Joel (TDItW)
The Crunching Crocs
Joel - The Brains and Brawn
Gender Male
Hair color Orange
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Fear Being bested in sports and academics
Talent Can name the elements of the elemental table off by heart, Can take ten tackles, continue to run, and get a touchdown. He's proven it. Twice.
Joel, labeled as The Brains and the Brawn, is a contestant on Total Drama Into the Wild.


Name: Joel

Age: 16

Team: The Crunching Crocs

Label: The Brains and the Brawn

Job/Hobby: Defeating chess masters online and challenging and defeating professional footballers.

City: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Three Words to Summarise You: Smart, Strong, Competetive.

Why do you want to be on Total Drama:

To prove that you don't have to be stupid to be strong, or weak to be intelligent.

Greatest Fear?:

Being outmatched in sport and academics.

Why're you gonna win?:

You're kidding right? I'm the smartest person you'll ever meet and I'm physically more able than any of your past contestants... except possibly Dakotazoid...


  • According to Joel, he is the smartest contestant to ever appear on Total Drama. This places him above Brainzilla, one of Izzy's alter egos, B, Cameron and Scarlett.
  • Joel is an edit of Bruno's Jeremy.

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