Katie (Solar)
Killer Bass
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "Not So Happy Campers - Part 2"
Place 22nd
Friends Sadie
Enemies Courtney
Katie, labeled The Sweet Girl #01, is a contestant on Camp of Drama, as a member of the Killer Bass team.

Camp of Drama

Katie, along with her best female friend for life, Sadie, were the elventh and twelveth campers to arrive on the island in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1. She was excited to be at a summer camp, along with her friend. After being introduced by Chris, the two comment on how sweet they are, and shared a hug. Afterwards, she notices a hottie and the two begun to gush over Justin. They later comment on how attractive Trent is as he arrives, and once again gush over him. She turns lovestruck as he refers to her as a lady. She is later placed on the Killer Bass.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Katie is shown to be upset as she is not placed on the same team as her best friend, Sadie, and has the bunk all to herself. She, along with Courtney, Beth and Lindsay are shown to be frightened by Izzy's dynamite, but are relieved as they find out that it is a prank. At the Main Lodge, Katie and Sadie sit next to eachother, relieved that they can finally talk to eachother. They later gush over Trent, but get into a small quarrel over who gets to date him, but she silences her bestie as he comes along. The two begin to obsess over him, which causes him to change seats, and they get mad at eachother. Still upset during the challenge, Katie and Sadie beg to be on the same team, but Chris does not allow it, however, they jump off the cliff together and land in the safe zone giving both of their teams a point. Her team loses the challenge, but in a shocking elimination ceremony, she is the first camper eliminated as Courtney convinced others to vote for her to save herself. 

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