Team B
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Place 11th
Enemies Vince
Fear Not being remembered
Talent Fighting
"The Fighter", Jesse's been in more fights than a pro wrestler. Jesse hit the streets at an early age, thanks to his father loosing his job. Since then, Jesse's had to fend for both himself and his younger brother, who is often the target of bullying. Jesse values two things in this world, his brother, and music, and he'd fight to defend both of them. At times, it seems like music is the only thing keeping Jesse on the sane side. He ended up in the McLean Correctional Facility after getting into a fight with the wrong Mayor's nephew.

Total Drama: Second Chance

When Jesse arrived in Chapter one, he seemed angry with the concept of fighting for freedom. In Chapter Two, he makes quick enemies with Vince. Near the end of the chapter, Vince gets revenge by dropping a scorpion into Jesse's shirt. He tells Jesse the venom wouldn't kill him, and he would be heal eventually. Jesse was revealed to have died in the first Intermission after seemingly having an allergic reaction to the antivenom he was given....or did he?


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