Jeffy, labeled The Surfer is a camper in Total Drama Infinity.

Gender Male
Hair color Brown, red-dyed soul patch
Place 13th
Relationship None
Family cousin, dad
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Fear Unrequited love


When Jeffy was two years old, his mom died in a car crash, followed by a year of despair. On Jeffy's third birthday, Jeffy and his dad moved to the Caribbean with Jeffy's cousin, also three, who's parents had also died. However, their memories hadn't developed yet, and when they started to remember stuff, Jeffy and his cousin considered themselves brothers. Both Jeffy and his cousin became surfers through training from Jeffy's dad. Jeffy and his cousin are a surfing sensation, never wiping out once since they got their own surfboards at the age of seven. Their trick is what they call the "feel of the ocean". Jeffy would close his eyes and feel the current of the waters guide him in just the right direction. This even works on land, all Jeffy has to do is close his yes and he can feel a presence in his head like the current of the sea guiding him. He passed his driver's test with a perfect score because of this. Once, Jeffy's cousin fell in love with a girl who rejected him. Jeffy's cousin was devastated, and since, Jeffy feared going through just that. He joined Infinity to have fun and to show the world what the feel of the ocean is all about.


  • Jeffy's character model is an edit of a character model that was made by Sprinklemist.
    • Jeffy is a recolor of the original model

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