Jordan, labeled as The Jock is a contestant on Total Drama Cruise.

He joined Total Drama Cruise to improve and show off his sport skills.

Lovable Pandas
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "How Low Can You Go?"
Place Twenty-first
Relationship None
Friends None
Enemies Leah, Myron
Fear Having to make a play that decides the winner of the game.
Talent Every Sport


Jordan has been the star player on all his sport teams and all the colleges are giving him scholarship. He got is fear one day in a soccer game when the ball came to him with three seconds left and he shot it but missed and everyone yelled at him and now he never takes the final shot in a game. Jordan joined Total Drama Cruise to improve and show off his skills and to escape all of the colleges.

Challenge Guide

Chapter One - Jordan was knocked off by a big wave in the surfing contest but his team won.

Chapter 2 - Jordan failed to go under the pole without touching it and his team tied for last. He ran for his team but tripped and lost. He voted for Felicia but in the end he was voted off.

Audition Tape

The camera turns on revealing a teenage boy with a soccer ball on soccer field "Hey, I'm Jordan and I should be on your show because I'm an awesome sports player." he says as he shoots the soccer ball past the goalie. Next he is shown at a football field "Watch this." he says as he kicks the football in between the field goal. Finally, Jordan is standing on top of a diving board and he does a perfect dive into the pool "If thats not enough proof of why you should pick me then I don't know what is." he says as he gets out of the pool a walks straight into a sign that says "No Running".


  • Jordan is one of the original hand drawn contestants.
  • Jordan was on the second boat and the sixth one to get off.
  • Jordan received a total of three votes.
  • Jordan's audition tape is based off Tyler's audition except Jordan does everything right unlike Tyler.
  • Jordan sat on Stu's bleacher but switched to Brianna's bleacher.

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