Johan McLean Pines, known as Mister Little Prince, is TDFanFrench's main character. In TEENs - Season One, he is an intern. He was also a co-host in several stories, like Total Drama All Stars.(

Johan Pines
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TEENs: Love Or Money?

TDWI: Unknown"

Place TEENs: 7th

TDWI: 5th

Relationship TEENs: Monica

TDWI: Ireland


Most of Johan's appearences in stories was as a Host or Co-host, TEENs being the first and only story where he plays an intern.


Johan McLean Pines, moved to USA at the age of 14 years old with his parents, they used to live in France but due to his mother's job they had to move to New York.
Johan made easily a lot of friends due to being polyglot they wasn't any language bareer for him.

When he turned 17, he stoped his architecture studies because he had in mind to work like a reporter or a host on television. After a lot of no's, Johan decided to 'cheat' he pretented to be the nephew of the famous host Chris Mclean and it worked! (McLean being the family name of his mother who is american) He is now one of the youngest host on televison but he wanted to proove that he could also be a good contestant because being a host of reality shows kinda helped him. Will he arrive to go to the top?


Johan's design is based of his user TDFANFRENCH in real life.


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