Kenny, labeled the Hot Guy is a contestant on Total Drama Kingdom.

Kenny (Total Drama Kingdom)
Killer Knights
Black Aces
Gender Male
Hair color Blond
Episode Eliminated "Spear Factor"
Place 5/9
Relationship Kelly (One-sided on her part)
Family Unknown
Friends Marshall, Ruby, Ed (debatable)
Fear Getting locked in a closet
Talent Being hot


Kenny break dances to a rap song.


Kenny wasn't always as hot as he looks. In fact, he used to be uglier than some people. But when Kenny got into the third grade, after being home-schooled, he came face-to-face with the popular kids. He came home that day miserable. "I'm ugly" was his catchphrase for the rest of the year. One day, however, in the seventh grade, Kenny went to a makeover salon. They removed his freckles, gave him sunglasses, a new wardrobe and a tan. He went into school the next day as the most popular kid in the class.

Kenny joined TDK to prove that you can do anything you need to with your life with money.


  • Kenny is an edit of Harold.
  • Kenny is clearly based off of Justin.
  • Kenny supported Ruby in the finale.
  • Kenny was the only person to quit. He quit due to needing better medical attention.
  • Due to this, Kenny was originally planned to return right after Ruby. However, this was cut out.
  • He and Ruby were also supposed to return for season 2, but users voted Terrence instead.
  • In retrospect, the author realized that his near-death can be used as a South Park reference.

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