Kourtney is a character labeled as The Actor in Total Drama Idiots. She was placed on the 'Screaming Parasites'.

Screaming Parasites
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "?"
Place  ?
Relationship None
Friends Khloe
Enemies Kim (one-sided on her side)


Kourtney was always a very bright girl. As a baby, she had acting jobs in some commercials and one TV show. Oh how she loved to act. She always got the lead in the plays and never let anyone stand in her way. She was also very popular at school and wasn’t really liked by most people because of how she always got her way. After a while, she realized she was hated so she scrambled for everyone to be her friends in an act. After one person noticed that they didn’t like them after Kourtney said it behind their back. The student exposed it to the school. The popular’s didn’t even really like her for a while. She gained all her friends back and started to focus on her acting career and not acting out stuff in real life. She joined Total Drama Idiots to really start up her acting career with the money.

Total Drama Idiots

In Idiot Arrivals, Kourtney arrived with Khloe second to last. Kourtney acts like a villain after being talked to last. Then after everyone backed away she revealed that she was just acting to be a villain. Kourtney started to blossom in Character Analysis. She explained that not many people liked her back home. She then gave them a reason not to like her by ridiculing Khloe who almost hugged her with her gloves on. After, she also revealed she was a little spoiled but tried to tone it down a little. Kourtney suggested an alliance between the girls minus Kim on her team and said she wouldn't care if she was first target if every boy got out on her team. Kim joined the alliance even though Kourtney was hesitant after Kim blew up Disney World, after all. Throughout the rest of the episode, she ignored Kim and her problems. At the challenge, Perry had to act as her who immediately quit since she seemed nice to him. Kourtney was then given the task to act as "Squirrel" ironically being the actor. She ended up winning the challenge with her team along with Khloe and Shelly.

Audition Tape


  • The picture was drawn by Jessica who originally drew this for Webly in a canceled fanfiction.
  • Her name was purposely named after one of the Kardashian sisters.

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