They say that when your turn to face death finally comes that your own life will flash before your eyes, who would have guessed what they said was actually right. I saw everything, my first memory, when I had just turned two and I saw my very own Grandpa die from a heart attack, my first real food, every abuse that I have been through, all of my memories good and bad, played right before my eyes. It was finally time for me to go, I couldn't believe it, I'm only eighteen years and I'm going to die, I'm going to leave the world and never return. However, I wasn't concerned about my age but that fact my life was worth nothing, I've done nothing good to the world, nothing and when I die who will miss me? Who? Would even my parents care if I died? After I stole their car and said I hated them. I had so many questions about life, but I knew that they would never be answered; I took a deep sigh I was ready.

When I saw the murderer put his hands on the trigger I closed my eyes, seeing Amber's death was the most graphic thing I've ever seen, their was no way I could handle seeing my own. I heard the sound of the trigger go off, and then time froze as the bullet was about to shoot my throat, I prepared for the worst. But it only took me a few seconds to realize something; I heard the sounds of cars moving and people talking. Time didn't freeze, it was still moving, and I was still alive, but, why? I then opened my eyes and I looked up at the murderer I looked at him straight in the eyes, the only part of his body I could see. Why had he done this? Did he let me live on purpose? Why kill Amber? What could she have possibly done? It took me only a few seconds to realize what happened.

"It was a blank." I then saw a horrified look on his face. "You ran out of bullets."

That guy had shot Amber at least fifteen times in the head. He then sprinted hard deeper into the alley, I had screamed for help right before he had fired the empty weapon. He knew that the police would come any minute. A serious pain then came back in my stomach, I had forgotten that I had been a bullet inside their. I needed to see a hospital; if I kept on staying in here like this my fate would be the same as Ambers. I couldn't stay conscious anymore, it was impossible. The last thing I saw was Amber's blood and I fell down.

Hours later I opened my eyes to see that I was in the hospital, a nurse quickly noticed this and then shouted to some people, my parents I thought, and then a little while later I realized later it wasn't my parents it was two police men. I did a long sigh, he must escaped, damn it!

"Hey kid look-"

"I'm not a kid, I'm eighteen years old."

"I don't care how old you are! You will not talk unless we tell you to talk, and you will respect us! Got it?"

"Hey ease up on the guy; he's had a rough day! Hey ki- I mean sir, we are just going to ask you a few questions okay?" said the other policemen.

"Please shut up." I said. "Everyone knows about that "good cop-bad cop" routine it's just annoying, I'll tell you guys everything you want to know, I promise. Just keep the questions real simple please."

"Alright first of all we suspected that you and that other girl were walking home together, we noticed by your clothes and by the date that you guys were coming back from a prom, you two decided to go through a dark alley as a short cut, some gang came up shot you guys, and you somehow managed to survive, is this false? If it so then tell us what did happen, if it is true, please tell us much detail as possible."

I took a deep breath. "Well, it is sort-of true, you see I had asked that girl if I could take her to the prom, and she said yes, so I drove to her house, picked her up to find out she had a date that wasn't me, apparently she thought that I literally meant just to take her to the dance, so I was pissed about that and I took her anyways, at the prom I was humiliated, so I decided just to go and leave Amber and her date to find a way to get home themselves."

"Couldn't they have asked their parents to pick them up?"

"Uhm, Amber couldn't because her parents don't have enough money and it's a fairly long way from the school to her house, I don't know about her boyfriend though."

"Alright continue please."

I sighed again; this was painful to talk about. "So when I left the campus I decided to go vent my depression by just eating food at McDonalds."

Then I looked up to see the police men chuckling a little bit. "Sorry." One of them said.

"I see her walking in the streets later at night; it was about 9:30 I believe and then someone threw her in the alley and started beating her I came in and tried to save her, I tackled the guy, he shot me in the stomach to get me off, I did get off and Amber hadn't left the alley yet, she wasn't quick enough to leave the guy ran up to her and Choked her then shot her in the head multiple times, I tried getting up and hitting him, but he had me in a headlock and he pointed the gun to my neck and saying that he'd let me go if I stay quite about what I saw, I screamed for help anyways, he shot the gun it was a blank because he ran out of bullets from shooting Amber then he ran away and I fell unconscious and I got here."

"Why didn't you call the police?"

"I didn't have my cell phone."

"Why didn't you use the store phone?"

I then face palmed myself and hit my forehead many times. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

"Would you please describe what this murderer looked like?" they both asked me.

"Uhm.. I couldn't see his face very well since he was wearing a ski mask, but like I said I believe it was a male because he had a very deep voice and he was extremely strong. His body was skinny."

"You just said he was strong." The police gave me a suspicious look.

"I know he was one of those dudes that are buff but don't look buff. And I did see his cold eyes, they were pure dark green. And he looked to be eighteen years old just like me and Amber's age. I think I have a theory on why he did it, I believe that it was a jealous ex-boyfriend with a serious mental anger issue maybe, or simply someone she rejected to the prom. Those were the only things I guessed."

"And which way did he go?"

"He just went deeper into the alley."

"Do you know the name of Amber's boyfriend? We would like to contact him and ask him questions too. Was he with Amber when she was walking the streets?"

"No, he wasn't. His was Erin I think; I don't remember his last name."

I saw the policemen talking quietly to each other, "Check her cell phone, she probably has her number in it." Then they turned back towards me.

"Alright son, that you for what you said, you were a big help, we'll just need your fingerprints to make sure you aren't lying and you didn't kill her alright."

After I did that they finally left. Finally I could rest again, then I realized something, the pain of the bullet I didn't feel it anymore, they must have taken it out! I looked at my stomach, I saw stitches. Then I thought how stupid it was the police suspected someone like me to murder Amber. Do I look like a killer? Wow I was shocked, now I could rest but again another thought hit me. After telling that story to the police I realized that it was me who killed Amber. If I hadn't been so concerned about what people thought of me at the prom I wouldn't have left her like that, she must have been freezing to death, Canada is a cold country and in the streets of Toronto late at night, horrifying. Me asking a girl out literally killed her. Is this fate? Is this fate showing that me and love are not meant together? Why? Can't I love someone with having to die like that? I wanted to kill myself; I really did now I am starting to think that the guy running about of bullets was bad luck. The guilt of what I did Amber haunts me till this day, and I don't think that feeling will ever go away. Just then a Nurse came up to me.

"Ugh. Mr. Owen Johnson? Your parents and family are here to see you." There was no way I was ready to face them.

"Can you tell them to go away?"

"Sir." The Nurse had a false smile on her face. "They're your parents, they love you, more then you could ever imagine.."

I scoffed. "Bring them in." I saw my mom, my dad, and my four brothers come in.

"It's sad." My mom said. "Two of my boys in the hospital at once."

I looked confused, two?

She saw my look, "Oh you know there is you and Johnny with his bleeding hand!!!!"

"Oh calm down mom." Johnny said, "You act like I've never lied to you before."

My mom's attention was then on me. "You know I used to brag about you? How you would never get in trouble unlike all of the other teenagers, you nice, kind, respectful, a wonderful son. Everyone was jealous of you Owen, and you disobey us like this!"

I was silent; I didn't know what to say back.

"You know before dinner started your father and I discussed it and we would that you could drive your date to the prom because we thought you were responsible enough to handle it! Shows how wrong we were, you deserved what happened to you and you are going to pay back every cent of the damage you did to the car."

"I'm not here because of a car wreck!" I yelled. "Your car is perfectly safe in the McDonalds parking lot."

"I told you that was our car." My dad said.

"Well why are you in the hospital then?" My mom asked.

"It's a long story, I talked to some cops the details will be in the news tomorrow, basically I was shot and Amber my date was shot multiple times until she died."

A horrified look on my mom's face appeared. "Oh no… But you are still grounded when you check out of this hospital for using our car without permission! You will be grounded, oh wait know you don't do anything anyways…. No snacks! You will only be able to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner! For an entire years! And never going to McDonalds, ever!"

"What no!!!!!!"

"Yes, and this shouldn't even be considered a punishment! This is a good thing for you; you need to lose the weight."

I started crying. "Mom you don't understand, food is the only good thing in my life; you don't know how much crap I go through ever day."

"I do know! And do you know why you have to go through it all the time? It is because of your weight honey, I want what is best for you, I truly do, and I love you."

I was pissed off I turned to her, "Well I hate you." My family then left shortly after I said those words, I was glad I didn't want to see anyone.

Guess what I had to see 10 minutes later? Someone! Ugh, why can't the world just leave me alone for once?

"Heeey!" An unfamiliar voice appeared. She was a blonde girl and looked about seventeen.

"What's up Owen?"

The eyes popped open. "How do you know my name?"

"I watch Total Drama Island duh."

"Okay, who are you?"

"My name is Jess and I am Amber's younger sister." Oh shit. "I hear you are partially responsible for her death.

"Look if you wanna slap me, go ahead I deserve it." I actually deserved worse. But instead of her beating the crap out of me she did something that no women other then my mom has even done before. She hugged me. I was confused.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!"

I just started at her. "What?"

"My sister is a total bitch, and now that you killed her I get my own room! And all of her stuff eeeeh!!!"

"What the hell is wrong with you?!?!" I yelled.

She then just cheering and looked at me with a puzzled look. "Your sister just died and you are cheering just because you get more room space and few more pink sweaters?!?!"

Jess was silent. "You know what? Get out of here, get of here! You make my stomach sick!"

"But.." Jess said. "My parents want to talk to you."

Oh God, there was no way I was going to do that. "Tell them I'm not seeing anyone right now, they'll find out all they need to know about Amber's death in the news tomorrow."

She finally left, I closed my eyes, I wished the world would just ignore me. Then I heard footsteps coming towards my bed, another person was coming to see me.

"Go away!!!" I shouted with my eyes shut tighter. "I don't want to see anyone!!!!!!!!"

"Okay." An unfamiliar voice said. "I won't tell you about how your operation went."

My eyes then shot open. I looked up at who had just talked to me. "Are you a doctor?" That was a stupid question that I already knew the answer too but I really didn't know what to say.

"Yes." He then pointed to his name tag. "I'm Doctor Clark, I performed your operation and we found something-"

"Shut up! There is bad news! I know it! I don't care if I have cancer or aids! Just don't tell me!! I've had enough stress to deal with! Just don't tell me!!!!!!!!" I then was breathing heavily.

"Calm down! Don't worry! I actually have good news for you!"

"Oh sorry, it's just I've… had to deal with a lot these past hours."

"Its okay, we understand, anyways you should be very thankful, and you are probably the luckiest patient ever. We were actually able to successfully get the entire bullet out you stomach without harming any other area of your body! You were literally shot in the safest place you could be shot. It's almost as if this criminal wanted you to live."

That thought scared me. Why would he intentionally let me live? "Well I don't think it was like that but anyways I think you are the luckiest human in the world."

"How?" I asked. "I'm the fattest kid in school, I cannot find one women to love me, and I'm fighting with my parents, how the hell is that luck?!"

"You need to stop looking at the negatives you have in life." The doctor says. "There is no such thing as a person who doesn't have them, but if you keep on looking at the positive things will be better in life for you, I promise."

I took another sigh. I had always thought positive, always pretending that life was going awesome for me, and I managed to fool everyone that I am truly like that, everyone except for me. But I didn't say that, all I said was "Thanks."

The doctor smiled. "No problem."

"So when will I be checked out?"

"Uhm let me see." He then grabbed a clip bored and wrote down some notes. Then he scanned the bored for a few minutes. "This morning." He said. "You just need some rest and we need to get the results from the blood test and we'll let you go." He then put his clip board on some desk in my hospital room.

I smiled. "Thank you."

Now I could finally fall asleep, I ignored the guilt of Amber and I closed my eyes. I had to be calm. Everything was going to be alright. Why is it that every time I think that things go horribly wrong next?

The hospital beds were amazing; I literally fell asleep almost instantly after being relaxed. After I realized I was awake I let out a groan, I wanted to go back to sleep and I was about to until I heard a noise. It sounded like someone dropped something on the ground then I heard quiet but quick footsteps and then I heard the door open and close and this all happen in less then a second before I had enough to even open my eyes. Someone was in my room, and whatever they were doing sure didn't want me to know about it. For a second I thought what I heard was a dream, but it sounded too real to be fake, so I decided just to ignore it for now and wait for Doctor Clark to come. Fifteen minutes later he did.

"Hello Owen." He grinned.

"Hey." I smiled.

"We got the results of the blood test let me see what the nurses put. Now where is that" He seemed to be looking for something for a while, and they he found it. It was the clip bored that he had written on yesterday and it was on the ground….

"Ugh lets see here." His eyes then got wide and his grin then faded.

"Am I ugh going to be checked out now?"

"No Owen-ugh you are not we, found something."

"What?!" He was silent. "What?! What did you find!!!!" He was refusing to answer. "Tell me damn it!!!!"

"We are going to have to assign you a different room."

"Quit ignoring me! I know you are not deaf! So tell me!!!" Why wasn't he telling me?

"You'll be transferred in a few hours."

I could take it anymore, I stood up and pulled the clip bored away from him and I read it out loud. "Blood Test indicates that being shot triggered a brain nerve causing him to have mental disorder." What? How could they think that?

"I do not have a mental disorder! Someone snuck into my room and changed my chart! They are the sick one! Not me!"

"Owen you are hallucinating!"

"I am no-" I then looked back at the chart, and it said "first sign hallucinations."

"No! This was real! I actually saw this!!"

"Yes you saw it."

"Ugh!" I then started back at the chart. "Okay, okay it also says extreme wait loss!" I then took off my shirt to show my pale chest. "Does this look like weight loss to anyone?"

"It won't happen instantly Owen, it'll take some time, maybe in the next few days or so but we will wait until that happens for us to take you away, alright?"

"Alright." That was fair, and when hearing that was one of the signs I kind of wished I did have the disorder.

"Now seriously calm down, it may be twelve in the afternoon but you need more rest."

If I didn't know any better I'd think that the doctor wants me asleep so he can send someone to do more things to make it look like I have the virus. I knew what I was going to do, I was going to pretend to sleep and once I hear someone in I instantly open my eyes and bust them! Then I will be able to prove that I am not crazy and I'll finally get out of this hospital!

"Alright Doc, I'll go back to bed, I am still really tired." That last part was actually the truth.

He smiled. "The hospital always knows best."

"But hey- Why weren't you telling me about the blood test thinking I had a mental disorder?"

"We were afraid you'd have a freak out reaction."

I was about to say something but then I remembered how I did react to reading that. "Oh yeh, sorry!"

So I went back to bed feeling pretty confident with my plan. It was hard to not fall asleep, but I didn't do it anyway. What I kept on having in mind was "someone is trying to keep you here" but who? And why? It seemed like these questions would never be answered. After several hours later I heard someone coming, I heard them coming closer and closer to me I was ready. A then pounced and tackle onto them.

"Ha ha! Gotcha!" But when I saw it was, I was in shock. It was a man in a ski mask, with dark green eyes, the same person who had killed Amber. I had to kill him too, I was about to choke him but he was stronger then me, he kicked me in the stomach and I was off of him, his legs were so much more powerful then they looked! Instantly he was now on top of me.

"Aaaaah!" I screamed I didn't know what else to do! He then covered my mouth and got a knife and put it right next to my throat.

"Shut up and I'll let you live." He is making the same bargain that he did on that horrible night.

For some reason I thought I'd have the same luck as last time and I screamed anyways, as loud as I possibly could. Then I saw the killer get out something that looked like a drug, he was trying to give it to me. But why would he do that? Why would he- It then hit me. He was trying to make it look like I am having the signs of going mentally insane! This drug would make me burn calories way too fast. It'd make me loose wait! What the hell is he doing!

"Do you want me to be in this hospital for the rest of my life or something?!" I couldn't let him do this I grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him to the ground. He then jumped up and continued to attempt to give me the drug. I knew that if this was going to be a battle of strength I was going to lose big time so I covered my mouth, he couldn't give me the drug them.

"Open your mouth! Damn it!" Just then the doorknob moved someone was coming in. Immediately he jumped high into the air and went inside the air vent.

"What happened?!?!" Doctor Clark yelled.

"He's back!!!!!!!!!" I yelled.

"Who's back?"

"The one who murdered Amber! He's back! He is in this hospital! He's here! He was just in my room! He tampered chart to make it look like I've gone insane! And he tried to give me some drug so I'd lose wait! I'm not insane!"

It didn't take me long to realize how psychotic I sounded when saying that. I realized what he was doing; he came back and acted like he was going to kill me so I'd freak out and yell in fright. I know it sounds crazy that he would come back but it's real I know I'm not imagining this. But then another thought came to me, how would he get in this hospital? How would he know I was in this hospital? There are hundreds of them in Toronto, there are seriously like a thousand rooms here. When you think about it logically it does seem possible. I am really crazy? Am I really hallucinating about him being in the hospital, with me?

"How did he escape?" Clark asked.

"He went through the air vent in the ceiling."

"So he jumped 6 feet in the air and reached the air vent?"

"Ya! He was a really good jumper!"

"Owen you are having a serious problem right now, and I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to help you, you are going to a more advance section of the hospital where people will treat you the way you need to be."

I hated him saying that, he treated me like I was little kid, just like how everyone does, it makes me sick. I have been treated like a child for all of my life, and I just take it anymore. I hate doing this, I hate bottling up all of my emotions on the inside. I need to let everyone else, I need someone to talk to, something who actually treats me with some respect! Although look at me, ugly, blonde, overweight, cartoon looking me. There would never be anyone who could ever respect me.

"Alright, take me to my new room."

My new room was hell-hole, the room was a small space and everything was closed in and it was pure white, everything, everywhere was all white! It was like you are like in a cloud the only thing in there is a bed! Why did they make this room for insane people?!

"What am I supposed to do here?" I asked.

"Simple, you sleep and while you sleep we study your body." My new Doctor said.

"I've been in a bed for almost the past two days!"

"And you can do it for another two days, and another, and another, and another!"

"Eh I'll go to bed later."

"No, I'm sorry but that is not an option you have to be in bed 24/7."

I was about to yell and freak out again about that but I realized it would just make me look ever more insane so I just reluctantly went into the bed and then instantly the doctor started to make it.

"Ugh I can make my own bed." I said.

"Not the way we do." After a little bit my doctor said, "All done!"

Man he made it really tight, I tried to loosen it up but I could I was stuck I couldn't move!


"We need to have you to be tucked in so tight so we can make sure that you can't escape!"

"What?!?!" I kept on trying over and over and over again to get my body out of the sheets but they wouldn't budge.

"Don't bother struggling; it'll only make the beds together!" He then left.

I ignored what he said, I kept on trying to get them off, if I have to stay in here for much longer I seriously am going to go insane! Is this what that killer wanted? For me to stay here like this for the rest on his life? Why does he want that! What did I ever do to him?! But thought that it could be possibly that he might return here again, no without a doubt he will come back here again, to do what? I don't know. After three stays of staying in a small cornered room doing nothing but staying in a bed and hardly getting any sleep I heard a noise coming up from the air vent. He is here. And sure enough the murderer came down from the vent and jumped down right next to me. Here it is the fourth time we've seen each other, but this time was different from all the other times, because now I wasn't afraid at all to see him.

"What are you going to do?"

There was no response.

"I don't think there is a disease that'll put me in a room worse then this, and I don't even have a chart anymore. So you can't change that."

Still not a word.

"And I don't even care if you threaten to kill me, because every time you have done that you always bluff! Plus if I died now it'd make no difference! I have no one to talk to! I don't know what is going on in the world I can't do anything at all! All I am is alive! So if you kill me what difference is it going to make?!?!"

He then got closer to me, and then bent his knees down me and him were looking at each other face to face.

"Take off the mask."

"I can't my arms are trapped in this bed!"

So then he grabbed the neck edge of the mask and pulled it up, slowly and slowly to reveal to me who murdered the women I love, and when I saw who it was I was in shock, the one who killed the women I love, was the women I love. It was…


"Oh Owen! I'm so happy to see you again so we can reunite our love!!!"

"What?!?! What the hell is going on!!! How are you a chick!! The voice it was so low!"

"He he he! I took professional voicing lesson when I was little. Mwaha ha ha!!"

"You murdered Amber?!"

"Yes I had to!"

"Why?! What did she ever do to you?!"

"You don't know? You loved her Owen! You loved her! When we were in a relationship you promised to love me and me only! Not that slut! Even though you broke my heart doing that I decided to let you two be together as long as you were happy, I was happy, but then I saw how she broke your heart! That bitch! I had to kill her off! I was doing you a favor Owen! I was doing you a favor!"

"How did you even know about me and Amber?"

"Oh yeh, I sort of live in this mental hospital right here, but it is really easy to escape so while I escape I'll go and look through the windows of your house and just stare at you."

"So you have stalked for two years all this time!"

"Yes I have honey!"

"You're crazy!"

"Crazy for you! Once I saw that you made Amber walk home I know that this was my opportunity to get rid of her once and for all! I told her boyfriend that if he'd leave her he'll live. After she was walked I followed her and looked for her to be close to the nearest alley after I got her corned you had to come and ruin everything! I'm sorry I shot you but hey maybe you magically coming to save Amber was fate! It brought you to the hospital and they took you to the very same hospital that I live in! This is like a romance movie!"

"More like a horror movie!"

"I kind of edited your chart, and I kind of made it so what you said to the doctors sound insane, but hey why not huh?"

"Why did you make then think I had a mental disorder?"

"Because that is the same disorder that I have!!!" The sexy psychopath stated.

I gulped.

"If we have the same virus I will be able to sneak into your room without the hospital catching you! We can be together for mostly forever! But now we have a little problem lover boy."

"We?! Little? Problem?!?!"

"You're not really sick and it is only a matter of time before the doctor fins out!"

"Yeh, yeh and once they let me go I promise to visit you okay!"

"They don't allow me to have visitors! That is what makes these hospital staff so horrible! But don't worry I have found a solution!"

"W-what?!" I was almost too terrified to ask.

"I have collected a sample of the virus! Once this gets injected into you will be crazily in love with me, you'll feel the same I feel!"

"What?!?! You are going to give me a disease for us to be together again?! How can you call that real love?!"

"What I am feeling right now is real!"

"Just don't do this! You can't!"

"I must now hold still while I inject this into your body but worry, I promise that I will always love you!"

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