Jenika is labeled as The 'Pacifist' and was one of the 16 contestants on Total Drama Chaos.

Raging Raccoons
Warrior Princesses
Chaotic Fighters
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "Crossing Too Many Paths"
Place 9th
Relationship None
Friends Everyone except enemies
Enemies Hatcher, Boomer, Joe, Teresa, Todd, Dawson, Paul, Dana, Possibly Ellen
Fear War, Fighting, Evil, People knowing her true nature
Talent Being trustworthy, Being peaceful, Being a liar


Jenika was never a person to believe in fighting physically, but never thought she could fight people mentally. She told people she was a pacifist and they all believer her, but when she manipulates, everyone she hangs out turns on each other. None of them knew Jenika was behind the fights her friends have and at night, when her grandpa told her about Total Drama Chaos, a show that involved strategy and manipulated, she was quick to sign up, knowing she would win the game.

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