Western Cowboys
The New Johnnie
Gender Male
Hair color Orange
Episode Eliminated "We have to do what now?"
Place 15th
Relationship Kassi (broken up), April
Family Mother, three Brothers
Friends Kassi, Chuckie, Mari, Ryan, Miranda, Josie, Charlotte
Enemies None
Fear Being Alone
Talent Talking, Gardening

Johnnie is labeled as The People Person in Total Drama States.

Chapter Guide

Chapter 1- Johnnie introduced himself, and was seated with Kassi, whom he has a crush on. He voted for Kassi in the Pre-Game Immunity vote, and recieved one vote from Kassi. He was placed on the Western Cowboys. He did not race. His team won.


  • Johnnie is an appearance edit of Owen.
  • Johnnie was eliminated fourth, and came in 15th place.
  • He received two votes
  • He tied in votes with Miranda.
  • He was eliminated due to a fire making tie breaker.
  • His personality is similar to Owen's.
  • Johnnie's relationship with Kassi is based on because in TDI, Heather, which Kassi is a re-color of, hates Owen.
  • Johnnie was one of the original twelve contestants.
  • His original personality was "The Know-It-All" but the author felt like it was too similar to Dan's personality.
  • It was revealed that Johnnie had a former girlfriend whom he got back together with.

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