Katie (TDALF1)
Gender Female
Hair color Light Brown
Eye color Navy Blue
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship Olaf, Sly (Broken-up)
Family Father, Mother, Brother, Sisters
Friends Avery, Olaf
Enemies Sly
Fear Monkeys
Talent Singing, Dancing, Gymnastics, Eating, Bone Fighting

Katie is a character labeled as The Blossomed Beauty in Behind the Mask.


Katie is the second youngest of four girls and the third oldest of five. She grew up with the second most amount of attention (next to her older sister: Jessica). Katie always tried to prove to her parents she was better then their prized daughter. Although Katie hasn't won anything yet, she always gets hit on in competitions she is in. The boys who hit on her think she is cute, so they ask her out. She says yes, but then after one date, breaks up with them for being wrong for her. She finally found the right guy, Olaf, a friendly Russian, but they keep having problems. Katie is friendly too, but has no idea about her relationship with Olaf anymore. Even though she is friendly, she has a strategistical side. She is also an analyzer.

Katie auditioned for Total Drama to finally prove to her sister that she can win a competition.


  • Katie was in IRC Camps Season Three. She placed 10th.
    • She was in a relationship with Sly, played by KKJ, but backstabbed him, then got backstabbed by her friends, and Louis, played by Nalyd.
  • Katie has gotten back together with Olaf.
  • In Behind the Mask, Katie is killed, but this event does not relate to her Total Drama experience. 


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