Jessica, The Air Head, was competing in Total Drama Pop Stars and was on Team Baritones.

Jessica (TDPS)
Team Baritones
Jessica (TDPS)
Gender Female
Hair color Moss Brown
Episode Eliminated "Meet The Singers"
Place 16th
Relationship None
Family Mother and Father
Friends Ulrich and Tia (possibly)
Enemies Bryan, Sam, William, Priscilla Joanne, Victoria and Chris
Fear The Real World
Talent Shopping


Jessica isn't exactly the smartest kid in school but what she lacks in brains she more than makes up in beauty. But don't count this cheap Lindsay knock off just yet she does have brains when it comes to things that really matter like shopping, make-up and boys. Jessica's mother fears her daughter won't be okay out in the real world on her own. Her father thinks Jessica will do just fine on her own with him to back her up. Jessica also isn't all sweet and innocent like she appears she can also be very jealous since other children have siblings to play with while Jessica does not. Jessica herself signed up for Total Drama Pop Stars by herself think it's a talent contest as advertised so maybe she is smarter than we think.


Meet The Singers: When Jessica arrived she didn't know who Chris was until he said his last name which caused Jessica to finally regonized who Chris was. She glared at Victoria when talked about how better she is than the other contestants. She than laughed when Ulrich wasn't attracted to Victoria and implying that she was ugly too. During the challenge Jessica was seen confused which caused her to be hit after Victoria, William and Priscilla Joanne were hit. After the challenge she recieved glares from Sam, William, Priscilla Joanne, Bryan, Ulrich and Victoria for losing the challenge along with Nina. At the elimination ceremony Jessica recieved votes from Bryan, Sam, William and Priscilla Joanne causing her to be eliminated.


  • Jessica's bio and personality mirror Lindsay from TDI (even part of her interaction with Chris was inspired by Lindsay)
  • Jessica's name changed constantly from Brandi to Missy than to Ashley than to Roberta before I decided on Jessica
  • Jessica is currently the only contestant to be an only child
  • Jessica looking lost or confused was used as a running gag in "Meet The Singers"

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