Justin headshot (TDI-G&S)

This character page is designed for use with Total Drama Island, by Gilbert and Sullivan


Justin is an Incredible Hunk so hot that even men and animals want him. Most girls—even the likes of Eva—desire him on sight. In the special episode following the season finale—the first episode since the premiere where Justin actually speaks—it is revealed that he is about to embark on a career as a male model, with three separate contracts for various body regions. Justin has the most detailed eyes of all the characters.

A one-joke character in Season 1, Justin became a major character in Season 2. Justin is one of several TDI characters with a reasonably close analog (Archibald Grosvenor in Patience) in the Gilbert & Sullivan series.

Justin's Theme

Song of the Breeze (“Sighing Softly to the River”) from The Pirates of Penzance (MIDI file 1:10 – 3:56)

(click link below for the MIDI file)

The Pirates of Penzance Sighing Softly04:45

The Pirates of Penzance Sighing Softly

Justin's theme (2:00 - 4:38)

Sighing softly to the river
Comes the loving breeze,
Setting nature all a-quiver,
Rustling through the trees.
And the brook, in rippling measure,
Laughs for very love
While the poplars, in their pleasure
Wave their arms above.

Yes, the trees, for very love,
Wave their leafy arms above.
River, river, little river,
May thy loving prosper ever.
Heaven speed thee, poplar tree,
May thy wooing happy be!

Yet, the breeze is but a rover;
When he wings away,
Brook and poplar mourn a lover,
Sighing, well-a-day!
Ah, the doing and undoing
That the rogue could tell!
When the breeze is out a-wooing,
Who can woo so well?

Shocking tales the rogue could tell—
Nobody can woo so well.
Pretty brook, thy dream is over,
For thy love is but a rover!
Sad the lot of poplar trees,
Courted by a fickle breeze!

==Other Character Verses==

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