Katie is a player in Total Drama Insanity.

Katie (TDIn)
Murderous Mosquitoes
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "I Just Wanna Dance"
Place 14
Relationship DJ
Friends DJ, Amy, Halle, Danny, Damien, Daisy, Cody
Enemies Harold

Since TDI...

Katie, after TDI, had to move to a new neighborhood, away from Sadie, her BFFFL. While she talked to Sadie every day, she slowly grew as a person from not always seeing her. Katie became a more unique and full person, becoming a whole human being, not just half a friendship.

Time on TDIn

In Who ARE These Freaks?, Katie was placed on the Shouting Spiders team and was assigned a room with Julie. In One Kick for the Team, Katie played offense for the second half. She hugged DJ when her team won, but quickly let go when she realized what she was doing. In Batons, Schemes, a Hot Tub, and Ice Cream, Halle convinced Katie to join her in an alliance with her and Amy. Katie did not participate in the relay race. She voted for Harold with Halle and Amy and convinced DJ to vote with her, and later confessed that she liked him. In Both reached for the flag, Katie played defense with Halle and Amy, guarding the flags. Her team won. In Let's see how much you suck!, Katie didn't audition for the show, because her dance wasn't complete without Sadie. She voted for Sammie, due to Halle's orders.

In Take me out to the Drama Game!, Katie played second base. Her team won the romantic dinner, but had to vote someone out anyway. Katie voted for Maya. In A Dark Shade of Drama, Katie sat with DJ at the romantic dinner and enjoyed every moment of it. Afterward, she hooked up with DJ. Her team lost the challenge. In Hunt or be Hunted!, Katie spent most of the challenge with her boyfriend DJ. Katie got hit a few times with paintballs, but her team won anyway. In I Just Wanna Dance, Katie's team lost. She voted for Spense on Halle's orders, but thanks to Damiel's scheming, Katie was eliminated. As per the rules of that night, Katie got to eliminate one person from the opposite team with her. She picked Cody because she wanted him to be happy with Cathy, who was also eliminated.


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