Khloe is a character labeled as The Hand Model in Total Drama Idiots.

For Webly finished
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "?"
Place  ?
Relationship  ?
Friends  ?
Enemies  ?


Khloe has always been a nice and quiet girl. At the age of ten, she was offered a job modeling rings. She took this job without one thought and loved it. Her parents supported her through all of this and Khloe started doing more modeling jobs at higher prices. She loved modeling but kept it a secret to her friends at school. She didn’t want to seem like a rich person so she never told anyone. She didn’t talk a whole lot anyways so it wasn’t that hard of a secret to keep. She wears gloves protecting her hands so they don’t get dirty. When questioned why she tells people that she has a condition that makes her hands get cold easy. She joined Total Drama Idiots to earn money for her modeling career hoping that she’ll model for bigger people and bigger things. She didn’t really care what the competition was called.

Total Drama Idiots


Audition Tape


  • The picture was drawn by OHF.
  • Her name is named after one of the Kardashian sisters purposely.
  • Her original name was Lana.

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