Insane Squirrels
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue-Green
Episode Eliminated "Midnight Blessings"
Place 14th
Relationship India
Family Father
Friends Winston, Grady, Leanna,
Enemies Lance
Fear Mocking Birds
Talent Gutair, Drums(in his opinion)

Joshua is The Musician of the group.


Joshua has grown up in a musical family. Ever since he heard his dad sing on the gutair, he's been in love with music ever since. When Joshua got older, he spent hours and hours praticing in his room. A few years later, he was known as, "The Gutair Prodigy". Joshua also plays baseball and basketball. Joshua joined Total Drama Craziness to show the world his talent and because it sounded like fun.

Time on TDC

Chapter One: Joshua was the first to arrive. He immediately caught India's eye, much to his displeasure.

Chapter Two: Joshua got into a minor arguement with Lance, he was one of the last ones out for his team in the volley ball challenge. His team won though.

Chapter Three: Joshua was tackled by India. He was with the many Squirrels that went for the flag. His team won though.

Chapter Four: Joshua had to push India into the vines to make her race. His team won, anyway.

Chapter Five: Joshua hid from India and due to Leanna, Winston flashed India. In the challenge, Joshua used India's feelings for him to give her the drive to win. Due to that, his team won.

Chapter Six: In the challenge, Joshua lost to Elias. His team won anyway.

Chapter Seven: Joshua yelled at India for stalking him. In the challenge, Joshua conquered his fear. Dispite that, his team lost and he was safe.

Chapter Eight: In the challenge, Joshua tried his best in the obstacle coarse, but it wasn't enough. His team lost but he was safe.

Chapter Nine: In the challenge, Joshua went fast. His team lose, though, but he was safe.

Chapter Ten: In the challenge, Joshua fell first but India grabbed him. He tried and succeeded at releasing her grip on him. Both were okay. His team lost but he was safe.

Chapter Eleven: Joshua didn't partake in the challenge. He did, however comfort India when his team lost and everyone was attacking India verbally. He finally finds out the reason why India loves him. He promises her that they will go out and India and Joshua become a couple. At the soda ceremony, India was voted out but Joshua took her place. When Shane asked him if he regretted giving up the million, he said he didn't regret it at all.


  • This character is fully based off of my older brother.
  • He was never fully eliminated.
  • His newer image inclues a red jacket
  • There was originally going to be a star on his jacket but his image was to thin.
  • He was always going to have a relationship with India.
  • India's story about her brother is true. She was always going to tell that story to Joshua. Then Joshua would get in a relationship with her.

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