team Smart Foxes

Justin is an original TDI contestant labeled "The Eye Candy". He makes a short appearence on Total Drama Season of Stars as a part of the team Smart Foxes.

Total Drama Season of Stars

In Like Old Days he is first seen resting at the big ship. When Chris says that it's going to explode he starts running to the life - boats along with the other 49 contestants. He hops on the boat with a fox on it along with half of them. When they arrive to the docks they realize that this was a challenge and they are on the winning team. In Dream Match he has no lines but still watches how some of the other contestants fight their dreams and gets a marshmellow at the elimination ceremony. In Gaming, dodging and more he gets hit by an unknown contestant but still has no lines. In Paintball Rabbit and Fox Hunt he has no lines again but still becomes a fox. In The Floating Shame o' Trivia he watches how Sugar, Shawn, DJ, Blaineley, Beardo and Sky loose their reputations. In The Show goes on... and on... And ON he appears with all the other 44 contestants lying on the bunk beds outside the cabins. He later appears when sqwases to get the mirror thrown by B, but hits Eva which makes their bus make two circles and at the end he is eliminated.

Opening Sequence

He is only seen looking at his mirror next to Dave, Owen and Blaineley.

Promo Clip after Elimination

Justin: They just eliminated the only beautiful player in this game!

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