Optimistic Olympians
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Episode Eliminated "To be determined"
Place To be determined
Family Mother, father, brother
Friends To be determined
Enemies To be determined
Fear Ouija boards
Talent Tarot card reading, clairvoyance, speaking to the dead

Janelle, labeled The Psychic, is a contestant on Total Drama: Mount Olympus, and a member of the Optimistic Olympians team.


Janelle always knew that she was gifted. Her earliest memory consists of her giving a reading to a kid at his fifth birthday party. She predicted that he would tragically die the next day, with no one coming to claim his body. The party was cancelled when the kid ran off in tears. Although it didn’t come true, Janelle was certain that she had a sixth sense. Throughout her teenage years, she was determined to use her third eye for good. In order to pay for college, Janelle created her own business to promote her supernatural capabilities, which she calls “The Tarot Goddess.” With her tarot card readings only being three bucks a pop, Janelle can not only predict someone’s future, but also speak to the dead. Her clairvoyance have led people to believe that Janelle is weird or crazy, but she rests easy at night knowing that she provided relief for families struggling with the death of a loved one. Janelle doesn’t consider herself a fortune teller or a medium, she believes that she is a spiritualist who has the rare ability of a second sight.


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