Julie, labeled The Pity-Seeking Storyteller, is a contestant on Total Drama Showdown.

Gender Female
Chapter Eliminated "TBA"
Position TBA
Relationship TBA
Alliances TBA
Family TBA
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Origin Ale-Alejandro


When Julie was young, her parents abandoned her at an ice cream factory. The ice cream factory was actually a mob, who forced her to work as a slave for years until she broke both her arms in a sewing accident. As soon as her casts came off, she also was thrown into a horrible car accident that broke both her legs and her spirit. On top of that, her favorite mob boss was fired. Sure, she still lives with her biological parents and there's no proof that any of it happened, but, according to her, "it totally did" so you should be "really nice to her and stuff." She joined Total Drama Showdown to pay for her younger brother's eye operation, despite the fact she has no younger brother.

Total Drama Showdown



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