Kris (TD:W)
Team Mega
Kris copy
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Episode Eliminated "TDW: Wrong Move"
Place 10th
Relationship Sarah
Family Mother, Father, Brother, Cousins
Friends Cody, Austin
Enemies Jordan, Brandon, Caleb
Kris is labeled the Liar and competed in Total Drama: Westside.


Kris is a constant liar to everyone. He lies to his family, friends and teachers, just about anyone he talks to. He signed up for Total Drama to straight up win the money.


Episode 1: He arrived on the island insulting some of the other campers. He was put on Team Mega with Austin and Warren. He soon made an alliance with Austin and another camper named Cody. In the challenge he lost to Brandon when he was gloating and taken by surprise he was pushed off the edge. However, his team was safe that night.

Episode 2: In the challenge he soon eliminated Caleb by scaring him and Austin by ordering him to and he eventually got himself to the final 2 with Jordan. In the end he slipped right before Jordan and lost. His team was then picked by Jordan for elimination and Kris was outraged. Cody then revealed to both sides of his alliance and then Kris got an alliance with Cody, Austin, Wesley and Jordan. He still didn't trust Jordan so he told him to vote off Warren to show his loyalty, which he did.

Episode 3: In the challenge Kris lasted until the final 3. It was revealed he had been chating the whole time by sleeping with his eyes open. He was disqualified but his team was safe. His alliance originally gunned for Brandon but Jordan claimed Nathan was a bigger threat. Kris became suspicous but voted out Nathan anyway.

Episode 4: In the challenge he was taken out early when he and Austin were surprised by Spikes and shot. His team was once again safe and aimed for Daniel, but once Caleb exploded on everyone he voted Caleb out.

Episode 5: In the challenge he was doing good but when he went into the other room he was apparently eliminated from the challenge. But, he had been lying and was still in the challenge. He overheard Brandon and Jordan talking about their alliance so he went up behind Jordan and hit him into the water winning the challenge. He then approached Jordan later and blackmailed him into voting for Brandon.

Episode 6: There was no challenge just elimination. Kris thought about taking out Cody or Jordan but eventually sided with Cody in voting out Zach. However, he was blindsided when Jordan got Daniel, Zach and Wesley to vote for him and he was eliminated in a 4-3 vote.

Reunion: He had a fight with Jordan and was beaten and had to be taken off stage. Due to this, he is unable to compete in the next season along with Zach.

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