Kayla (Spirit)
Killer Bass
Gender Female
Hair color Red
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Fear Social disorder
Talent Staying calm
Kayla, labeled The Hippie is a contestant on Total Drama Island (Spirit's Version).


Hippies are all about being peaceful and quiet. That's somewhat true for Kayla. She's all about peace, but she feels like she must be loud and proud to get people's attention. Kayla can be sweet and charming at times, but she can also be very abrasive and rude. She is set off very easily and is never one to bicker with. At the same time, she means no harm and always tries to have fun and create friends. Kayla is planning to win to donate to organizations that are saving trees and animals.


  • Kayla was created by Wiz-Dan on DeviantArt.

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