Keith, labeled as the Big, nice guy is a contestant on Total Drama Cruise.

He joined Total Drama Cruise to help people he didn't know.

Jumping Monkeys
Roger 2
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "We're Stranded!"
Place seventeenth
Relationship None
Friends None
Enemies Aaron, Kayla, Sophia, Myron, Lauren
Fear Having to hurt someone
Talent Lifting heavy objects


Keith used to be wimpy but since he got picked by bullies to much he went to gym for a long time and got really strong. Instead of fighting back and hurting the bullies he decided that he shouldn't use his strength to be mean. Instead he became really nice and helped everyone out with his strength. He joined Total Drama Cruise to help out people he didn't know.

Chapter Guide

Chapter One - Keith was knocked off by a wave but his team won the surfing contest.

Chapter 2 - Keith's belly touched the pole while he was going under it but his team still won.

Chapter 3 - Keith was sent after something most liekly but never found anything and he returned to the sky deck pant less and then Aaron stole his shirt to win the challenge for his team.

Chapter 4 - Keith was not in the talent show but his team still won.

Chapter 5 - Keith did not compete in any of the games and his team lost. He voted for Diane and she was eliminated.

Chapter 6 Keith was stranded on island three and his island lost. He voted for Myron but he was eliminated.

Audition Tape

"You know why you should pick me for your show?" asked a fat teenager sitting on a couch "You should pick me because I'm nice, likable, and smart." he said as he stood up "Isn't that the type of people who should be on your show?" he asked as he turned off the camera.


  • Keith is a redesign of DJ's old design.
  • Keith was on the last boat and the fourth one off.
  • Keith was stranded on island three.
  • Keith sat on Brianna's bleacher.

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