Kirsty, labeled as the Always happy girl is a contestant on Total Drama Cruise.

She joined to become friends with more people.

Running Beavers, Dancing Ducks
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "Total Drama Cruise Idol"
Place Eleventh
Relationship Adam(On her side)
Friends Becky, Tina, Stu, Lauren
Enemies Kayla, Yohan, Max
Fear Being mean to someone
Talent Making friends


Kirsty was always happy and everyone she met became her friend. She used to be depressed a lot but then she got she went to a speech by some unknown guy and the speech was about life. She realized that you should enjoy life and look at it always positive and thats when she became happy all the time. She joined Total Drama Cruise because she ran out for new friends to make in her town, so she decided to meet some people on a reality show.

Challenge Guide

Chapter One - In the surfing contest Kirsty was knocked off by a wave but her team won.

Chapter 2 - Kirsty successfully made it under the pole and her team won.

Chapter 3 - Kirsty's job was to find pants and it was revealed that she stole Keith's pants and her team won in the end.

Chapter 4 - Kirsty did a cheer routine in the talent show and got a three and their team lost. She voted for Lauren but Adam was voted off instead.

Chapter 5 - Kirsty did not compete in any of the games but her team still won.

Chapter 6 - Kirsty was stranded on island two and her island won.

Chapter 7 - Kirsty had to guess which flavor of pudding is the best and she guessed chocolate and that was correct. Her team won in the end.

Chapter 8 - Kirsty was on defense for her team but she lost the chest and her team lost. Kirsty voted for Felicia and she was eliminated.

Chapter 9 - Kirsty pogo sticked for her team and she won the challenge for her team and her team won.

Chapter 10 - Kirsty didn't do much except cheer on her team and her team won thanks to Stu

Chapter 11 - Kirsty picked a song for Becky and got a five. She voted for Max but she was eliminated instead.


Adam - When Adam got eliminated Kirsty said that she loved him and kissed him but its not sure if Adam likes her back.


Its not official but it its likely that Becky and Kirsty are in an alliance.


  • Kirsty is a redesign of Katie's original design.
  • Kirsty was on the second boat and the eighth one off.
  • Kirsty was stranded on island two.
  • Kirsty received a total of two votes.
  • Kirsty sat on Stu's bleacher.

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