Northern Lights
The New Josie
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Which Lake is it? "
Place 16th
Relationship None
Family Mother and Father
Friends Miranda, Mari, Kassi, Ryan, Daisi (possibly), Stella, Parvati, Reddy, Ludovic
Enemies Heather
Fear Heights
Talent Roping, Farming

Josie is labeled as The Farmer Girl in Total Drama States.


Chapter 1- Josie introduced herself. She sat with Miranda. In the Pre-Game Immunity Vote, she voted for Ryan.She was then put on the Northern Lights. She raced the first race, and came in second place behind "Zoo-Zoo". She did not race the second race. Her team Lost. At The Voting Ceremony, she voted for Louie. She recieved a vote from Louie.

Chapter 2- Josie said that Josh wasn't at Lake Huron, which he wasn't. However, Ryan disagreed with her. He said that they haven't searched the whole lake. She made the point 'Would Josh be out in the middle of the lake?' Both Tonie and Daisi agreed with her. When they found Josh and were running towards him, she tripped over a log and Tonie carried her to Josh. She asked Daisi to vote off Ryan because he was mean and bossy in the challenge. She voted for Ryan. However, Tonie and Ryan voted for her causing her elimination.


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