Gender Female
Place 1st
Teammate Grover
Relationship None
Friends Grover, Cealey, Sylvia, Clay, Evelyn
Enemies None
Hometown Chicago, Illinois
Original Pyramid Piece Luck
Kenyatta Kruetzfeldt was a character competiting in Endurance. She was labeled The Caring Friend. Kenyatta won the competition.


Kenyatta was born into a large family. She had six sisters and one younger brother. Being a middle child, Kenyatta never got much attention in her family. This is probably what caused Kenyatta to be so shy during her elementary school years. Going into middle school, Kenyatta's parents worried if she would get bullied for being so shy, so they enrolled her into an all-girl's academy. At her new school, Kenyatta learned to socialize with other girls and crack out of her shell. In eighth grade, Kenyatta won Student Council President, voted by her peers. Now, Kenyatta is very socially active in many clubs at her school, like debate team and the drama department. When Kenyatta was sixteen, she watched her older cousin, LeShawna, compete on a reality show. Since LeShawna failed to win, Kenyatta signed up for Endurance, trying to take a victory for her family.

Chapter Guide

In This Is Endurance, Kenyatta fell into Grover on accident and spilled her smoothie on him. They became friends after that for some reason. Kenyatta chose an empty bunk for herself. Kenyatta kept quiet when she learned what the teams were, and she was happy because Candice placed Grover and Kenyatta on the same team. And eventually, she was placed with Grover. Kenyatta and Grover picked the Luck piece because Grover was 100% Irish. For the grand prize trip, they chose the African Safari because Kenyatta wanted to see her birthplace again. She was confused about what a Samadhi was. Later, she watched the blue and red teams connect their streamers to each other's totem poles. Clay knocked them down with a rock later.


  • Her image is drawn by Sprinklemist.
  • Kenyatta and Grover were the only team to not have won any missions up until Chapter Ten. They were also the only team to not have been penalized in any form.

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