Mr. McLean's Penguins
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Place 1st
Relationship None
Family Mother, Father, Younger Brother
Friends Foxface, Meagan, Luc, Bunny
Enemies Rufus, Zari Arbinian
Fear Spiders
Talent Painting

Keetin, labeled The Carefree Artist, is a contestant on Total Drama Antarctica. For Keetin, worrying and studying was never in her nature. She is easily distracted and quits studying to go to paint. She gets things done eventually and pulls her grades along, but she excels in painting and having fun. Keetin is often worried about by her parents, because they want her to be a boy-loving, fashion-wearing cheerleader. Instead, Keetin doesn't care for either of these things and spends all her time in her room, painting. She joined Total Drama Antarctica to see the beauty of the continent.

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