Kyenza is a competitor on Epic Totally Dramatic Rap Battles of History.


Not much information of Kyenzas life was presented to us...

His real name is presumed to be Justin or Jonah. We can tell you however that he was born and raised in Australia, and came to the United States as an illegal immigrant at around the age of 15.

Apparently, his main goal in life was to spread the "message" targeting race & religon. He would do this through rap music, which was another goal of his.

Kyenza would send demo tracks to various recording companies in an attemp to release his music to the world! No recording companies would hire him, since Kyenzas music, as mentioned, targeted race & religon.

Kyenza joined ETDRBOH for the free recording deal! He hopes to win & share his music to the world!


Age - Believed to be 20. He claimed this, but working applications & his credit card say he is 24.

Residence - Burbank, Australia (where he was born & raised). Port Saint Lucie, Florida (current residence).

Likes - Rap music, Computer animation, Skateboarding, Youtube, Racism

Dislikes - Race, Religon, Australia

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