John (TDHI)
The Tree Huggers
Gender Male
Hair color Gray
Episode Eliminated "Cold Madness!"
Place 9th
Relationship Jessica (one-sided on her side)
Family TBA
Friends Jessica
Enemies TBA
Fear Getting his hair wet.
Talent He can attract paparazzi from 100 miles away.
John, labeled The Famous Celebrity, is a camper/contestant on Total Drama : Happy Island


John is a famous and rich teen that attracts paparazzi. John's fame came from a movie called The Thirst Games, wich he appeared in. Today, John decided to sign up for TDHI to get even more famous!


He is competitive and would do anything to attract the paparazzi.

Time on Total Drama : Happy Island



  • The Thirst Games is a reference to the real life movie The Hunger Games
  • His favourite colour is blue.


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