Team A
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Blonde
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship TBA
Family TBA
Friends Adam, Misery
Enemies Valen
Fear Untidiness
Talent Tap dance

K.C labeled The Handsome Wiseacre is a contestant on Total Drama Isle of Terror.



Audition Tape

The screen shows a gigantic white house with a big garden. A boy in a smoking walks to the camera and smiles to his butler. "Thanks dude, my dad gives you 50 bucks. Now go." The boy said. He has tight blonde hair and looks gorgeous. "No offense but my family told me not to sign up for the reality/drama show Total Drama. I was wondering what a reality television show could do with you. Anyway, I'm British. And behind me there is my house. My dad's personal workers dont want me to film it. Well, my name is K.C. Kendall Croyton. My dad and mom decided to give me the name K.C. Long story. My butler will show the garden while I'm going to brunch. Bye." K.C said and walks back to his house. The butler looks to the camera. "Don't pick him, he is a jerk." He said and puts the camera off.

Total Drama Isle of Terror




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