Kelly (Total Drama Kingdom)
Crazy Kings
Black Aces
Kelly (total drama kingdom)
Gender Female
Hair color Blond
Place 1/9
Relationship Terrence (temporary), Ed (One-sided on her part until Ed's elimination), Kenny (One-sided on her part)
Friends Everyone
Fear Wearing a bad outfit to school
Talent Singing...horribly

Kelly, labeled the Uncool Girl of the Crazy Kings, is a contestant on Total Drama Kingdom.


Kelly thought of herself as popular her entire life. When she was in kindergarten, she thought being friends with everyone was being popular. Which, at that age, is. But as she aged, she started becoming a bit of a nerd. ...Well, a lot of a nerd. And her opinion of popularity never changed. When she got into middle school, where popular means being mean, she was still nice to everyone. Something that furthered her "nerd" status was getting glasses. Now, everyone thinks that she is annoying because she sings badly, says that she's popular a lot, and due to that fact that she thinks she's popular, makes big decisions without permission from others.

Kelly auditioned for Total Drama Kingdom to show that popularity makes a winner.


Kelly is in her bed, holding the camera up. "I'm Kelly, and my best talent is singing." She then sings loudly and off-key.


  • Kelly is an edit of Beth.
  • Kelly's personality is somewhat a mixture of Harold and Beth.
  • Kelly won Total Drama Kingdom.


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