Part One

It was Lindsay’s turn to visit the store.

She hopped off her bike hoping that she would find everything on the list. .

The store always moved its produce around just to confuse her. It was no use trying to remember, since the store always had a thing against her. Everytime she entered, someone would yell at her for just trying to shop. Today, she thought, would be no different.

Lindsay, without much ambition, walked over to the cart storage. She searched her leather purse, which was now filled with a surplus of shopping lists and expired credit cards. Lindsay skimmed the entire purse, and managed to reveal one quarter.

She pushed it in the blue slot on the cart. The slot didn’t click like it was supposed to. Lindsay tried again, but this time yanking on the cart. It didn’t merge from the cart behind it.

A man must have seen her pushing with all her might on the unmoving metal. He walked up to Lindsay and held out his hand.

“You may borrow this,” he said, holding out a quarter. Lindsay scowled, because she hated it when people thought that she needed money. However, grinning as much as she could accumulate, she took the quarter from the man’s palm.

“Thank you,” Lindsay’s voice crackled. The man flashed her a quick smile and left. Lindsay tried the polished quarted on a second cart. Unlike the first one, the cart broke itself free from the one behind it. Lindsay, exasperated, took the cart and entered the store of horrors.

When Lindsay entered, she began her shopping by having some middle-aged woman yell at her.

“You must take the entrance!” she yelled. Lindsay looked behind her. It turned out that she had taken the exit door to get in instead of the door next to it.

“Sorry, ma’am,” Lindsay said, feeling in a hurry to get back home.

She moved her cart over to the fruits section. Her cart’s wheels sqeaked loudly on the polished floor. It bugged the people around her, which was many. Lindsay pressed herself closer to her cart and moved it forward.

She stopped at a nicely crafted pyramid of oranges. Obviously no one had take one out yet, becasue the human size structure had no dents. Lindsay checked her shopping list once again, making sure that oranges were on her list.

She scanned the orange pyramid top to bottom. The oranges increased in ripeness and color as it went from top to bottom. Lindsay decided that the bottom ones looked the most pleasing, and hastily grabbed one from the pyramid.

She looked it over. The skin looked good enough to her, and the size was large enough to give to her entire family of she wanted to. Lindsay looked up to find a clear plastic bag roll. She would’ve put her first orange inside as well as the other ones she was planning to take next.

However, what she saw and heard shocked her. All around her, people were yelling words like “Whoa!” and the squeaking of their carts’ wheels gave away the fact that they were trying to move further away from something.

Lindsay followed their gaze, which led to the orange pyramid. She didn’t realize it at first, but a very unripe orange fell into her cart, which had its front sticking out at the pile. All of a sudden, at least five more oranges feel into the cart as well. In what felt like less than a second, all of the oranges in that pile were either in Lindsay’s cart or on the floor.

Lindsay had no idea how to react or what to do about this mess. She looked all around her, and could tell that no one else was doing anything to help, either.

Lindsay tried to act like it was no big deal, and strolled over to one of the checkout sections. While she was taking her time to get to an employee, her mouth watered at some of the things that were being scanned. Most of these things she hadn’t seen in years.

For example, the raisin bread and rice. Her grandmother didn’t have the money to pay for that anymore. She did have the time to pay for school and fancy soap, but not exactly food. Her entire family had to live eating on friuts and vegetables like bananas and oranges and cabbages while some of these people didn’t even know what those three things meant. Lindsay searched the swiftly moving conveyor belt for one of those three things. All she found was a cabbage, owned by a young man. There was nothing interesting.

But then Lindsay saw something gleaming under that very cabbage. She tried to ignore it, but she could view the green light at the corner of her eye. She turned to the man who was buying the cabbage.

“Excuse me, sir, but what is under your cabbage over there?” Lindsay asked the man. Her voice still sounded crackly, but hearable. The man looked confused for a second, but lifted the cabbage to show her.

Lindsay gasped. Right there, in one of the leafy folds of the vegetable, was a sticker. It glowed, but had the color of dark green. The sticker was in the shape of a palm tree. It was one of the most pretty looking stickers on the face of the earth, and the most valuable.

Lindsay tried her best to hold in a scream. “May I please take that sticker? Or is it of any use to you?” Her voice blurt out, but in a polite way. She needed to be polite in order to receive or offer something sucessfully. Her voice no longer crackled.

“It’s of no use to me, and I don’t even know what it’s for. Do you?” The young man replied.

Lindsay looked him over. Even though he wasn’t middle aged, he looked like he might be in his late twenties of early thirties. Lindsay figured that an age like that would be too young the care about what the sticker did.

“No I don’t exactly think it has any use, but it’s a really pretty sticker, and-“

“Be my guest.” The young man used his pinkie and thumb too peel the sticker off of the cabbage. It came off cleanly, without any paper on the cabbage itself.

The man dropped the sticker in Lindsay’s hand, said ‘There you go’, and turned his attention back to the line. Lindsay started in bewilderment the fact that the glowing green Sticker was in her hands. She couldn’t believe that out of all the people in the store, she had this in her hands.

Maybe it was meant to happen, to save her family some more food. If she revealed the secrets that this Sticker gave her, it would be less fancy soaps and more cabbage, which must taste phenomenal to the young man just because it was on his vegetable.

Lindsay knew she had to tell Grandma. She hightailed out of that annoying store, leaving her cart, the oranges in her cart, the oranges she’d spilled on the floor, and the impatient customers wondering when she would get back, behind.

Part Two

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