John (SS)
Psycho Squirrels
Flaming Directors
Team Sahara
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "TDI: Wawanakwa Scavenger Hunt
TDI: Total Treasure Island
TDWT: Slippery When Wet"
Place TDI: 16th
TDI: 12th
TDA: 1st
TDWT: 16th
Relationship Mary
Family Mother, Father
Friends Mark, Violet, Louis
Enemies Peter, Madison, Nicole, Anna
Fear Unknown
Talent Singing

Jonathan H. Louis, stereotyped as The Goth Boy, is a character in the Second Season series by Fedora Kid. He is a camper on Total Drama Island: Second Season and was on the Psycho Squirrels team. He returned for Total Drama Action: Second Season, was placed on the Flaming Directors team, and went on to win the season. He returned once more in Total Drama World Tour: Second Season and was on Team Sahara. He is 16, has long, black hair that covers his eyes (thus leaving his eye color a mystery), is extremely pale-skinned, and wears all-black clothing.

Total Drama Island: Second Season

The Campers

John was the 10th camper to step off the boat, and quickly began his role as the silent one in the background, doing little and saying nothing for the rest of the episode. He was placed on the Psycho Squirrels team.

The 1,000-foot Climb

In the eleventh and final round, John was the last member of the Squirrels left, against Lauren for the Bears. Lauren instantly backed out of the challenge, but Luke was skeptical about John's chances of making it due to being so dull and quiet. However, John shocked everyone and established himself as a force to be reckoned with when he quickly and effortlessly scaled the mountain, bringing the score up to seven to six in the Squirrels' favor, winning the first challenge for them.

Don't Touch the Food

John was once again a powerful competitor in the challenge, making it all the way to the final four and being one of only two Squirrels left (the other being Peter). However, at about 1:49 P.M. on the fifth day, John finally gave up and grabbed some tofu, leaving Peter as the sole survivor of the team. Peter eventually lost due to a quick trick by Matthew, and the Squirrels lost the challenge. At the Bonfire, John was the 4th person to claim a marshmallow.

Dodgebrawl 2

Despite his outstanding performances in the last two challenges, John was mostly sat out during the dodgeball game. It wasn't until the fifth and final round when he participated and quickly started dominating the game. Eventually, it came down to him against Matthew, deciding the outcome of the overall challenge. John, who had previously been dodging rather than throwing or catching, started winding up one powerful throw after the next, nearly hitting Matthew multiple times. He eventually charged up one final, powerful throw that Matthew ducked under, and the ball hit the glass wall behind him, bouncing right back and hitting John in the face, which Chef counted as an elimination, thus losing the challenge for the Squirrels. John was the 3rd person to receive a marshmallow at the Bonfire.

The Show Mustn't Go On

In this particular episode, John dropped out of the spotlight for the challenge, choosing not to take one of the leading roles in his team's play. Though the team lost, John's lack of participation was most likely what saved him, and he was the 3rd person to receive a marshmallow for the second time in a row.

The Island of The Dead

Once again, John suddenly disappeared for a majority of the episode after the challenge started. He, along with Nicole and Jennifer, was one of the only campers (and the only Psycho Squirrel) not to appear in the group of 12 previously-eliminated campers after they had been given a second chance to chase after the final three. However, when only Daniel remained and quickly shot down Peter, John appeared out of nowhere from behind him and casually tagged him out before he could even notice, thus winning the challenge for the Psycho Squirrels for the second time.

Not Quite Famous 2

John was not initially selected as one of the three participants in the talent show for the Squirrels, remaining completely silent when Mary asked him what talent he had. However, when Ruth dropped her piano backwards on top of Madison, who was backstage and about to go up as the Squirrels' final act, John was quickly selected as her replacement. Ironically, this allowed the team to win, as he sang the main chorus of "Amazing Grace" with a perfect singing voice that instantly won a perfect score of six out of six and left everyone speechless, winning the challenge for the Squirrels for the second time in a row, and the third time overall.

The UCC (Ultimate Crash Course)

John once again switched from superstar to background character, not even speaking during the episode despite singing and speaking for the first time in the previous one. He did not participate in the challenge, but when the Squirrels lost, he was the first to receive a marshmallow.

The Sucky Outdoors 2

By this episode, John has finally started to talk more and has become more social. It is also revealed that he is Canadian, speaking with the thick accent and often saying "Eh." Shortly after the team arrived at their campsite, when Mark asked who was good at fishing, John admitted that he was fairly good at it, having caught a dozen fish in a day while on a camping trip with his family. Within an hour, he caught six fish and brought it back to camp, impressing most of his teammates. John then demonstrated how to "clean" a fish, disgusting Madison so much that she ran over to a bush to vomit, but ended up vomitting on the Sasquatchanakwa right behind the bush. While all the others ran off in fear, John remained behind with his cleaning knife and challenged the Sasquatchanakwa. He stabbed it lightly with the knife the first time it charged him, then stood right in front of the fire, luring it in, then dodged as it charged at him again, stepping right into the fire and retreating to put its burning foot out in the river. His teammates cheered his bravery, and John cooked the rest of the fish before the team retired to the tent just as the storm hit. In the moring, the Squirrels arrived just before the Bears did, winning the challenge once again.

Wawanakwa Scavenger Hunt

When the teams split into groups, John was paired with Mary, and they decided to go after an egg of the Giant Canadian Eagle first. John pressured Mary to go after it, only for her to be knocked right off by the angry mother Eagle. John then decided to give it a go and climbed up, easily slipping the egg away without the mother Eagle noticing, scoring 300 points for the two of them. However, it was the only item that they recovered, and the Squirrels lost the challenge by a mere 100 points after Daniel, Rachael, and Jennifer miraculously brought back Chef's chef hat. At the Bonfire, the entire team was shocked when, with Madison and John in the bottom two, Madison received the final marshmallow. Furious and shocked at the outcome, Chris explained that some viewers felt that John had been getting "too cocky" since he started speaking, as he made smart comments when Mary failed to get the egg at first. Jeremy and Mark came to his defense, but Chris wouldn't hear it. John, silently fuming, left without a single sound.

No Pain, No Game 2

John was one of the two returning campers in this episode, being the first to return to a rather well-receiving group. Despite this, he was noticeably bitter about his previous elimination and once again returned to being silent. In the challenge later that day, John was the third person to compete in the first round, and was faced with the Hot Sauce Drench, in which Chef emptied a three-foot bottle of hot sauce onto him. Yet John lasted the full 10 seconds and was rather unfazed by the incident. When an incredulous Mark asked how he did it, John simply shrugged. As a result, Chris let John pick the next challenge and next victim. He chose Tim and had him do the Totally Loud Headphone Challenge, which eliminated him almost instantly. After six more rounds, only John and Peter - ironically, the two returning campers - remained. John was faced with standing in a pool of water that was 30 degrees below zero. Although he had some slight trouble, he managed to pass it, and was allowed by Chris to choose the next challenge for Peter, knowing that if he passed it successfully, John would be out. John chose "Swim With the Sharks," a challenge that had previously eliminated Isaiah; lasting 10 seconds in the water with man-eating sharks. However, against all odds, Peter survived (earning himself a new shark-tooth necklace), and won invincibility, eliminating John. Fittingly, John was the second person to receive a marshmallow that night, after Peter.

Total Treasure Island

John didn't appear until about halfway through the challenge, while Jeremy was running back to camp with the treasure chest in hand. John quickly swung in on a vine and snatched the chest from his hands, dashing off through the woods. Isaiah managed to head him off and tried to pounce on him, but missed miserably. However, John was distracted by the sight and turned around to look back at Isaiah, running right into a tree. This allowed Matthew to pick up the chest and run off, only for Peter to take it from him and win invincibility once again. That night, the bottom two was Matthew and John. Much to everyone else's relief and John's shock and anger, Matthew received the final marshmallow. John was even more enraged by his second elimination and stormed off to the Boat of Losers, quick to leave the island for the second and final time.

I Triple Dog Dare You! 2

John's dare was the last one to be used, and was by far the most crucial: Stand inside a burning building for one minute. Peter, knowing Violet's fear of fire, dared her to do it. After a fairly long pause, Violet backed out of the dare and was eliminated.

Season Finale

John was the one and only camper who supported Peter to win in the finals, as he sat on Peter's bleachers while everyone else sat on Matthew's bleachers. Mark asked him why he was sitting over there, to which John simply gave him a blank stare. It was later revealed that the only reason that he supported Peter was because he wanted to stay away from the crowd, and not out of favoring of Peter or dislike of Matthew.

Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island

Despite all the groups that formed up at the beginning of the special, John was one of only two campers (the other being Mary) to go solo in his quest for the million dollars. John didn't make his first move until somewhat later on, when Daniel and Jennifer had the case. He swung in unbelievably fast on a vine from the tree branches above and swiped the case from Daniel's hands, moving so fast that they had no idea what happened to the case. As he made his way back to camp, Mark, Jeremy, Rachal, and Violet saw him and watched him from behind a large rock. Violet came up with the idea to create a loop in a vine, place it on the path farther ahead, and, when the time was right, pull on it to wrap it around his foot and trap him, taking the case from him while he was upside-down. They enacted the plan perfectly, snaring his left foot and Rachael taking the case after John dropped it. They left John hanging, and he attempted to get his Swiss-army knife from his back pocket, but in unzipping it too hard, the knife fell out and clattered to the ground. At that moment, Mary arrived. While there was initially hostility between them, John pleaded with her to toss him his knife, which she reluctantly did. He cut himself down and landed on top of her. Despite the hostility and awkwardness, John subsequently decided to stay with her, and he even offered to lead her in the direction the group of four had headed off in. Both of them, however, were inwardly planning to betray the other as soon as one of them got the case. Despite this, they ended up having time alone to bond along the way, with John opening up to her about his personal feelings and why he chose to be alone all the time. This noticeably touched Mary and allowed her to warm up to him, and vice-versa. They then happened upon Chris dispatching Chef to go stop Luke, Isaiah, and Tim from hijacking an ATV from the Arts and Crafts Center. When he moved to take the helicopter, however, John chopped him in the back of the neck with his bare hand in a karate-like style, knocking him out cold. He then stole his keys and, along with Mary, hijacked the entire helicopter. They eventually managed to spot James from above as he entered a clearing in the forest with the case in hand. John found a tranquilizer gun under the seat, and had Mary control the helicopter while he tranquilized James. They landed and quickly snatched the case before he awoke, turning to head back to camp. Just as they arrived at the campgrounds, Daniel fired a spear gun that he had taken from the old Boathouse, which shot into the blades of the helicopter, the long chain becoming entangled and destroying the blades in an explosion on top of the helicopter, causing John to drop the case. John unbuckled his seat belt and, at the last moment, grabbed Mary before hurling himself from the falling wreckage of the helicopter, with both of them crashing through the roof of the main lodge right before the helicopter did. This resulted in an explosion that brought down the entire lodge on top of John, Mary, and 11 others. Mary was shocked, disgusted, and terrified by the experience, while John, once realizing that he had survived, was cheering and saying it was "the most fun" he's ever had in his life. Mary saw the case lying on a pile of ashes nearby and dove for it, but John saw a beam above the case about to break. He tackled her away at the last moment as the burning beam crashed down onto the case, destroying it and its contents. As a result, both of them were admitted into the next season to compete for another million dollars.

Total Drama Action: Second Season

Over the course of the second season, John had a mysterious and unknown alter ego: The Mystery Castmate. Starting with the very first day, the Mystery Castmate worked consistently to sabotage the Flaming Directors and make them lose, with the motive eventually revealed to be John's love for Mary, and wanting her to last longer despite her team's general disapproval of her actions last season.

The Castmates

John was the first contestant to step off the bus after it arrived at the entrance to the Film Lot. He was also the first contestant to use the Make-Up Confessional, and commented that wasn't "too shabby." After the boys were introduced to their crappy trailer, John sarcastically remarked that this would be fun. In the Confessional shortly afterwards, John was noticeably frustrated with the tension already rising with Daniel against Mark (due to his optimistic attitude), with Jeremy siding with Mark against Daniel. John, however, vowed to remain 100% neutral and not choose any sides.

The REALLY Wild West

John was the last person remaining at the end of the schoolyard pick, as he was never selected by Violet or Jennifer. Due to Jennifer making the last choice of Joshua, John went to Violet's team by default, which was named the Flaming Directors. He participated in the first of the three challenges, facing off against Ruth: The Drinking Contest. Within the one minute time limit, both had downed 38 glasses, and 5 seconds remained. John put a hand over his mouth to keep from vomiting, and when Ruth tried to imitate this, she hit her mouth too hard and started choking on the bile, causing it to rise up again as she started vomiting in all directions. As a result, John won the first challenge for the Directors. As the Mystery Castmate, he sabotaged the gun assigned for the Directors, emptying half of its ammunition from 40 shots down to 20. Although the Directors' shooter, Daniel, was performing much better than rival shooter Jennifer, the significant difference in ammunition allowed Jennifer to catch up and defeat Daniel. Despite his first attempt ever actually succeeding, the Directors still managed to win due to Isaiah failing the final challenge for the Producers.

Medieval Capture the Flag

After the teams were given their territories, John volunteered to stay on the home turf and guard the jail. As the Mystery Castmate, he eventually snatched the Directors' flag from a crevice in the wall where the gray flag blended in with the stone walls, and placed it on the bright red seat of the throne in one of the main rooms, making it much more obvious and easier for a member of the Producers to find. Later on in the challenge, he successfully tagged out Ruth, Luke, and Tim all at once, scoring a major advantage for his team. However, his efforts as the Mystery Castmate succeeded for the second time, finally sending the Directors to elimination, when Mary found the flag and made it back to the Producers' territory. At the Gilded Chris ceremony, John received the 3rd Gilded Chris.

Cops 'n Robbers

With the Directors labeled as the Robbers and split into teams, John was paired up with Daniel on "Delta Team," the main field team. They rode the zipline down to the bank across the street and scoped out the enemy building, barely avoiding the other field team of Luke, Mary, and Jennifer. They hid in a massive hole in the wall, and although Mary's flashlight beam landed right on John, his dark clothing blended in perfectly, and she didn't see him. They made it to the lobby, but were chased away by Tim, with Ruth joining the chase. They ran right back to the roof and Daniel tried to go back up the zipline, while John leapt right off the roof, jumped back, and smashed through a window on the floor just below, with Daniel quickly following him. They managed to use this diversion to make it back down to the lobby just long enough to discover the vault, observe it briefly, then escape through the front doors. When the team was trying to decide on the method of breaking the vault door open, John was the only member who didn't participate in the argument at all. Later, when an agreement was forced upon the others by Josh, John was faced with the responsibility of trying the stethoscope for the first attempt, while carrying a bag full of pipe bombs for the backup method. However, when Ruth suddenly appeared from the vault room, John dropped the stethoscope out of panic and fled back out the front door, with Ruth finding it and snapping it in two. When Daniel found this out, he was somewhat annoyed, but not dramatically, since he never approved of the stethoscope method to begin with. He and John returned to the headquarters and separated, Daniel going to talk to Mark and John going to talk to Rachael. As the Mystery Castmate, he found the perfectly-functioning drill and bag of bombs left on the supply table. He smashed the drill against the floor, eventually breaking it clean in half, and switched the lesser-caliber pipe bombs with real explosives, left over from the last film production to take place in the Film Lot. As a result, after John placed the 20 explosives around the vault door and detonated it, the explosion was enough to blow out the entire building's foundation and caused the whole bank to collapse. Although everyone survived, the Directors were declared the losers due to failing to acquire the money. At the Gilded Chris Ceremony that night, John received the second Gilded Chris. After the elimination, when Daniel confronted Mark and accused him of being the Mystery Castmate, John was noticeably upset with the blame falsely landing on such a nice person. However, he was still satisfied that at least they had no idea who it really was.

SWAT Vs. Predator

As the Mystery Castmate, John was quick to strike shortly after the challenge began. He eliminated the first person from the challenge, Rachael. Under the cover of darkness, plus his already dark clothing, he shot her out without her getting a good look at him, dwindling the Directors down right off the bat. However, while Rachael failed to see who it was, Chris and Chef got a clear look at him through the cameras, and both were visibly stunned at who it was. He didn't appear as his normal self until only he and Daniel remained on the Directors, where he ran into the jock rather suddenly. Just as Daniel found a gun behind a rock, however, he was eliminated, and John was by himself. John was quickly chased off by Luke (who had eliminated Daniel) and Tim. However, taking advantage of his black clothing, he vanished into the darkness, doubled back, and eliminated both Luke and Tim from behind. With less than 30 seconds remaining, he found himself facing off against Mary, the last remaining Producer. She eventually managed to gain the upper hand and backed him up against a wall, preparing to deliver the final shot. However, John was inadvertently saved by Chris, when his loud announcement of the 10-second mark startled some nearby bats, which swarmed around Mary. John took full advantage of this distraction, grabbed the gun that she had knocked out of his hands, and shot her, winning the challenge for the Directors.

"Super" Heroes?

As the Mystery Castmate, he searched for any of the targets, hoping to encounter one of the Villains/Directors. He eventually found in the form of a cash register in a pawnshop just as Rachael found it. She pressed the button, but stopped suddenly and hid behind the doorframe when Luke passed by. The Castmate, seizing his opportunity, sneaked up behind her, grabbed her from behind, and threw her out the front door into the street, directly in front of Luke. This led to her being eliminated when Luke and Mary both eliminated her. Eventually, he came across the most significant target of them all: the city's main power generator. Upon pressing the button, Chris announced that John had reached the most significant target, and thus earned Invincibility should his team lose. Seconds later, Daniel appeared and was enraged that John stole the Invincibility that should've been his. The argument drew Mary to them, and while she attacked Daniel, John made his escape. John eventually wound up running away from Tim, running right up to Luke. With each one on each side of John, they fired their guns at him simultaneously. John jumped out of the way at the last moment, however, and both blasts ended up hitting each other. This started a serious fight between them, distracting them long enough for John to find one more target, with one left. He found himself once again pursued by two people, this time Mary and Jennifer. However, they both ended up running into each other and stunning themselves momentarily. John had just enough time to reach the final target, winning the challenge for the Directors.


After the Directors' songs were picked, everyone turned to John to be their main vocalist. He sang the first two songs very well, but in the brief break between the second and final song, he went to get a drink of water from the water cooler. However, the Mystery Castmate had adjust the water temperature to extremely hot, and when John drank it, it instantly burned his tongue and rendered him unable to sing. Despite this, however, Violet's last-minute adjustment to make the song a series of duets and solos proved just as good as John's solo performance, and the Directors won.

The House of the Deceased

After the cast realized too late that their breakfast was drugged, John was the last one to pass out, seeing a pair of legs moving towards him right before he did. Similarly, he was the first to wake up after being dropped inside the massive house. As the Mystery Castmate, he was the first to locate the Grand Corridor, which connected to the Entrance Hall, the final room leading out of the house. Just as Mark approached the large, fancy door leading into the Entrance Hall, the Mystery Castmate struck by warning him, in a raspy, unidentifiable voice, to not use the door. The Castmate said that the door was a trap, made to look fancy and significant just to fool people, and he then directed Mark to a smaller door on the right. Mark decided to take this advice, only to fall right through the six-story pitfall behind the smaller door. Later, the Castmate tried the same thing on Daniel, who wasn't as pliable as Mark and refused to believe him. The Mystery Castmate resorted to physically forcing him, grabbing him from behind in a headlock, trying to drag him back to the pitfall door. However, Daniel elbowed him roughly and chose to bolt for the exit rather than find out who the Mystery Castmate was. Daniel emerged first and won Invincibility, glancing back through the massive double doors as they closed just in time to catch a brief glimpse of the blur that was the Castmate vanishing. As John, he eventually encountered Mark after he had caused him to fall down the pitfall as the Mystery Castmate, with Mark telling him the entire story. Eventually, John started asking Mark for advice on girls, seeing his newly-formed relationship with Rachael, revealing information about his past love life, including how his last relationship did not end well, but he used to be smooth with girls nevertheless. He also felt that his sudden and strong attraction to the girl he now has a crush on was a sign from God. Eventually, they made it into some sort of kitchen, where a chainsaw-wielding zombie appeared and chased them. They ran right into a hallway with numerous doors on each side, and encountered three more zombies. They started running from door to door, and found that entering one door caused them to exit out another door at random. They tried running from the four zombies like this before running straight down the corridor, eventually emerging in the Grand Corridor and, finally, the Entrance Hall. Both of them exited and finished second and third. At the end of the episode, following the dramatic double elimination. John asked Mark once more if helping his crush girl to win was a bad thing, which Mark reiterated that it was. As John glanced out the window that night, after Daniel and Mark had already fallen asleep, he muttered, "Too late, eh."

Dinosaurs, Robots, and Taxes; Oh My!

At breakfast that morning, John sat away from the others and, in the Confessional, all but confessed to being the Mystery Castmate, now deathly afraid of confessing it to the others, which he knows he'll have to do eventually. Mark took notice of this and knew that something was wrong with John. John was the second-to-last castmate called up to get his era, and with only two choices left, he wound up with the dreaded era of Modern Day, where the item was the boss tax collector's silver briefcase, located in the IRS Headquarters, with tax collectors, politicians, and thieves as the hazards. As he hesitated in front of the door to his era, Chris appeared and revealed that he and Chef already knew about John being the Mystery Castmate. John nervously asked if Chris would reveal it to everyone, only for Chris to say that he would torture John even more by leaving him to decide when it should be revealed. The setting of his era was a New York-esque city, with hazards including politicians, tax collectors, and businessmen. John found himself attacked first by an IRS agent, demanding taxes. He revealed in the Confessional that a close childhood friend of his named Caleb and his entire family was eaten alive by taxes, lost all of their possessions, and were evicted. Thus, the taxes danger hit a nerve with John and especially terrified him. Right after this, he was swamped by political activists demanding for his vote in the upcoming 2008 election. He runs into an alley to hide, and was attacked by a mugger. John, however, was unfazed compared to the politicians and tax collectors, and proceeded to knock out the mugger. He then entered the IRS Headquarters, pursued by the army of vote-hungry politicians. He rode an elevator up to the 50th floor at the very top of the building. There he encountered the Boss Tax Collector, who attacked him with office-style weapons ranging from an exploding calculator to darts from the stems of his glasses. John tried fighting back by throwing drawers from the file cabinets at him, with one hitting him right in the face. The Boss responded by throwing four sharp pencils at John, pinning him to the wall by his clothing. At that moment, however, the voters returned, demanding votes. John, however, said that he had already voted, but the Boss Tax Collector hadn't. This diverted the entire crowd's attention to the Boss, and they swarmed him. John quickly snatched his silver briefcase and fled from the building, returning to the Film Lot. He found himself as one of the last two contestants left, the other being Mary. Although he initially had only a desire to win and was ahead of Mary, he suddenly stopped at the very end and let Mary race ahead of him, sparing her and automatically eliminating himself. Everybody was stunned at him throwing the challenge so suddenly, and within 10 minutes, John confessed his actions as the Mystery Castmate. John also confessed his feelings for Mary, stating that she was incredible, smart, pretty, and good at challenges. Although John expected to go home, Chris suddenly revealed that the premise of the last person to finish being automatically eliminated was a lie, and that the elimination would be a vote instead. Nevertheless, John still expected to go home, as did everyone else. Naturally, at the Gilded Chris Ceremony that night, the bottom two came down to Daniel and John. However, much to everyone else's shock, Daniel was eliminated instead, and John was spared.

War of the Sexes

After the challenge began and the two boys were stuck with the army of interns, Chef decided to make a deal with them; if they did everything they could to convince Chris to give Chef his old job back, he'd help the two of them win challenges in the future. John was the first to accept it, and convinced Mark to go along with it. John tried to suggest doing the opposite of what the girls would do, and thus wanted to try taking out all of the members of their army, only for Chef to tell him that it was foolhardy to think they could eliminate all of the cameramen before they could eliminate the three flagpoles. Following Chef's takeover of the challenge, John was given the codename of "Desert Eagle." After Chef's failed reconnaissance mission, John was thoroughly annoyed when Mark said it could be worse, asking how it could possibly be worse than losing 48 men in a matter of minutes. Later, after the girls managed to shoot down one of their flagpoles, John retaliated by bringing out one of the paintball rocket launchers, firing a single shot at one of their poles with his back against the wall so that the recoil wouldn't be too devastating. Chef complimented John on handling the larger gun, noticeably gaining some respect for him. However, once a shot from one of the girls' matching rocket launchers was fired, Chef grabbed John and jumped behind a wall just before it exploded and sent dozens of smaller paintballs flying in all directions. After the failed attempt at digging under the forts and the following explosions that destroyed both forts, John wasn't seen again for the rest of the challenge. However, the boys lost and were sent to the Gilded Chris Ceremony. Between Mark and John, Mark received the final Gilded Chris, shocking everyone completely. However, it was revealed that Madison broke into the technician's booth, hacked into the computer, and changed a majority of the votes to John. As soon as Mary realized this, she instantly stood up against Madison and caused her to go on a sexist rant against all guys, instantly making her enemies with John. In the end, Mary volunteered for elimination in John's place. John initially objected, saying that he deserved to pay for what he did as the Mystery Castmate, but Mary insisted that he shouldn't pay like this. She said that she owed him for saving her and being the reason he made it this far in the first place. She then slowly brushed away his bangs and, for the first time since John came onto the show, revealed his bright blue eyes. They then shared their first kiss before Mary left.

Total Drama Comedy

John was late to show up at breakfast that morning, and when he arrived, they initially didn't recognize him. He was now wearing a clean, white, long-sleeved shirt, navy blue jeans, bright red sneakers, and had cut his hair and combed it back. He admitted that his transformation was due to his spirits and morale being severely raised by his kiss with Mary, and his first true relationship since the previous one went down in flames. He says that, through a budding relationship with a great girl like Mary, he is ready to see the world in a much more positive light, especially with friends like Mark and Violet. Mark and Violet were happy for him, while Madison was upset at him becoming more determined than ever now through his transformation. Initially, John was all set to let Mark be their star in a stand-up comedy routine that he found thoroughly hilarious. However, after seeing Jay's obvious respect for Chris and dislike for Chef, he decided to change it at the last moment to a skit making fun of Chef, with John portraying Chef. He made jokes about Chef's service in the Navy and his mother's cooking, then pretended to make an attempt to send "Jay" down a trapdoor, only for Mark (playing an innocent person) to fall through instead. Their skit was given a passing grade and earned Invincibility for both of them, although it completely destroyed their alliance with Chef from the previous episode. John received the second Gilded Chris Award that night. John, along with Mark, threw his Gilded Chris at Madison following her post-elimination sexist remarks, convincing her to leave much faster.

The Not-So-Stealthy Ninjas

When John was given his ninja suit for the challenge, he commented that he never thought he'd be wearing all black so soon again. John was neck-and-neck with Violet in the Fire Leap challenge, but became too cocky and was distracted by taunting Violet just as he reached the finish line. As a result, he wasn't looking where he was going and was grazed by a pillar of fire that set his butt on fire and sent him flying up towards the ceiling. He hit the rock ceiling, then fell straight back down and landed crotch-first on the platform. However, in the second challenge - the rock wall jump - he easily managed to defeat Violet and Mark and made it to the top first, securing his first victory in the episode. However, seeing Mark still in the shaft and the walls still closing in, he boldly jumped back down to save him before the electric shock came in, and handed him off to Violet at the top just before the walls closed. Although he saved Mark, he himself endured the electric shock that followed. Nevertheless, he was in a fine enough state to participate in the third and final challenge. Due to winning the previous challenge, he too was given an advantage for the final challenge: A golden sword. This sword definitely came in handy, as he used it to hit Violet in the shins, distracting her long enough for Mark to grab her and throw her off the edge. He then used the sword on Mark and knocked him off the edge right afterwards, eliminating them both and scoring his second victory, securing Invincibility, the first Gilded Chris that night, and a shot at the million dollars for himself.

Disastrous Movie

Preparing for the temple challenge that would start them off, John admitted that he had developed night vision over the years. He first encountered a massive pit and barely avoided falling in, only for the pit to vanish. He then dodged a rack of spears with a skeleton speared on it, followed by a block of stone from the ceiling. He found a spear lodged in the ground at one point and decided to take it with him for self defense. He soon reached the massive pillar with his idol on top and started climbing up to it using the nearby vines, being the first to reach his idol (a replica of Chef's head) and actually take it. However, taking the idol caused the temple to start collapsing, and he slid down one of the longer vines to get off the pedestal. As he ran down one tunnel, a massive boulder started to pursue him. Although it was a close call, John made it out of the temple first, only to find that he lost anyway due to retrieving Chef's head instead of Chris's. As a result, Violet picked the Corvette for the next challenge, leaving John with the station wagon. Since she also chose to have Chef chase her, John was left with Jay chasing him. John, however, did end up with an advantage due to Chris switching the station wagon's old engine out with the Corvette's. When John found himself unable to shake Chef, he decided to use the spear that he had retrieved from the previous challenge. He threw it back at the windshield of Jay's truck, creating massive spiderweb cracks that ruined Jay's vision. However, this attempt quickly failed when Jay simply smashed out the entire ruined pane and regained perfect vision of the road ahead of him. John then resorted to the idol from the previous challenge, which he heard softly ticking next to him. He popped the top open and saw the digital readout for the bomb inside the head. He sped to the top of the replica 1,000-foot cliff, stopped the car, then waited until about 43 seconds remained, then threw it at the grille of Jay's truck. The explosion created a thick, continuous cloud of smoke that obstructed his vision and sent him barreling straight towards the edge of the cliff. John had trouble restarting the car at first, but managed to do so and pull out of the way just as Jay's truck careened past and soared off the edge of the cliff. The elimination of the main threat allowed John to complete the race with ease and reach his finish line first, defeating Violet and scoring his first point. In the third part of the challenge, John chose to perform Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson, and not only sang the song and performed some of Jackson's signature dance moves, but also acted out an entire skit reminiscent of the video; he had several interns join him in playing mafia members and crooks in a nightclub, whom he fought and danced with throughout the musical number. Needless to say, his performance surpassed Violet's by a mile, scoring his second consecutive win. In the fourth challenge, John quickly gained the lead with over 50 points, but was soon shot down by Violet when the Mother Ship passed by. This, followed by Violet taking out the Mother Ship shortly afterward, cost him the challenge and the score became tied 2-2. For the fifth and final part of the challenge, his ship's back-up generator kicked up and carried him to the location of the final challenge. John, unlike Violet, was unable to find the Eject button in time and had to endure the impact. Shortly after making it out of the initial impact zone, he threw a computer through a nearby window and fashioned a rope out of an electrical cord and a spare tie from one of the desk drawers, creating a rope about six feet long. He jumped down out of the window and, using the rope, swung back through the lower window into the lower floor. In a freak coincidence, he found himself at the entrance to the room with the safe inside, as implied by the massive and heavily-fortified walled-off area in the center of the floor, with a massive door leading inside. He managed to pull open the massive door and enter the room, where, sure enough, the small safe was on a pedestal against the wall. Just as he approached it, however, the building started to collapse. He instinctively grabbed the safe, wedged himself between the pedestal and the wall, and curled into the fetal position to wait for the collapse. After the collapse, Chris started to announce that Violet had won before John emerged from the rubble, the safe in hand. Despite Chris's reluctance to do so due to betting $1,000 on Violet with Chef, he declared John the winner. After celebrating his victory for a few moments, John shook hands with Violet and told her that it was a good game. Violet, similarly, said that John deserved it due to going through so much worse, especially in the last few challenges, than she did.

Total Drama World Tour: Second Season

Episode 1

John was the third contestant to step off the bus, after Matthew and Mark, and Mary followed right after him. He was wearing a white, long-sleeved button-up shirt with a black tie and blue jeans, confirming that he truly had abandoned his goth style (even though many others continued to refer to him as Goth Boy). John was perhaps the most upset about being duped into a third season (considering that he had already won), and threatened to quit. However, when Chef revealed that the prize was two million dollars instead of one, even John went silent. He was, once again, the first person to use the confessional, and stated that despite being with Mary again, competing for more money, and traveling all over the world, he was still upset over the conditions of his participation. He mentioned that Mary told him that he needed to work on his downhill attitude if he was ever to revert from his old ways, which he would try to do in the new season. Before the Jet took off, Mary approached John as he sat in a window seat by himself, asking if he would rather want to be one of the seven who didn't return for the third season. He shot the question right back at her, to which she said that she would want to compete regardless, and that he should feel the same. John teamed up with Mary, Isaiah, Nicole, Ethan, and Anna, but he himself didn't do much in the overall challenge. Nevertheless, his team came in second place, and at the Barf Bag Ceremony, he received the second Barf Bag, also being the first member of his team to receive one.

Episode 2

John started off the musical number, Die Hard, when the contestants were ordered to sing in order to save themselves. He was one of the most prominent vocalists throughout the song, which included banter between him and Mary, with John retaining his pessimistic attitude (believing that they were truly about to die) against Mary's optimism. When John realized that he was going to be on the same team as the last episode for the rest of the season, he instantly objected and said that he did not want to be on that team, which gave Mary the wrong idea. He tried to justify his statement by saying that he didn't want to share a team with Isaiah, who creeped him out. Mary understood this and told him to just try to deal with it. Mary impressed John by giving a pretty decent run on the rope, making it to the halfway point in 30 seconds. However, when the helicopter suddenly appeared nearby, and the sudden gust caused Mary to fall off. Once her parachute was deployed and John realized that she was safe, he joked about her failure to Ethan, who switched from the team later in the episode. John was the third member of Team Sahara to go up, and, surprisingly enough, managed to cross it without the use of a balancing pole. Thus, he became the first member of Team Sahara to make it across and score a point. Nevertheless, they only came in second place in the first half of the challenge, and due to John successfully crossing the rope, he was not permitted to participate in the second half of the challenge. Nevertheless, they came in second in the overall challenge.

Episode 3

John was one of the first two members of Team Sahara to reach the boat, along with Louis. Together, they helped pull the other four members aboard before departing. When Louis gave his trench coat to Nicole to keep her warm, Mary asked John why he never did that for her, to which John plainly responded that he never wears coats. He took the wheel for the team, claiming that it would be easy compared to the spaceship that he had to fly in the previous season's finale. John was noticeably upset with having to go back for Anna and Isaiah, as was Mary, since this severely hindered their team's progress and instantly placed them in last. Eventually, John found himself left with making the crucial decision of which way to go down the fork, as Mary and Anna were too busy arguing, Louis and Nicole were too busy watching, and Isaiah was vomiting. He chose to go right, which was not only the wrong way, but also led to what they all believed was a massive shark. It first rammed their boat, then the fin appeared and started to chase them. John was quick to speed off, even though the others encouraged him to go even faster, he wanted to avoid blowing out the engine. Eventually, it was revealed to be just a fake fin on a mechanical sled designed to scare all contestants who went the wrong way. After they found this out, they were declared to be the losers of that day's challenge. Despite the massive conflict between Mary and Anna, which stemmed from their mutual dislike of each other as well as Isaiah falling off at the beginning and causing them to fall behind, the bottom two came down to Anna and John. Anna received the final Barf Bag, and John was eliminated, much to Mary's anger and John's initial shock. It was then revealed that, while John voted for Isaiah and Mary and Isaiah voted for Anna, it was Anna herself, Louis, and Nicole who voted for John due to him taking them down the wrong path and securing their loss in the first place. Mary was angry and tried to convince the others that they had made a terrible mistake, only for John to calm her down, agreeing that it was ultimately his fault, and he didn't care too much about losing since he already won. He added that he'd be rooting for her to win, and they shared a final embrace. Chef, disgusted with the lack of depression on the eliminated contestant's part, grabbed John by the back of the shirt, shoved a parachute into his hands, and threw him out the door. In a post-elimination epilogue, he was revealed to have landed right in the Mississippi River. He was suddenly yanked from the water by a spear that was shoved through his parachute, which then lifted him up out of the water and into a boat. The figure in the boat was wearing a full yellow poncho and hat that covered itself, making him initially unable to tell what gender it was. It had flowing blonde hair, and confirmed itself to be female, calling herself Erika. She told John that she lived on the river and offered to let him stay in her house until he could find a way home. Just as John introduced himself, Erika looked straight at him, and the look of insanity in her eyes was one that John had apparently seen only once before. In a final confessional by Eryn, she revealed that Erika was her cousin, who lived on the Mississippi River, and had a massive fan crush on John.


  • John is the only season winner who wasn’t in Matthew’s Alliance.
  • John is the only season winner who wasn’t on the Flaming Bears.
  • John is the only season winner who wasn’t on Team Victory II.
  • John is somewhat based on Gwen for the Goth personality, but is even more silent early on.
  • John is one of only 7 contestants to compete in all 3 seasons, the others being Isaiah, Rachael, Mary, Madison, Mark, and Violet.
    • John is also the lowest-ranking camper in TDI to be in all 3 seasons, unless his return is counted (in this case, Madison is the lowest-ranking camper).
    • He is also the highest-ranking castmate in TDA to be in all 3 seasons.
    • He is also the highest-ranking castmate in TDA to be in TDWT.
  • John has more places in the competition than any other contestant in the series, due to returning after his first elimination in TDI and competing in all 3 seasons, with four different rankings.
    • In TDI, he placed 16th and 12th.
    • In TDA, he came in 1st.
    • In TDWT, he came in 16th.
  • John won more challenges for his team than anyone else in TDA, as he did so three times.
    • He was the last person standing in SWAT Vs. Predator.
    • He was the last person standing in "Super" Heroes?
    • He came up with the idea for the skit mocking Chef in Total Drama Comedy.
      • However, he is the only person in the series to win a majority of the team challenges in a season, yet not do so 4 times, as Matthew did so in TDI and Eryn did so in TDWT.
      • Also, John holds the record for the second-highest amount of challenge wins for his team over the course of the entire series, with 6 (falling just behind Matthew's 7). In addition to his three wins in TDA, he also:
        • Was one of the 7 people who completed the cliff climb in The 1,000-foot Climb.
        • Was the last person standing in the zombie challenge in The Island of the Dead.
        • Won the talent show with his singing in Not Quite Famous 2.
  • John won more post-merge invincibility challenges than anyone else in TDA, doing so twice: Total Drama Comedy and The Not-So-Stealthy Ninjas.
  • John is one of only three contestants to return after being previously eliminated, the others being Peter and Eryn.
    • He is the only season winner to return after being eliminated.
    • He is also the only 3-season participant to return.
  • John is the first (and currently the only) contestant in the series who was supposed to be eliminated, but was saved by someone else offering themselves to be voted off instead. In his case, when the votes were rigged against him by Madison, Mary offered to leave herself to save John.
  • John is the contestant who was the fastest to be eliminated after he returned to the contest. He was eliminated two episodes after he returned in TDI.
    • Coincidentally, the amount of time between his return and his second elimination was the same amount of time between his first elimination and his return; he returned after two episodes, and he was eliminated after two episodes.
  • John was the first contestant to use the confessional in both TDA and TDWT.
  • John is one of only three contestants to appear in every episode of TDA, alongside Violet and Mark.
    • He is also one of only eight contestants to appear in every episode of a season, the others being Violet, Mark, Matthew, Louis, Rachael, Ethan, and Jessica.
  • He is one of only two characters whose eyes are generally covered by something (in his case, his long hair); the other is Matthew.
  • He and Peter noticeably share many similarities.
    • Both wear dark, dull clothing.
    • Both returned in the same episode in TDI, and are the only two males to return to the contest after being previously eliminated.
    • Both are often extremely physically capable and win many challenges for their teams.
    • John supported Peter to win in the finale, and was the only one to do so.
    • Both were the highest-ranking member of their team in the season that they made it to the final two.
    • Both have made it to the final two.
      • Coincidentally, the person they faced off against in each of their respective finales was a member of the Matthew/Violet couple.
  • Coincidentally, John came in 16th place in both his first and last elimination, finishing in this position in his first elimination in TDI and his elimination in TDWT.

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