally Bro! With is Face he can't !
  • Arturo: *laughing* Ah ah Yeah! *High five Malik*
  • *At the Camp*
  • Johan: Hello Contestants !
  • Contestants: Hi !
  • Johan: Today's challenge Is about... Sleeping...
  • Malik: *yawning* Sleeping, I can do it!
  • Erick: Yeah, I can to ! I think It's the Easiest challenge ever!
  • Arturo: They're right!
  • Johan: But, You should stand up ! Because TODAY CHALLENGE IT'S ABOUT TO NOT FALL ASLEEP !
  • Mari Dora: OH NO !
  • Johan: Yeah !
  • Alice: But we're all tired !
  • Malik: She's Right!
  • Mariah:*yawning* I can't even stop yawning!
  • Johan: You should because the challenge start NOW !
  • *2 hours AFTER*
  • Johan: Great That's been 2 hours and Nobody fall asleep !
  • Tiffani: *Yawning* Yeah .... *fall asleep*
  • Dan: Oh no !
  • Erick: If we loose she's eliminated !
  • Emma: *yawning* Totally! *FALL ASLEEP*
  • Johan: Oh oh, That's bad because you are in equality NOW !
  • Mariah: Yes!
  • Arturo: Are you sure you can do it, Babe ?
  • Mariah: Yeah I wanna proove that, I'm not the only girl, who left in the team, for Nothing!
  • Malik: Good! Today We will win !
  • ChrisP: *Fall asleep*
  • Malik: Or maybe Not ...
  • *10 HOURS AFTER*
  • Confesional* Alice: My idea was to move ! Then if I don't stop moving I will be awake !
  • Dan: We can to do it, Men, We can do it !
  • Erick: High five !
  • Dan:*high five Erick and fall asleep*
  • Erick: MY TEAM SUCK !
  • Johan: Ah ah ah ! Poor Erick...
  • Mariah and Alice: *Fall asleep*
  • Erick and Arturo: Babe ! NO!
  • Johan: Aww ! You are the 4 left ! Mari Dora and Erick for the Yellow Stars and Malik and Arturo for the Golden Lightning !
  • Mari Dora: Erick, I don't really like you ! But We can do it !
  • Confesional* Mari Dora: When I said this to Erick That we can do it ... I wasn't very sure For Him ....
  • Erick: Yeah, Me too ... But we can do it ... *fall asleep*
  • Johan: Oh ! That's gonna leave a MARK !
  • Arturo: *fall asleep*
  • Malik: NO !
  • Johan: WOW ! That means ! Mari Dora VS Malik!
  • *2 hours after*
  • Mari Dora: *Yawning* I will won !
  • Malik: *yawning* I will !
  • Mari Dora: I will *yawning* I... oh... *fall asleep*
  • Johan: And Malik won ! CONGRATS MALIK !
  • Malik: Oh *fall asleep*
  • Johan: So ? I'll let them sleep a little ... After the Elimination ceremony !
  • *At The Campfire Ceremony*
  • Johan: They're only five marshmallow on this plate, When I call your name ... Come up and claim your marshmallow! The first Marshmallow goes To Erick .
  • Erick: Yes !
  • Johan: Emma and Alice .
  • Alice and Emma: Yeah!
  • Johan: Dan , ah ah.
  • Dan: YEAH MEN !
  • Johan: This is the final marshmallow of the evening ..... and it goes to Tiffani!
  • Tiffani: EEEEE !
  • Johan: Mari, The dock of Shame await !
  • Mari Dora: Nice, I can leave this Stupid Team and Camp !
  • Erick: You'll just do it Now!
  • Emma: Bye Mari :(
  • Mari Dora: Bye...
  • Johan: See you next time ! On L'île Des Défis
  • Alice: Extrêmes! We all Knew it NOW !
  • All: Ah ah !
  • Johan: Fine....

Second Elimination Ceremony of The Yellow Stars

(Ep6) All you Can't heat:( Brunch of Some Disgusting meal )

  • Johan: Last, Time on L'île Des Défis Extrêmes. The Golden lightning, won in the Awake-A-Thon, Mari Dora VS Malik, and the Yellow Stars took they second lost in a row ! In the end , Mari Dora got eliminated, she became the 4th contestants to live the Island. Who will won? Who will loose ? all the Answers right here on L'île Des Défis Extrêmes!
  • Johan: Oh Malik, You look like dead dude !
  • Malik: Shut Up ...
  • Alice: This was the worst challenge ever !
  • Tiffani: *yawning* Yeah ...
  • Dan: Just Hope we will don't loose this time ...
  • Erick: Yeah, because if we loose we will be at the same number as The Lightnings !
  • Emma: For Now, *yawning* I just wanna sleep ...
  • Johan: You'll not because Today's challenge requires to be awake
  • Malik: *sarcasticly* No ? Seriously
  • Mariah: And what about a little break ? Uh ?
  • Arturo: I think the answer is gonna be ...
  • Johan: NO ! hahaha!
  • Mariah: *breathe* Oh !
  • Emma: What's our challenge ?
  • Tiffany: A good one please !
  • Johan: It's a big buffet Today ! *laugh*
  • Chris P: A buffet ? Cool !
  • Tiffani: I bet 10dollars, that is gonna be Disgusting!
  • Alice: Wow !
  • Tiffani: Why "wow" ?
  • Alice: I think it's the first intelligent think you said here! It's a compliment!
  • Tiffani: Oh, uh thanks ! Really ?
  • Emma and Erick: Yeah!
  • Emma: *confessional* Is Tiffani turning Smart ?
  • Johan: So Time To eat ! You will have 5 plate to digust, the team who will finish the first will have 1 points, at the end the team will the most of points will won the challenge and Also Immunity! The loosers will have to Go to the elimination ceremony and say Bye bye to one of them ! So Time to go ! The first is a delicious apple !
  • Emma: A apple easy !
  • Johan: But.. those apples as little surprises in ...
  • Alice: *eating* what surprises ?
  • Johan: WORMS ! HAHAHAHA !
  • Alice: *Barf on Erick* Oops !
  • Johan: You should take your barf ! Because it's a eating challenge not a Barfing challenge !
  • Mariah: I'm sorry, Worm apples ? This is the most disgusting challenge yet!
  • Arturo: We need this point ! Babe ! I'll do it ! *eat* DONE!
  • Malik: *eating slowly* Um, Done!
  • Chris P: I'm sorry I can't !
  • Malik: Eat it, Nerdy !
  • Mariah: I can't too stop being mean to him, Malik
  • Chris P: Thanks, Mariah !
  • Mariah: Don't think of anything...
  • Chris P: Ok ...
  • Johan: Less Loving, More Eating !
  • Alice: Done !
  • Tiffani: I can't do this !!!
  • Emma: DONE !
  • Dan: Oh, oh *eating* do...Done...
  • Erick: *confessional* My body Is my temple Ok ! I can't do this so ...
  • Erick: Alice, eat my apple when Johan don't look !
  • Alice: Sure, But why ?
  • Erick: I am alergic to... Uhm...worm !
  • Alice: Ok, *eat*
  • Erick: DONE !
  • Arturo: Chris P, go you can do it, man !
  • Chris P: Ok For Mariah ! *eat* Done !
  • Dan: *Barf*
  • Johan: Mariah, Tiffani you girls left!
  • Mariah: I can't !
  • Tiffani: Me too !
  • Tiffani: Ok ok, *eat slowly*
  • Mariah *eat slowly*
  • Emma, Alice and Dan: *cheering* Tiffani ! Tiffani ! Tiffani!
  • Arturo, ChrisP and Malik: *cheerng* Mariah! Mariah Mariah !
  • Tiffani: DONE !
  • Johan: First point goes to the Yellow Stars !
  • Alice: YEAH ! *hugs Tiffani*
  • Emma: We won !
  • Malik: You just won 1 point ?!
  • Emma: We will bit you this time *high five Tiffani*
  • Dan: Yeah! Oh *barf* stomack weak *barf*
  • Johan:O.K Next meal is Pizza !
  • Dan: Oh Pizza, I think this should work ...
  • Erick: What sort of Pizza ? Because you know , I can't take pounds, my sport coach will kill me!
  • Johan: Tangy jellyfish Pizza with eels head and an hint of limon! HAHAHA!
  • Emma: Done !
  • Dan:Oh my God *barf*
  • Arturo: Done!
  • Malik: It's a peperoni pizza ... *eating slowly* Done!
  • Tiffani: Never mind I love fish ! Done!
  • Alice: Oh.. gross *eating slowly* d...done !
  • Mariah: *eating* Done !
  • Johan: So, Um Erick and Chris P !
  • Erick: I will not eat this !
  • Alice: You can do this Erick !
  • Emma: If Alice, Tiffani and me can do it you can !
  • Tiffani: *eating an other piece* Yeah!
  • Chris P: Done !
  • Johan: And that's one point for the lightnings !
  • Malik: Yeah !
  • Mariah: Thanks Chris !
  • Chris P: *Blushes* No problem! Oh.. *Barf on Mariah*
  • Mariah: Euuh Gross !
  • Johan: Next meal, a soup based of bunion and cockroaches ...
  • Dan: What ? ! *barf* I so can't do this it's just disgusting !
  • Lightnings: This Part we will won again !
  • Mariah: Done !
  • Arturo: DONE !
  • Malik: Done !
  • Chris P: Done ! *barf*
  • Johan: Another point for the Golden lightnings ! That's 1 VS 2 ! and we have just 2 part left !
  • Alice: But ... This is impossible?!
  • Emma: They was not even disgusting ?!
  • Tiffani: Yeah ?!
  • Emma: Erick and Dan it's all your fault !
  • Erick and Dan: Why ?!
  • Emma: You Erick, you are always Saying , That it's not good for your body and Dan you are always barfing at each meals !
  • Tiffani: We can't loose this part, Because if we loose one of you will be going home !
  • Alice: *look at Erick* Oh oh ...
  • Erick: Don't worry Alice, If we loose we will vote off Dan !
  • Alice: Yeah ... I hope! but, if we will loose you will be in danger because ... Tiffani and Emma doesn't really like you ...
  • Erick: Yeah, I hope we don't loose !
  • Johan: Next Meal, MEAT BALLS ! I mean... Testicules of Bulls !
  • Mariah: *smile* Easy Boys ! *eat* done !
  • Arturo: Uh.. I can't
  • Malik: Same !
  • Chris P: Me too , that's awfull !
  • Emma: Done!
  • Alice: *eating slowly* Finish !
  • Tiffany: Me too !
  • Dan: *eating* I can do this, I can do this ! Done!
  • Tiffani: Yeah *hugs Dan*
  • Dan: BAAAAAAA ! *Vomits on Tiffani*
  • Johan: Uh, That's disgusting !
  • Emma: Go on Already !
  • Alice: If Dan done it yoy can too !
  • Erick: *Eat slow, very slow*
  • Johan: And ...
  • Erick: Finish !
  • Alice: Yay! *kiss Erick*
  • Erick: *Vomits* Sorry !
  • Alice: Oh, MY GOSH ERICK ?!
  • Emma: Anyways we won this Part !
  • Mariah: Yeah... They won ! We need this points to win now ?!
  • Malik: Don't worry we are gonna win this !
  • Johan: But.. The last Part, It's a VS Part ! Erick will be against Mariah !
  • Alice: Why No ?
  • Emma: With Erick we are gonna Loose !
  • Erick: Hey !
  • Johan: So... The next meal is A snake shakes!
  • Dan: Oh oh !
  • Arturo: You can do this BABE !
  • Mariah: Yeah I hope too !
  • Alice: Squish her like a bug !
  • Erick: Don't worry... hahaha !
  • Johan: Ready ! Go !
  • Arturo and Chris P: MARIAH MARIAH MARIAH !
  • Alice: GO MY SUGAR !
  • Emma: Yeah! Go ERICK !
  • Mariah: I can do this ! *eat*
  • Tiffani: ERICK EAT IT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Emma and Dan: *chocked* Wow ! this is the first Time I saw Tiffani Angry !
  • Erick: I...I can't !
  • Mariah: Finish ! Johan ! Finish WE WON !
  • Johan: GOLDEN LIGHTNINGS WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mariah: *Vomits on Johan*
  • Johan: If I want I can Eliminated you ! remember ...?!
  • Mariah: Yeah.. Sorry!
  • Malik: *laugh* HAHAHAHA!
  • Arturo: *High five Chris P* Yay !
  • Johan: So Now it's Elimination Time, Yellow stars you can go to the ceremony !
  • *Camp Fire Ceremony*
  • Johan: So, Yellow Stars, One of you is gonna get eliminated. Tonight, You will have To vote ! Emma your first!
  • Emma: *confesional* Totally Erick !
  • Johan: Tiffani your Next !
  • Tiffani: *confesional* Bye bye Erick !
  • Johan: Erick!
  • Erick: *confesional* Dan, men your out !
  • Johan: Alice and Dan you can go !
  • Alice: *confesional* I'm sorry... but you didn't done it very well in this challenge !
  • Dan: *confesional* Bye bye, Nobody will miss you !
  • Johan: So Now I will gives the marshmallows ! The first Goes to Emma !
  • Emma: Yes !
  • Johan: Alice ! Tiffani !
  • Tiffani: Yes *hugs Alice*
  • Alice: *hugs back* Yeah ...
  • Johan: Dan, Erick. You don't get very well in this challenge, so that's why you're on bottom tonight ! Now I am gonna read the votes ...
  • Erick: Ok.
  • Johan: One vote for Erick !
  • Dan: Yes!
  • Johan: One for The Barfer, Dan !
  • Erick: Yes!
  • Johan: Another for Erick !
  • Erick: I know That's Emma and Tiffani !
  • Alice: yeah ... maybe ...
  • Johan: again Erick ! That's 3 votes against Erick 1 vote against Dan ! and Erick You are Already eliminated but I am gonna read the last vote !
  • Erick: That's okey It's against Dan !
  • Johan: Erick !
  • Erick: What ?! But that means !
  • Dan: Alice voted on you men !
  • Alice: Sorry ...
  • Erick: How could you do this ?!
  • Alice: You made your Body, even if is just hot, pass before me and our team ,so...
  • Erick: Oh, That's okey Babe! *kiss*
  • Alice: You're not mad ?
  • Erick: No you're gonna win for us !
  • Tiffani: That's cute !
  • Emma: Yeah... Now, Time to go !
  • Erick: Bye Looser ! and Alice Hope you'll not get eliminated !
  • Dan: Bye ...
  • Johan: So with 8 contestants left, who will be next ? Stay tooned for another episode of L'île Des Défis Extrêmes!

(Ep7) Hair: ( A hairstyle challenge )

  • Johan:Last Time, The contestants have to face disgusting meals from the Chef ! They were Barf, Tensions and Barf! In The End we have to said bye bye to, Erick, the Romantic Cruel ! Who will win? Who will be Eliminated and Is it Tiffani really going smart ? All the answers RIGHT HERE ON L'île Des Défis Extrêmes!
  • Johan: Campers! All, go at the Campfire Ceremonie, I have a surprise for you guys !
  • Alice: I hope It wouldn't be Chef's meal !
  • Tiffani: Yeah, Totally disgusting !
  • Johan: So! Today we will don't have Elimination it's a Reward challenge !
  • Malik: Cool !
  • Arturo: Yeah !
  • Emma: What Sort of Reward ?
  • Johan: Chocolate and a Swedish Massage !
  • Mariah: Wow, Chocolate !
  • Dan: Yes, this as been 3 weeks we haven't eat chocolate !
  • Tiffani: Right, and Swedish massge is one of the best massage in the world !
  • Emma: It's for all the team ? or just for the best in the challenge ?
  • Johan: It's not the merge for know , so, For all the team !
  • Mariah: Sweet !
  • Arturo: What's about our challenge ?
  • Johan: Your Challenge will be about Hair !
  • Girls: HAIR ?! NO NO NO NO !
  • Malik: But why ?
  • Chris.P: You don't want Swedish Massage ?
  • Dan: And chocolate ?
  • Alice: Sure we want but ...
  • Tiffani: Girls don't like when they hair are in Danger !
  • Emma: Correct !
  • Johan: Whatever, Let me explain the challenge first ! You will have a plate who containts paper with a challenge on it. One by one you will have to choose one by draw. The other team will choose for you and you for the other team who will do it, In the end the team who have done the most of the challenge, that mean four , will one immunity and the reward challenge ! The other will have nothing !
  • Mariah: Ok !
  • Dan: So who start ?
  • Johan: Since your Team loose last time you will choose first.
  • Alice: So we have to choose a person of their team to do the first challenge, Right ?
  • Johan: Yeah.
  • Emma: Um, Who should we choose ?
  • Dan: I don't ...
  • Tiffani: I know ! Arturo, Malik and Chris P. Are boys so We should choose Mariah First she will be much afraid then the other!
  • Alice: Okey, So we choose Mariah !
  • Johan: Mariah, draw one paper in the plate please !
  • Mariah: Ok.
  • Chris.P: What you got ?
  • Mariah: Put My hair in a bucket of mud during 5 min !
  • Arturo: Are you able to ?
  • Arturo: She should !
  • Mariah: I think yes !
  • 5 minutes later*
  • Mariah: It's Finish ?
  • Johan: Yes, the first point goes to Team golden lightnings ! Mariah Now pick one of the Stars !
  • Mariah: I choose Tiffani !
  • Tiffani: Ok !
  • Johan: Choose a paper.
  • Tiffani: I have to put a wig mad of meat on my head during 5 minutes !
  • Emma: Gross !
  • Alice: I couldn't done this !
  • Malik: Thanks for the information, Alice !
  • Johan: 5 minutes, Tiffani choose someone !
  • Tiffani: Malik!
  • Malik: I have to eat a hairshake ... ?!
  • Johan: Malik choose a person !
  • Malik: Alice!
  • Alice: Chris P!
  • Chris.P: Emma !
  • Emma: Arturo!
  • Arturo: Dan !
  • Johan: So Now The results ! For the Golden lightnings 3 points !
  • Malik: Thanks Chris.P ...
  • Chris.P: Hey Do you will accept to Dye your hair in GREEN ?!
  • Malik: Um ...
  • Chris.P: So, say nothing ?!
  • Mariah: Calm down Chris.P !
  • Johan: Yeah I think The little Nerdy is going deliquent !
  • Alice: Can we have the results, Please ?
  • Emma: Yeah ...
  • Johan: Yellow Stars... You have 4 points !
  • Dan: We won ?!
  • Tiffani: Yeah FINALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Emma: Chocolate !!! Yes yes yes !
  • Johan: And You will have a bonus For the next Episode !
  • Dan: Yay ! High five girls ! *high five Alice, Emma and Tiffani*
  • Alice: *high five*
  • Johan: So , See us Next Time On L'île Des Défis Extrêmes!


(Ep8) What's Your Phobia ?: (Face your worst fear)

'Johan: LAST TIME ON L'Île des défis EXTREMES, the contestants have to face challenge concerning their hair! Chris.P make Team Golden Lightnings loose and Team Yellow Stars finally won a challenge, but nobody as been eliminated ! Stay tooned for an all new episode of L'Île des défis EXTREMES

Johan: Hello Campers !

Dan : Hey !

Malik: What will you made us do today ?

Johan: Today it's really special, first We will debut with Alice !

Alice: Uh ?!

Johan: You'll have to jump on the lac!

Mariah: But Isn't she afraid of water?

Alice: Yes I am ! I can't do it Johan !

Emma: Yeah, you can do this if she's afraid of being wet !

Johan: But Today's Challenge is about to face your fears, So she should do it if you don't want to loose!

Emma: Yep, he's right you should jump, Alice!

Alice: But ! I don't if I can !

Dan: You should it's easy !

*At the cliff*

Johan: So If you do it your team will have one point !

Tiffani: *cheer* Alice ! Alice !

Emma: You can do it !!!

Alice: O.k *breathe* I can do it ! *jump*

Johan: *Yell* Oh I forgot to tell you one thing, I put eels on the water !


Dan: Yay! She done it !

Emma: Yes !

Johan: So next Malik !

Malik: What Am I suppose to do ?

Arturo: For me it will be easy I'm afraid of nothing!

Chris.P: Me too !

Malik: *Laugh* HAHAHAHAHA !

Arturo: Yeah I don't think so !

Johan: You'll have to fight with a snake! if you can touch him you won !

Malik: A SNAKE !!

Arturo: Man you can do it !

Mariah: Yeah totally!

Malik: *try to touch* Gross I can't !

Chris.P: That's ok ! BABY !

Malik: *grab the serpent angrily* Take this ! *throw*



Malik: I touch it ?! Yeah !

Arturo: High five dude !

Mariah: I'm so glad !

Johan: Emma, you'll have to eat a bug, Dan, go in a bath with coackroch, Tiffani, eat a cheewing-gum already cheewed, Chris.P, Kiss a frog, Mariah, go in quick sand and Arturo since you're afraid of nothing you'll have to watch Mariah and don't help her if you do it you'll won a point! ok ?

Arturo: Ok !

Emma: Sorry but eat a bug !!! No I don't want to barf !

Alice: But ? do you want cause our team loose ?!

Emma: Nope but your challenge was easier than mine !

Alice: If we loose I vote on you !

Tiffani: Same !

Chris.P: I will not kiss the frog !

Johan: O.K ! You are just loosers !

Arturo: Yeah! you laugh of Malik but you don't do yours !

Mariah: You suck Chris.P!

*20 minutes Later*

Johan: So !

Alice: I hope we won !

Malik: I hope WE WON !

Tiffani: Anyway, can we have the results ?

Johan: Ok then, Alice and Malik done it, 1 VS 1! Emma and Chris.P don't !

Malik: Yeah .....

Chris.P: I'm sorry !

Johan: Dan done it, Mariah done it, Tiffani done it, and Arturo you helped Mariah so You loose again !

Chris.P: Thanks to Arturo !

Malik: It's your fault ! If you have done it we will have won !

Chris.P: No it will have been 3/3 we wouldn't have winning !

Mariah: No because if you tried, He will tried too !

Arturo: Anyway we lost!

Johan: So, see you to campfire cermony !

Alice: You should be happy we won Emma !

Tiffani: Yeah...

Dan: Because you don't do anything today !

Emma: As if !

*Camp Fire Ceremony*

Johan: So, Golden Lightnings, you all voted now it's time to see who's going home!

Arturo: Totally Chris.P!

Johan: First Marshmallow goes to Mariah !

Mariah: Yay !

Chris.P: Phew !

Arturo: *Poke Chris.P*

Johan: Malik !!!

Malik: Cool !

Johan: This ! Is the final marshmallow of the evening and he will goes to !

Arturo: Me !

Chris.P: Me ! *rows is fingers*

Johan: Surprisly..... Arturo! HAHAHAHA!

Chris.P: WHAT ?! But ... How ?!

Arturo: We don't like you ! And Please why surprisly ?

Johan: Just to put a little dramatic effect !

Mariah: Bye Chris !

Chris.P: Bye Mariah, I'll miss you ! Not Arturo and Malik for sure !

Malik: As if !

(Ep9) Bad Answers Can Take Dreams Off! :(Quiz)

*Camp Fire Ceremony*

Johan: Guys! It's not over for Today! wait you'll have a surprise!

Mariah: A surprise ? What sort ?

Malik: I hope a good one !

Alice: Hey so? who as been voted off ?

Mariah: Chris.P! But why are you here ?

Dan: Because Johan tell us to come !

Tiffani: Yeah, and Dan can I have my 10 dollars now ?

Dan: Yeah ... *give her 10 dollars*

Arturo: Um why ?

Emma: Because he bet that You'll be eliminated and Tiffani bet Chris.P!

Arturo: Oh ! Tiffani is more inteligent than she seems!

Mariah: That was kinda mean !

Arturo: Yep, but he have to be really stupid for thinking that chris.P will beat me !

Dan: I am not ! You just are mean so that's why !

Malik: You are just an idiot !

Tiffani: Please can you all calm down !

Alice: Remember Johan is gonna show us something!

Mariah: Talking abiut him is here !

Arturo: So, what's your surprise ?

Johan: Today I decided To broke the teams !

Emma: And this was your incredible surprise ?

Johan:No, Someone is gonna come here !

Alice: A new contestant? or an old ? I hope it's Erick!

Mariah: I hope not !

Johan: She's funny, She like skateboarding and flattery ! She's labeled as the seductive deliquent ! It's SKYLER !

Arturo: Que ?

Mariah: What ?

Alice: Who ?

Skyler: Hello, People I hope you liked this competition because with me in it ! It will be better Now!

Dan: Wait a minute, Another girl ? We are 3 boys left against 5 girls ?

Malik: Yeah this isn't really right !

Johan: You know what ! If you were better in challenges maybe they will have more boys!

Skyler: So ? Did have teams ?

Johan: Nope ! You are on your own !

Skyler: Cool, so what's the challenge ?

Johan: Tonight's challenge will be very fast, It's a quiz ! If you answer correctly You are saved! In the end the last to haven't answered correclty will be eliminated now ! No vote!

All: Oh !!!!

Johan: First question : What's the color of the Jamaican Flag ?


Johan: Correct your saved that means your in Final 7!

Tiffani: Yay !

Johan: Next: What's the name of the President of France ?

Arturo: Nicolas Sarkozy !

Johan: No !

Skyler: Nicolas !

Johan: Correct your saved !


Johan: I said the name not the entire name !

Arturo: That's Unfair !

Johan: Next question: What is the Sport who as been created by The Spannish ?


Johan: Nobody ?Ok next question: What is My Favourite Color ?

Malik: Blue it's blue !

Johan: Correct Malik! You are saved Man ! Question 5: Who singed in 2009 "I gotta a feeling" ?


Johan: Saved ! Next: "Secret Story" is a french Reality Tv show based on which american TV SHOW?

Arturo: Total Drama ?

Johan: No !

Mariah: Survivor ?

Johan: No ! Anyone ?


Johan: Ok Next Question: Who was the first camper eliminated this season ?

Emma: Beau !

Johan: All right ! Your saved !

Emma: GREAT !

Johan: Spain is Bigger than Italy?

Dan: Um yes ?

Johan: Sorry bad answer ! Venus williams as got a sister what's her name ?

Dan: I think Serena ?

Johan: Yep ! Your saved dude !

Mariah: Wait a minute ? It's down to Arturo and me ?


Arturo: But ! This is imposible !

Johan: Next question: In united States of Tara (Season1) How many personnality have Tara ?

Arturo: I don't wanna answer !

Mariah: Same !

Johan: Look if you don't your both eliminated and you'll lost your chance to win the Million and the car ! But if one of you stay he or her could win for you guys !

Arturo: Ok then 3 ?

Johan: No ! Next: Who kissed Taylor Lautner at an Award Ceremony ?

Arturo: His Mom ?

Mariah: Taylor Swift?

Johan: No ! so Last Question If you don't answer correctly again, They will choose who will stay !

Mariah: Who ?

Johan: The other contestants !

Arturo: The last question please !

Johan: Who was the first person to ever been to the moon ?

Mariah: Neil AMSTRONG !


Mariah: *cry* Arturo, I'll miss you !!!!!!

Arturo: Don't cry babe You'll won for us ! Your the most intelligent chick in the entire world !

Mariah: Really ?

Arturo: *Hug* Yeah, and the much cute as well !

Mariah: A Quick kiss befor you go ?

Arturo: Defintly *kiss Mariah*

Mariah: *Kiss Arturo* Bye Honey !!!

Alice: I miss Erick ...

'Johan: So see you next time ON L'Île des Défis Extrêmes ' !!!!

(Ep10) Snow Brawl:(Challenges based of snow)

Johan: Previously on L'île Des Défis Extremes. The Contestants Have to face one of the cruelest Quiz ever! The ones who was correct where saved. In the end, it was down to the couple Mariah and Arturo and Arturo has to go , and we have welcomed A new Contestant ! Skyler ! Now that the team's are breaked who will make it into the Final ? And Will Skyler found some friends ? All the answer on a new episodes of 'L'île Des Défis Extremes !'

Johan: All the contestants left rejoin me in 10 minutes at the Dinner Room !

Emma: Oh ?! It's like we just sleep 2 hours !

Alice: Yeah and thanks to your Brilliants snores !

Tiffani: She's right ! I couldn't even close my eyes !

Emma: As if ! I do not Snore !

Skyler: Um yes you do !

Emma: Can you explain me what are you doing in my cabin !

Tiffani: In our !

Skyler: Johan tell us to come in your cabin !

Mariah: Yep, cause our cabins are like ... demolished !

Johan: Malik since you and Mariah have no cabin's you'll have to sleep in the Yellow stars cabins ! So you with Dan and Mariah with all the girls !

Emma: Um We already now it, Now!

Malik: Cool! It was strange to be the only guy left in my cabin

Dan: Same !

Johan: Ok! It's like I'm waiting ! Everyone come !!!

*at the Dinner Room*

Johan: Now that we have no more teams left, Let me explain how it will be!

Mariah: Do'll have reward challenge ?

Dan: I'll enjoy one !

Johan: Speaking of reward, Today it will be one !

Skyler: So that means nobody will be voted off ?

Johan: Yep !

Alice: Awesome !

Mariah: And the winner will get ?

Johan: Immunity and a delicious dinner !

Emma: Classic !

Malik: Like are you bored of everything ?

Dan: Malik's right, i don't now what happen but you seems more gentle before!

Emma: You guys wrong ! I am gentle I'm just fed up of all the jerks who are over here !

Johan: Woah ! Tentions !

Emma: Zip it !

Alice: Tiffani I have an idea !

Tiffani: Yes ?

Alice: You me and Dan should make an alliance and vote Emma off !

Tiffani: But she's our friend !

Alice: She's really getting on my nerves not you ?

Tiffani: I don't now, Sure she's been a little more mean after Mari Dora's elimination but are you sure ?

Skyler: I am in !

Alice: Did you all listen ?

Skyler: yes, and I think with my help, The little Nasty will be out !

  • Confesional:* Skyler: They think I'm here to be they friend ! As if ! I'm here to win and one by one they will be eliminated !!!!

Johan: So ! First part it's to make 20 snow balls in 1 minute. The person who will done it will be saved for the second part and will not participate !

Malik: But ? if we won 1st part do we get immunity ?

Johan: Yeah ...

Mariah: And what about the rest ?

Dan: Because if we won 2nd part what do we will have ?

Johan: Oh ! I think I get it ! You'll won Immunity too! It's a dinner for two person !

Dan: Cool !

Malik: That wouldn't suck ! except that I eat alot !

Johan: And Go !

Emma: Stupid snow ! That don't work !

Alice: Maybe I can try ! *throw a snow ball at Emma*

Emma: Ouch ! Why did you do it ?! AAAAAAAAAAH *throw one at Alice*

Alice: You'll regret this ! Nasty !

Dan: Girl Fight coool !

Malik: Totally Awesome ! Dude !

Tiffani: Girls ! You should done the challenge instead of fightings !

Alice and Emma: Shut up Brain ! *throw a snow ball at Tiffani*

Johan: AND FINISH ! Now I'm gonna check !

Mariah: I've made 10 snow balls !

Dan: 8 !

Malik: 8, too !

Tiffani: 6 ones !

Johan: Emma ? Alice ?

Emma: No ones ...

Alice: Same because of her !

Johan: Calm down Girls we have a second part !

Skyler: I think you forgot me !

Johan: So how many ?

Skyler: 21 !

All: Uh ?!

Johan: It's Like we have a winner ! Skyler you won 1st part and A dinner !

Skyler: Sweet !

Emma: Seriously ? How ?

Johan: Part 2! With the snow balls that you have made, you have to throw them into the snow man and if you make his head goes down you'll won ! Ok ? Go !

Emma: But I haven't any balls !

Alice: How Am I able to Do it ?!

Johan: You should throw something If you wanna won !

Malik : *throw* Oh Man ! I have no balls left !

Dan: Same !

Mariah : *throw* I touch his head ! But I have to throw faster If I want his head down !

Tiffani: I guess Mariah's gonna won !

Malik: Yeah she's the only one with balls left !

Dan: Maybe She'll not !

Tiffani: Go Mariah ! ! !

Emma: *Throw Alice* Ah Yah !!!!!!



Johan: Surprisly Emma won ! So you and skyler Won a dinner ! The rest go to your cabins it's all for today !

Alice: People are gonna Pay !!! Emma You will regret this !

Emma: Bla bla bla !

  • Confessional*: Tiffani: I think Alice was right! Next Time Emma's out !
  • Confessional*: Dan: Emma was really Mean Today ! But Malik and me have decided to form an Alliance to vote her off !
  • Confessional*: Mariah: First , I tought Skyler was Mean and Nasty , but finally I think Emma's go bad ! She is not gotta get along with it !
  • Confessional*: Malik: Maybe Alice is Boring But... Emma ! she will be next !

*At the Dinner Room*

Skyler: I now You don't like me !

Emma: Yeah ? and ?

Skyler: But We have something in common ! I wanna Alice out !

Emma: So ? what do you want ?

Skyler: We should make an alliance and vote her off ! If you won Next challenge The other will have to vote her off ! Because compared to Alice I'm not boring and if I do the nice girl she will be out of this game !

Emma: Ok ! I agree but We should Vote all the others off an then if we're on the Final 2 we can saw who's the most strong between us !

Skyler: Totally ! I agree !

  • Confessional*: Emma: Alice, My dear you can prepare your bags !

(Ep11) Another Chance To win:

Johan: Previously on L'île des défis extrêmes. We welcomed Skyler, a girl who's surently gonna add some more drama in the show! On one hand, She maked an alliance with Tiffani and Alice to vote Emma off and on the other hand, one with Emma to vote Alice off; and Emma as revealed to the contestant her real personality ! Is Alice gonna be Eliminated ? Is Emma gonna be more cruel and will she bit all the contestants to win even Skyler ? All the answer On an all new episode of L'île des défis extrêmes !

*in front of the bathroom*

Dan: Um, Girls ! Is it Ok ?

Malik: Do you have finish ? I gotta go !

Emma: It's ok! You can wait ! I love your Hairstyle Alice, it's like someone barfed one you !

Alice: Hahaha ! Really funny Emma! My hairstyle is Better then yours !

Emma: I don't think so ! But, as if. Mine compared to yours are natural !

Alice: They are Natural !

Skyler: Can you stop Talking about Hair ! Uh ?! Your like anoying

Johan: All the contestants come to the theather !

Dan: Nice hairstyle Alice!

Alice: Thanks Dan ! at least some people are gentle there !

Emma: I don't saw nice people who are rich ? Sorry Girl !

Johan: Bla, Bla, Bla ! Ok Today the challenge Is about FASHION !

Tiffani: Fashion, This is gonna be Interesting !

Mariah: Do we have to Walk off ?

Johan: No! You guys are not that handsome to Walk off! Even with upscale clothing ! Hahaha!

Malik: This was supposed to be funny ?

Mariah: So? What's the challenge about, Johan ?

Johan: You will have to create a Dress with all these Fashion stuff ! Then We will have to judge the Best Creation and the best will win. The Judge will be you guys, but with a litlle help of the lie detector !!

Emma: A lie detector ? Why ?!

Alice: For not liying ! Duh !

Emma: Instead of a liying detector, do you have a Stop opening my mouse kit for Miss Perfect ?!

Johan: Well, no ! Now The challenge is up ! Go !!!

  • Confesional: Tiffani: This is my challenge! I have to win this one, I'm the only person who's
  • Confesional: Malik: Emma and Alice, Duh ! They are like anoying ! I hope one of her will be eliminated Today because I can not hear them yelling one more day !

Dan: So, I need a green tissue .

Emma: Sorry, Dan but this tissue is mine !

Dan: I was first and I need it to make my dress !

Alice: Green?! Dan you should let this color to Emma, it's not really in fashion this year ...

Emma: Take this Dan ! *Throw to Dan*

Dan: *angrily* Hey, Whatch out !

  • Confesional: Dan: *angrily* I hope for her she will be out of here, soon !

Alice: That wasn't really intelligent ! He does nothing, why are you mean whith Dan and us ?

Mariah: It's been like two week your like that ! Why ?

Emma: Why ? Why am I mean ? Because she causes Mari Dora's Elimination !

Tiffani: Uh ? But the public voted not us !

Emma: If Alice wasn't always talking and acting or that much present, Mari Dora wouldn't have been eliminated ! She was one of the only person I founded nice and Smart here ! And Because of Alice who's the favourite of the public, who have a little conflict with her, she as been eliminated !

Dan: So all these time you was mean with us because of that?

Alice: with me too ! Just for this !

Tiffani: I'm just... wow !

Alice: Yeah, you became a stupid, angry, mean, weak, and not that smart, girl, because of a think that I didn't have done anything on ! AAAH ! You are like Eliminated !

Emma: No way ! You will be eliminated !

Mariah: Anyway, I will Eliminated Emma !

Malik: Same !

Tiffani: Me too !

Dan: Alice, you can count of me !

Skyler: I have finish my dress !

Johan: O.K... Now 5 minutes left !

*5 minutes after*

Johan: You'll now, one by one, go on the lie chair detector and vote for the dress that you think is the best ! You can't vote for yours and You should say the truth because this will electrocuted you, if you don't ! Mariah, You're first !

Mariah: Tiffani's one is cool !

Johan: Emma !

Emma: I gotta say Skyler! *electrocuted*

Johan: You should say the truth, Hahaha !

Emma: Fine, Alice dress is nice ! But don't think We'll become friends !

Johan: Malik, your turn !

Malik: I'm sorry, but I really like Emma's one !

Johan: Tiffani!

Tiffani: Same, Emma's one ! I love her design.

Johan: Skyler?

Skyler: I choose Emma *electrocuted* Ouch I really like Dan's one! I have a secret collection of Pin's like the one on his dress ... Don't judge me !

Johan: ... Next, Alice!

Alice: I think I'm gonna barf but... Emma's dress is the best for me... Oh ! I can't believe I just said that !

Emma: Um, That's it! We understand !

Johan: Dan, your the last ! That's 3 for Emma, 1 for Alice, 1 for Tiffani and 1 for You, who you choose ?

Dan: I guess Tiffani's one was preety awesome! So Tiffani!

Johan: Ok! So With 3 votes for her, Emma has won the immunity! and that means she can be eliminated, for know ...

Emma: Yay ! Take that Alice !

Alice: *Angrily* Aaaah ! This is unfair !

Johan: So, time to vote ! Join me at the elimination ceremony,One of you is gonna say, Bye bye!

*at the elimination ceremony*

  • Confesional: Malik: I just can't support this anymore! so sorry....
  • Confesional: Mariah: It was between you and her so ...
  • Confesional: Tiffani: I'm sorry !
  • Confesional: Dan: Sorry but you don't let us other choice !
  • Confesional: Skyler: I vote on Tiffani, she's talented ! I don't like that...
  • Confesional: Alice: I gotta say Skyler, since stupid Emma is protected!

{C Johan: So, the following Players are saved. Emma, Malik, Dan *Throw Marshmallow*

Dan: Phew !

Johan: also saved Mariah !

Mariah: Yes!

Alice: *cross her finger*

Skyler: I just come I can't be eliminated !

Johan: The last Marshmallow is on my plate. He goes to ..............................................................

Emma: Go on, already !

Johan: He will go to Skyler, *throw marshmallow*

Alice: WHAT ?! You voted me off, ME ?!

Skyler: Yes ! *eat the marshmallow*

Emma: Finnally ! I've got my Revenge !

Alice: But How ?!

Tiffani: It was Her or you and since Emma's got the immunity...

Malik: We voted you off !

Mariah: And we don't really now Skyler, Maybe she's nice!

Dan: Sorry, if she doesn't won this stupid immunity she will have been eliminated !

Emma: But i'm save and nobody can Eliminated me tonight ! I'm sorry Alice, you've done your time !

Alice: *start to cry* I could expect this from that little viper Emma, but you guys ! How could you ?

Emma:*sarcastcly* I'm sure you'll feel better after taking the dock of shame ! hahaha !

Tiffani: I feel so sad about that, Sorry Alice !

Mariah: Me too...

Johan: Alice, The Dock of Shame Await !

Alice: *crying* I hope ,you, Dan and Tiffani will go far ! Bye Guys I'll miss you all even Emma !

Emma: Like, Really ?

Alice: Yes, cause If you doesn't was that mean I'm pretty sure we will still friends, but now it's too late !

Emma: Uh, oh ...

  • Confesional: Dan: Emma, Phew! She's the next!
  • Confesional: Tiffani: Prepare to go Down Emma, one day you'll pay!
  • Confessional: Skyler: Thanks too Emma and Alice, Now nobody want me out of the game ! Thanks Emma !


Alice saying good bye to Dan and Tiffani.

Johan: This was maybe one of our saddest elimination... but, See you next time on L'île des défis extrêmes !

(Ep12) Are You Sure ?:

Johan: Last time, was one of the MOST dramatic episodes of this program! Alice as been eliminated, Emma as stared to figure that what she did to her wasn't really nice and Skyler as decided to beat all the contestants, one by one! Who will won ? who will loose ? all the answers, Right here, ON L'ILE DES DEFIS EXTREMES !

  • Confesional: Emma: So, I know what I've done to Alice wasn't really nice but she will get her revenge, cause I know that wasn't her fault and i'm really sorry she got eliminated. Now, I know who is the nasty person over there ! SKYLER !
  • Confesional: Dan: Wow! I can't believe that I'm on the final 6 ! It's so wonderfull, and that will be better with Alice in, instead of Emma...

Johan: Today your challenge is a really famous game! Truth or Dare !

Dan: Nice! It's My favourite game! I won everytime when I play this game!

Malik: It's sound cool and easy but I don't know why I'm pretty sure it's gonna turn difficult.

Skyler: Duh, We all already know it, Malik!

Malik: Um, you're not obliged to be like Emma ...

Emma: Hey!

Mariah: He's right!

Emma: I'm sorry but i'm not that mean ...

Tiffani: You were, with Alice!

Emma: Yes... but it's all finish, i'm starting to become smart again !


Emma: Argh !

Johan: So, Can we start the challenge ? Fine. The winner will won immunity and a PDA !

Tiffani: A PDA ? AWESOME !

Johan: Yeah, I know ! Now I'm gonna tell you a thing about one contestant and you will have to tell me if it's the truth ( She/he already did that in his/her life) or the dare that she/he have to do !

Tiffani: Ok

Johan: Eat an animal food. Truth or Dare ?

Mariah: *buzz* Dare!

Johan; Remember, If you are wrong you are eliminated of the challenge! So ?

Mariah: I second that !

Johan: Correct ! It was Tiffani's dare! so now Tiffani if you want to continue do it ! Or your eliminated of the challenge!

Tiffani: Um, No! I don't want to do this ...

Johan: Ok, go on the looser banch. Fight with a crocodile! Truth or Dare ?

Skyler: *Buzz* It's obvious, it's a dare !

Johan: Correct, It's Dan's dare! So Dan ?

Dan: I accept ! *go into the water* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH !

Skyler: How ?! It's like Impossible!

Dan: I have Karate when I was yonger.

Malik: Cool!

Johan: Skyler, Go on the looser banch!

Skyler: Uh ? Why ?

Johan: Since Dan done's his dare you are eliminated !

Skyler: Oh ! I hate this stupid challenge !

Johan: Pee on yourself during a date. Truth or Dare ?!

Malik: *buzz* Truth ...

Johan: Right!

Mariah: Truth ? who done this ?

Dan: Yeh, I wanna know ?

Johan: Malik!

Skyler: *start to laugh* Oh My !

Emma: It's not funny! It can happen to anyone !

Malik: Yeh ...

Johan: So, Kiss a Fish! Truth or Dare ?

Malik: *buzz* Truth?

Johan: Nope, Banch of looser right there !

  • Confesional: Emma: I have to win this chalenge, cause I'm sure Skyler is gonna make me voted off !

Johan: Shave your head, Truth or Dare ?

Mariah: *Buzz* Dare !

Johan: Correct, Emma, it's your dare no ?

Emma: Um, Yeah ...

Johan: Chef !

Skyler: *look happily*

Emma: No ! *Throw the shaver* I can not do this sorry !

Skyler: Welcome looser !

  • Confesional: Mariah: I'm sarting to thing that Skyler is not that Nice! Emma is my half-sister so I know that she's not mean !

Johan: Dan, Mariah ! This is the last question !

Dan: I hope I will win this one !

Mariah: Me too! Dan Good luck.

Johan: Face/faced a Woodpecker! Truth or Dare.

Dan: *Buzz* Dare !

Johan: Yes and it's Skyler Dare !

Skyler: No! I can't, remember I have lost the challenge !

Johan: Not so fast. If you do it Dan will be eliminated and Mariah will won immunity, but if you don't Dan will won immunity. So?

Skyler: I can't it's my worst Fear ! I'm afraid of Woodpeckers ! And i don't care about who will get immunity since I don't like All of you !

Johan: Ok, ok! So Dan you won immunity and a PDA !

Dan: Awesome !

Mariah: Crap...!

Johan: The rest of you! I'll see you at the elimination ceremony.

Skyler: But It's like the afternoon !

Johan: We will have an elimination by day !

  • At the elimination ceremony*

Johan: Marsmallow time! You know the routine, who ever does get a marshmallow it's save for you! The other you'll be eliminated. Dan, Mariah, Tiffani, Malik, Marshmallow for all of you !

Emma: Uh ?

Skyler: But, you forgot to give me my marshmallow ?!


Skyler: What?!

Emma: How ?!


Skyler and Emma are uspest of the double elimination.

Johan: Surprise !

Mariah: That's Right, Girl Your Back for were you came from !

Skyler: Shut up ! I'm out of this stupid game ! Duh !

Emma: But I was nice, I ended to became mean and nasty with people !

Tiffani: I don't voted for you !

Dan: Same.

Malik: Same

Mariah: Same

Johan: Since it was a double elimination and Emma and Skyler were the only person to receved vote they are eliminated.

Emma: So, you mean that if that was a simple elimination I'll be saved ?

Johan: Yep, cause you only received one vote.

Skyler: Duh, From me ! Anyway Bye Loosers !

Emma: Bye, Guys. I'm sorry if I was mean but You all diserve more to be on final 4 than me !

Skyler: Oh, Please. Can you the apologizy moment !

Emma: Zip it ! *Slap Skyler*

Mariah, Dan, Tiffani and Malik: Yeh, Emma ! *Group hug*

Emma: I'll miss you all! Bye!

Johan: You guys are The Final 4! And Now Something really special will start. Every person who will won immunity will choose who will be eliminated.

Malik: No more Elimination ceremony ?

Johan: No more Elimination ceremony, you will be just out ! So, Stay tooned on L'ILE DES DEFIS EXTREMES

Skyler: * Yell on the boat of loosers* This suck !!!

(Ep13) Friends Can Be Bad Sometimes... :

Johan: So Last Time We had a Truth or Dare Challenge. We discovered some hot topic on some contestants and the other contestants descovered that Skyer wasn't that Nice. Emma come back to Normal and Dan won is first challenge and Immunity. At the ceremony we have to say good bye to Skyler and Emma. 4 contestants left and a big surprise is coming for them! What will it be ? Join me for an all new episode of L'île des défis extrêmes!

Mariah: Tiffani, do you realize that we are the only two girl lefting of the show?

Tiffani: Yeah. That's incredible!

Mariah: I know right ?

Tiffani: I hope we will be together in Final 3!

Mariah: Me too! With what boy would you like to battle the final 3? Malik or Dan ?

Tiffani: I gotta say.. Dan!

Mariah: Dan? really? weren't you in love of Malik when we come on the island ?

Tiffani: Yep, but I have past the most of my days here with my teammates and Dan is really a nice person.

Mariah: Yeh he is. For me it's Malik because he's my best friend and I'll like to beat him on the final challenge ! Hahaha.

Tiffani: lol. You are always that competitive ? just kidding.

Mariah: Yep! hahahaha.

Johan: The Final 4, please join me at the dock of shame I got a surprise for you!

Malik: What do you think it will be ?

Dan: Don't know but I don't care, after all Johan make us do, it will surtenly be ok.

Malik: Your right, i guess. And you girls ?

Tiffani: Maybe a water challenge!

Dan:Why not ?

Mariah: Hope it will be a present for once ...

*at the dock*

Johan: Hi, lucky contestants!

Mariah: Oh My gosh! Arturo !

Dan: It's all the eliminated contestants !

Tiffani: Oh My god! Alice how are you my girl ?

Alice: Good and you ?

Tiffani: It's just the best final 4 ever! It can't be better!

Skyler: It would have been with me in it! Idiot!

Johan: So, here are all your old friends who have been eliminated. Ranked 14th Beau!

Beau: Hi !

Johan: Ranked 13th, The beautiful Monique !

Monique: Hello guys !

Mariah: Hey Monique, I'm really sorry you got eliminated this far !

Monique: Yep, because of a stupid injurie but that's ok now!

Johan: Ranked 12th CORALINE !

Coraline: Hi, I'm glad to saw you guys again !

Mariah: Same !

Johan: Then from the Yellow Stars Ranked 11th and 10th Mari Dora and Erick!

Mari Dora: Hello, I'm glad that at least Tiffani's in the final 4!

Tiffani: Thanks Mari Dora !

Erick: Hi...

Dan: Hi, Erick ...

Tiffani: How does it feel to have been eliminated because of his body ?

Erick: That feel ok, since now I'm with Alice again.

Alice: Yeah! *Kiss Erick*

Johan: Ranked 9th the little nerd, Chris.P !

Chris.P: Hello Mariah! I'm so happy for you, I'm your biggest fan, Vote for *being pushed by Arturo* Ouch !

Arturo: Shut it! Hey Babe !

Mariah: Hi, Honey !

Johan: Ranked 8th Arturo!

Malik: Sup ?

Arturo: Nothin' and you ?

Malik: Well I am in final 4 so it's all right.

Johan:Ranked 7th The Little Alice !

Alice: Hello, it's been 2 weeks I don't saw you guys it's like strange! I'll be rooting for all of you!

Dan: Thanks Alice!

Johan: And Finnally Ranked 6/5th Skyler and Emma! Any words ?

Emma: Yep, I hope Dan, or Tiffani will won the competition or Mariah ! I'll be rooting for you guys !

Johan: Skyler ?

Skyler: To all of you loosers? You should be ware if you won Cause This money is mine! You understand Mine ! You all sucks !

Johan: Ok Thanks Skyler. Now all the eliminated contestants will vote for the person of their choice, we will have no challenge and Dan you are already in Final 3 Cause you won last immunity.

Dan: Sweet !

Johan: So, Skyler ?

Skyler: I hate all fo you guys, but If I have to choose I'll choose Tiffani! She is the only person who I would like to beat if I was still in the Show!

Johan: Emma ?

Emma: Mariah !

Alice: Tiffani!

Arturo: Mariah, for sure!

Chris.P: Mariah !

Erick: Like Alice said Tiffani!

Mari Dora: Tiffani!

Coraline: Mariah!

Monique: Mariah!

Beau: Malik!

Johan: So The results are 1 for Malik, 4 for Tiffani and 5 for Mariah !

Mariah: Yay !

Tiffani: That means the Final 3 is Mariah Dan and me ?

Malik: Oh No, I am eliminated right ?

Johan: Not so fast people. I don't say that was a vote for who was going to be in final 3!

Mariah: Uh?

Tiffani: So, what was it for ?

Johan: That was a vote to know who you wanna eliminated ! So That means Mariah with the record of 5 votes is out of the game!

Mariah: What?! But it's not fair !

Arturo: You didn't tell anything to us !

Johan: Too bad for you guys! The Final 3 is Dan, Tiffani and Malik. Mariah time to take the boat of loosers girl!

Mariah: Fine, I'll go, but I hope Tiffani will won ! She diserve it even more than Malik and Dan!

Tiffani: Thank you Mariah!

Malik: Bye Mariah!

Dan: Bye ...

Mariah: Bye, I love you guys and sorry if I sounded rude but I'm like a little disapointed to have been eliminated ...

Malik: It's all right.

Johan: So Who will be In Final 2 ? What will be the next Torture of the 3 contestants left ? And Who will won ? SEE US NEXT TIME ON L'ILE DES DEFIS EXTREMES!

(Ep14) Trying To Survive :

Johan: Are you all ready for the Final ? Check this out, Right now on L'île des défis extrêmes!

  • At the dock of Shame in the morning*

Johan: Are you all ready for the final challenge ?

Tiffani: Yeah !

Malik: Yeah !

Dan: Yes !

Johan: Good, In front of you, you have 3 boats one with a motor, one with a oars and one with nothing. Tiffani since your the only girl you get the one with the motor.

Tiffani: Yay, finnally being the only girl lefting don't suck *enter on the boat*

Johan: And you will choose for Dan and Malik! It's gonna be Funny !

Tiffani: Dan you will get the one with the oars and Malik the boat with nothing, sorry.

Dan: Thanks, Tiff !

Malik: I won't say thanks but why ?

Tiffani: Cause Team Yellow stars all the way!

Malik: Fine ...


Tiffani: * turns on the motor* I feel I'm gonna win this part !

Dan: Not so fast Girl !


Tiffani: *ahead* go into the water and push it !

Malik: Oh come on ! *go into the water and start to push* this is gonna be long !

Dan: *rowing* Bye Malik See you at the Finale !

Tiffani: *motor stops* WHAT NO ?! THIS IS THE WORST CHALLENGE EVER !

Johan: Who will arrived to Hawaii first ?

Dan: *rowing and beat Johan* Me ! Hahaha!

Johan: Hey, I'm supposed to be first to saw all the race ! Anyway, Check this out after the break!


Tiffani: *swiming* I hate this show !

Malik: *saw the boat of Tiffani* Hey ... *go on it!

Dan: I'm gonna rock this game, Hawaii here I come!

Malik: *Turn on the motor* YES IT WORKS!

Johan: Oh, Malik is a lucky guy! Did you saw that Chef ?

Chef: Yeh, I bet you he will beat Tiffani!

Tiffani: *saw Malik* HOW ?! HEY IT'S MY BOAT ! JOHAN !!!

Johan: *on the megaphone* I'm sorry Tiffani but Malik take it so now it's his boat!

Malik: See ya ! Hahahaha Yes, yes, yes !


Dan: I saw The island and the old contestant, I'm gonna won !

  • Eliminated contestants* : Yeah ! *cheering*

Johan: *on the megaphone* If I was you I wouldn't talk to fast ...

Dan: Uh ?

Malik: *beat Dan* See ya, bro !


Tiffani: *yelling* he stole by boat !!!

Malik: *ahead* How did you get there ?! It's impossible ?!

Tiffani: At least I used My Brain and make a motor !

Dan: Wow, your really a good competitor Tiffani, but my strenght is better than your two motors !

Tiffani: Thanks, but don't talk this fast !! *beat Dan*

Dan: You wanna play this ! Good cause you'll regret this !

Tiffani: *yelling* I deserve this place in Final 2 ! Malik just stole my boat! I SAW THE ISLAND ! Yay !

Malik: Not so fast ...*throw a rock * Bye bye !

Tiffani: *the motor stops* NOOOO ! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS ! YOU WILL PAY FOR IT ! *start to rowing*

Mariah: I saw a boat !

Alice: Who is it ?

Mariah: I think it's Malik !

Arturo: Go Malik! Go Dude !

Malik: I WON I WON I WON ! I'm First !!! YAY ! Final 2 here I come !

Johan: Gongrats Malik! You won your place in final 2 and when the two other loosers will arrived you will choose who you wanna battle! In the BIGGEST FINALE EVER !

Malik: Ok !

Dan: *arrived* Yes, Finally ! Am I first ?

Malik: No your not ! Your second Dan !

Dan: Oh, come on! Anyway That's all right I know you'll choose me, bro!

Johan: And here come Tiffani, finally ...

Tiffani: Some people are gonna pay, Ok! First I wanna say that Malik your a Jerk ! How could you do this to me Stole my boat and then broke my second boat ! Oh and Dan your not even better! You abondonemed me like that I tought you were Nice, you wasn't really fairplay with me! Anyway, I hope you will choose me cause I deserve to be in finaleif Malik doesnt take my boat I will have won this part !

Johan: Wow wow wow, Calm down Tiffani! Now Please Malik choose who you want to be against you in the finale you have 5 minutes to make your choise.

Malik: Ok.

Johan: First, Dan and Tiffani, if you have some reason why Malik should pick you ?

Dan: Yes, You should pick me Malik cause you know i'm a good competitor and that we were really friends when the merge started so that will be a great battle !

Johan: Tiffani ?

Tiffani: Malik, you should choose me cause I deserve this place and if your not an bad person and a selfish guy you will do the right choise! I deserved my place as Dan !

Malik: Ok, so My choise is obvious I'm gonna choose .... Tiffani !

Dan: What ?!

Johan: I second that ! What ?!

Dan: I tought we were friend ?! and after all she said to you !!

Malik: We are friend but this is purly strategic, You are better in sports than me and If the last challenge is a sport challenge I'll have more chance to win against Tiffani and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be an intelectual challenge, so that's it .

Johan: So Dan I'm sorry but you can join the loosers! Tiffani your in finale my girl !

Tiffani: Yes! I hope I will won and you will see that a girl can be better than you !

Alice: Yeah !

Mariah: GO TIFFANI !

Emma: Yay! Team Girl all the way !!!!!

Tiffani: Thanks!

Malik: So what is our final challenge ?

Johan: You will don't have any challenges ! Cause all the loosers are gonna vote for the winner, and at the end we will know who will be the winner of L'Île des Défis Extrêmes!

Malik: That sucks !

Dan: You suck !

Johan: Hahaha Classic !

(Ep15) Final Time:

Johan: Are you all Ready FOR THE BIGGEST FINALE EVER ?

All: Yeah !!!

Johan: Nice, Cause One by one you'll have to go to the Confessional and vote for who you wanna saw go back at home with 1 MILLION DOLLARS AND A CAR !

Tiffani: Speaking of it, since the show as started you allways said "1 million and a car" but what sort of car ?

Malik: Yep, 1 million dollars is good but a car who isn't from a good brand sucks!

Johan: The car is a Red Ferrari! So ?

Malik: Forget what I said this car do not sucks !

Tiffani: Yeah, a ferrari is way better than my parents old car...

Johan: I heard that you had a little crush on a contestant when you arrived. Is it real Tiffani ?

Tiffani: Yes, I had one, but why ask you this ? It's the finale!

Johan: First, Malik and You, will tell to all the other contestants what you have thinked during this month passed on the island. I guess the finale is the best moment to tell it, No ?

Malik: I agree with you for one time Johan.

Tiffani: Well, First I want to say that this month was really long but I had really good moments on the island and have make many friend that I'll really miss. And the crush that I got was on Malik, but now I don't.

Johan: Why ?

Tiffani: Because, we weren't on the same team and we doesn't take the time to talk when you broke the teams, so that is all, at least I really wanted Dan to be on the final against me, but I'm happy that Malik choose me, even if it's cause Dan strenght scared him...

Johan: Ok, and who will you miss the most ?

Tiffani: Emma, Dan, Alice and Mariah They were the person that I always liked and admired, sure we all have bad moments but I'll miss all of them and I really love them.

Emma: Same for me Tiff!

Alice: Yeah, your just a nice person and I guess This show make you take care that you were more intelligent that you seems !

Tiffani: Thanks Alice.

Dan: I'm happy that you guys, are in the finale, but I would have been so happy If I was in too, anyway, I know for who I will vote.

Johan: Ok, Malik any word ?

Malik: Um, I really wanna thanks all the contestants who have been here, this was a great adventure, even if some times I wanted to back home. But Now that I'm here, I am so glad to have gone this far. Really happy!

Johan: Who will you miss ?

Malik: Who will I miss? For sure Mariah, Arturo, Dan and Chris.P too, the little nerd was kinda cool some times!

Chris.P: Thanks Malik.

Mariah: and, I think you forget someone...

Malik: Yeah, Tiffani also...

Tiffani: Oh, me too Malik, that is really nice, cause we didn't really talk...

Malik: Yeah and I wanna tell you somethin'

Tiffani: Yeah ?

Malik: You the one That I dream about all day, My love is your love, your love is mine, Tiffani I love you !

Mariah: Uh?

Arturo: Oh!

All: *Surprise*

Johan: Awww so cute, What have you to say Tiffani?

Tiffani: *blushes* Malik I didn't knew it, I tought you wasn't attracted to me...

Malik: I always was, and it's also the reason why I choosed you, I was too shy to tell you it and now it will be the last time so...

Dan: I knew it !

Johan: Ok, love birds Now it's time for the Votes, go all in the confessional!

  • After everyone goes*

Johan: Here are the results, you already have one vote for you since you go this far, without being voted off, or eliminated.

Malik: Sweet *blushes* Tiffani can I take your hand ?

Tiffani: *blushes* Sure.

Johan: Tiffani! So Tiffani: 2 Malik:1.

Tiffani: ok.

Johan: Tiffani again, Tiffani:3 Malik:1

Malik: I guess you will won, Tiff...

Tiffani: It doesn't matter if I won or not I wanna be with you now, *kiss cheeck*

Malik: Really ? *blushes*

Tiffani: Yes, but first we should go not too fast and take the time to know each other much better.

Johan: Malik, Tiffani: 3 Malik:2

Malik: Ok, i'm good with that, Tiff.

Johan: Um, Can you listen, please ? Fine, Another vote for Malik, Tiffani:3 Malik:3

Beau: Go Malik!!!

Johan: Now I'm gonna read all the votes ok? So:








and the lats vote is for Tiffani

Malik: So? who won ?

Alice: Yeah!



Malik: I'm glad you won, Tiff!

Tiffani: I wanna say something, I LOVE YOU BOY *Kiss*

Malik: *kiss back*

Alice, Emma and Mariah: Awww so cute !

Dan: Yeah Tiffani!

Arturo: I guess, love is better than money, no ?

Mariah: Totally, *kiss*

Arturo: *kiss back*

Johan: Oh I guess Hawaii have a little smell of love, uh ?

Skyler: Yeah ... Disgusting, I want my Dexie!

Johan: But Not So fast Cause 8 of you will return in season 8 and Tiffani Is gonna choose who! Tiffani?

Tiffani: Ok so I pick Malik, Mariah, Alice, Dan, Arturo, Emma and Chris.P!

Beau: What?!

Skyler: I hate you!

Monique: I already won Total Drama Danger, so ...

Erick: Your gonna pay for it, girl!

Coraline: Oh crap, I wanted to be on season 2!

Mari Dora: Anyway, I always hated this show!

Johan: That's been a great SEASON OF L'ile des défis extremes! But stay Tooned for Season with Tiffani, Arturo, Mariah, Alice, Emma, Dan, Chris.P, Malik and 4 new competitors ! ON CINE DEFIS EXTREMES!

Chef:*angrily* I want to be payed! Were's my money! Johan !

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