Katie (TD...S)
Screaming Leeches
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated "TDI...S: Are We Bear Yet?"
Place TDI...S: 16th
Relationship Justin (attracted to)
Friends DJ, Eva, Gwen, Justin, LeShawna, Noah, Sadie
Enemies Ezekiel
Fear The dark

Katie, labeled The Sweet Girl, was the fifteenth contestant introduced on Total Drama Island... Sorta. She was placed on the Screaming Leeches. She didn't participate in Total Drama Action... Sorta, but was a commentator on the Aftermath show.


Katie is seen as a sweet girl, ideally perfect to be the leader of the 'nice girls' clique. However, her 'entourage', if you could call it that, solely consists of Sadie. Both Katie and Sadie constantly rely on each other for strength and support. Katie is a huge part of Sadie's support, as Sadie constantly has issues with bullying due to the fact she's overweight. Katie is a leader. Maybe not in an obvious way, like taking control of challenges, but she is a leader, starting new fashion trends for her BFFFLTE (Best Female Friend For Like Totally Ever) Sadie. Upon coming on the show, it was clear that Katie has separation issues. This separation issues cause her to cry and moan, as seen when Katie and Sadie were put on different teams. This caused Bridgette to swap teams with Sadie in order to keep both girls happy. However, these separation issues ultimately caused Katie's downfall, because when Sadie was eliminated, two episodes later, Katie quit due to the fact that she no longer had her friend with her.

Total Drama Island... Sorta

Total Drama Action... Sorta


  • Katie and Sadie are the only contestants that knew each other before coming on the show.

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