Kristen, labeled as The Cutie-Pie is a contestant in Total Drama Pandemonium.

Fluttering Robins/ Galloping Stallions/ Ruling Kings and Queens
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "Chapter Nine: Just Another Talent Contest"
Place 11-13
Relationship Pierre
Friends Nikki, Pam, Pierre
Enemies TBA
Fear Lumberjacks
Talent Dancing

Challenge Guide

Challenge One: Kristen made it up the tree, but her team lost. She was safe.

Challenge Two: Kristen gave Nikki a makeover that she loved. Aliza slapped Albert in front of her and revealed her true nature to them. She and Pam tried to wake up Hugo, but he yelled at them. Her team lost, but she was safe.

Challenge Three: She was shot by Ethan. Her team lost, but she was safe.

Challenge Four: She talked with Nikki about her ex-boyfriend. Her team won the challenge.

Challenge Five: She went with Rick and Violet during the challenge. Her team won.

Challenge Six: She was chosen to be on the Galloping Stallions. Her team lost the challenge, but she was safe.

Challenge Seven: She went with Pierre during the scavenger hunt. Her team won.

Challenge Eight: Pierre flirted with her in the opening of the chapter. She participated in the race, but lost. Her team won, and she qualified for the merge.

Challenge Nine: She worked with Pierre, and performed a duet, and were cut off for sounding terrible as they sang. They were eliminated.


Pierre- He has been shown to have more affection for her than the other girls, even getting her a chocolate covered croissant in chapter eight. They sang a love song together in the talent contest, eliminating them.

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