Joel Kimball is a character competiting in Endurance: Fiji. He is labeled as The Depressed Guy. Joel has yet to be eliminated.

Joel Kimball
Gender Male
Eliminated  ?
Place  ?
Teammate Tori
Relationship  ?
Friends  ?
Enemies  ?
Hometown Apache Junction, AZ


Joel's parents left him as a newborn. Joel has lived for his grandparents for as long as he's known. Joel was always sad to not have parents, but since he never knew what having parents was like, he tried to let it not bother him. Going into middle school, Joel started hanging out with his friends that liked to shop at Hot Topic and wear other gothic clothing. For this, Joel got bullied very badly. In high school, the bullying got worse, for when Joel's looks didn't kick in, and the bullying started moving onto rumours about his family. Joel soon fell into a deep depression. Joel's grandmother had Joel put in therapy, and it's kinda helping. Joel is still depressed, and still manages to find negative things to even the most positive things. Joel is extremely strong though, using his spare time to work out, as he found, a great way to relieve his depression. Joel hopes that his depression and negativity won't be the downfall of his Endurance journey. Joel auditioned for Endurance because he liked the first season, and thought maybe he could meet people who wouldn't judge him.

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  • Joel's image is drawn by BrunoSomebody.
  • Joel is based off of a student that attends the same high school the author does. Most of Joel's biography is based off of the student that attends the author's high school.

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