Kevin is a character from the series Total Drama X. He first appeared in Total Drama X: Sunset Valley along with thirteen other competitors. He is given the label of "The All-Star".


Kevin as a child was introduced to sports alot. As an infant, his father would sit him in front of the television to watch Basketball and Football. He began playing Baseball and Soccer at the age of five. By teenage years, he was experienced in nearly every sport.

Kevin joined Total Drama X to better his skills in camping and survival abilities.


Kevin is very tall and lanky. He is very thin and doesn't appear to have much upper body strength. He has large brown puffy hair and a stubble on his chin.

He has thick eyebrows and hazel colored eyes. He wears a blue tank top with a star and white band in the middle. He wears dark blue basketball shorts and tall white socks.

He has large dark blue shoes, he claims as size 12 in American measurement.


Kevin is a very trustworthy competitor and is very laid-back as well. He doesn't appear to have many strong emotions towards certain subjects and gets along with most people.

He does know about his upper edge in athletic ability, yet he doesn't like to boast or act cocky about it.

He has a very vast knowledge about certain topics and likes to give advice to people, however, he doesn't think very much when under pressure and can act out of pure emotion at times.

Sunset Valley

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Audition Tape

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  • He is the tallest contestant in Total Drama X: Sunset Valley
  • He is the last male contestant to be created for the show.
  • Kevin's original design had much paler skin, and he wasn't originally African American but Caucasian.


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