Jake, known as The Fun Friend is a camper on Totally Dramatic Island on the Killer Bass. Jake returned for Totally Dramatic Action but was eliminated before teams were made. Jake also returned for Totally Dramatic World Tour and was on Team PyschadelicSnake, and he was the first eliminated from his team. However, he returned in chapter 11, and was put on Team Victory.

Jake (Alfie)
Killer Bass
Team PyschadelicSnake
Team Victory
Team PyschadelicSnake

Jake for alfies stories, as well daniel jacob alternate outfit tdcoast

Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TDI: Totally Dramatic Finale

"TDA:Alien Resolutions"
"TDWT: Foreigner Evil 4/ TBA!"

Place TDI: 2nd

TDA: 14th
TDWT: 27th/TBA

Friends Robert, TCF, Harriet, Sam, Cod, Rhonda
Enemies Addict, possibly Reddy


Totally Dramatic Island

Totally Dramatic Action

Totally Dramatic World Tour


  • Jake was originally going to win Totally Dramatic Island. However, the user felt stupid, or nice, and let TCF win.
  • Jake was on two teams in season 3. He was on Team Snake before his first elimination. When he returned, he was put on Team Victory.
  • He was also the only person from Team Snake on Team Victory, as Shawn debuted, Max and Herman were on Team Victory before, and Rhonda was on Team Mrodd.
  • Jake is the only confirmed character to be gay.

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