Gender Female
Hair color Blonde with Dark Blonde Highlights
Eye color Green
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship None
Family Mother
Friends None
Enemies None
Fear Nothing (She Says)
Talent Debating

Jessi, labeled The Independent Girl, is a currently unused character.


Jessi's mother was always a single mother. Since she wanted a child, she took a child whos mother and father died at her birth (unknown why her father died). She was very upset the child didn't have a name, so she went to a fortune teller to determine the babies name. The fortune teller said her name must be Jessi. Jessi grew up very independent and never really had any true feelings towards others. She left her mother at the age of twelve and stayed at her friend's house. Jessi was never normal after leaving her mother. Jessi is independent due to leaving her mother's side for the first time in twelve year.

Jessi auditioned for the Total Drama series to become more independent.


  • Jessi is a recolor of Blaineley.
  • Her bio and picture were created by TDALindsayfan1

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