Jadis is known as the nice person in Total Drama Cruise.

Episode Eliminated:Its Nice Or Nothing(spoof of nerf:Its Nerf Or Nothing)


Hair Color:Dirty Blonde

Eye Color:Blue

Team:Man Eating Flys

Total Drama Cruise

In You Go...No..Wait Jadis is the 7th contestant to arrive.Jadis's team is struggling with getting across the tightrope.Steve is chosen to go across for his team and Jadis says you can do it.He is not seen or heard from for the rest of the episode.

In LASER!!!!!!! Jadis makes it across the lasers first and makes it out after he helps everybody else.The tower explodeswhen Jadis is left behind and goes to the hospital for 2 episodes.

In I HATE This! The teams have to watch tv 20 hours straight without falling asleep or quitting.Jadis manages to stay awake but,quits.Later in the episode his shadow is seen at the deck of shame watching Craig getting eliminated.The reason still remains unknown.

In Heh,Heh,I Win Jadis sees Dylan Connor and Erin forming a team he hates it but is too nice to eliminate Erin.And,when Jadis sees Connor going home he shouts "See you later cousin!" at the end.The answer is unknown but,it is to be said him,Connor and Dylan may be cousins.

In Truth or Dare Jadis goes up to Dylan when he is doing his dare and said it would be ok.On Jadis's dare he has to defuse a bomb with slugs on it while watching Care Bears.Care Bears is his worst fear.

In Guess Again! Jadis is able to choose a character from season 1 to come back.He says Seth not knowing the characters.He causes his team to lose.He has an invincibility medal that he found on the ground and the next most votes go to his close friend,Sara.

In Will You Make It? You have to win the challenge to qualify for next season.or you can pay Chris 1,000 dollars.The challenge is a race.WITH OBSTACLES!!!!!Jadis's whole team makes it past the wrecking ball and the quicksand but,his whole team fails to get across the bears but Jadis does.He crosses the other obstacles and the finish line,winning it for his team.

In Not That Lucky Jadis only has one line and that is telling Steve to stop jumping on the table.He is also shown sad along with 6 other people when Dylan gets eliminated.

In Now THIS Is Awesome! The Man Eating Fly team brings an eliminated player from the Savage Worms to their reward,Dylan.

In It's Nice Or Nothing The teams have a capture the flag nerf war.Jadid has had some experience from home with Dylan.But,his gun gets jammed when he is captureing the flag so he be's to nice to the other team and gives up.His team lost the challenge and,he got eliminated.


He was going to be a different design but it was cancelled.

There is a rumor that him,Connor and Dylan were
Jadis in Total Drama Cruise



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