Kaitlyn is labeled as The Sweet Girl was one of the 16 contestants on Total Drama Chaos.

Raging Raccoons
Warrior Princesses
Chaotic Fighters
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "Couple Up"
Place 8th
Relationship Michael
Friends Michael, Jenika, Clair, Lucy
Enemies Joe, Teresa, Todd, Hatcher, Paul
Fear Earthquakes
Talent Enjoying life, Drawing, Writing poems, Cheering people up


Kaitlyn enjoyed everything she owned, no matter how old she got. All the students in her class loved being around her, because she was able to make the classroom fun and cheerful most of the time. She was a very popular student in general, since she cheered lots of people up when they were down. Despite her cheerful nature, she was never able to find a boyfriend. She manages to flirt with them, but they didn't know she really wanted them to be their girlfriend and thought she was just doing it for fun. In her spare time, she writes poems, draws in her sketchbook, and goes outside to play or to go shopping. Because of cheerful nature, one of her friends told her about a show called Total Drama Chaos and told her she would be perfect for it. She signed up for the show because her friend wanted her to and to have a good time too.

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