Melancholy Memories
Fearless Flashbacks
Gender Male
Hair color Orange
Episode Eliminated "Mad Campers" and "9 Angry Jurors"
Place (18th) and 2nd/3rd
Family Mom, Dad
Friends His team, save Elliot
Enemies Elliot
Fear N/A
Talent Multiple talents

Jackson, labeled The Guy Without A Fear, is a character in Total Drama Flashback.


Jackson has never had a fear. He wasn't afraid of big dogs as a baby, or going to school at three years old. He thought that the fear challenge on TDI was mediocre; he could do all of that. He's never been afraid of being kidnapped, even after his dad was nearly kidnapped. He imagined himself on TDI, and he thought that the cliff was easy and so were all the others. He, in fact, loves horror movies and isn't intimidated in the slightest. Due to this, he pushes everything to the extreme without being paranoid that something will go wrong.

Jackson joined TDF to see if the challenges were scarier in person; he doubted it, though.


  • Jackson is an edit of Geoff.
  • Jackson was the first character page to be made for his story, due to the fact that Jackson is a common name and could be taken before the story was officially announced and started.
  • In Mad Campers, it is revealed that Jackson is epileptic.
  • Jackson returns in Mergers vs. Aliens.

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